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Youngblood Inaugural -- April 5, 2009 -- San Francisco

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Come join us in San Francisco for the Youngblood Inaugural.
Youngblood Park, SF
Three on three, tennis courts
Double elimination
Registration 11:30, closes 12:30 sharp
Games start 1:00p
Contact: joel@sfbikepolo.com
Youngblood is a great court with nice benches for spectators.

Rickshaw Bags is awesome.
Chuey Brand hats are neato too.


Youngblood Coleman Playground San Francisco, CA
United States

Signed up

Hell yeah... Young Blood !

I hear the LA Kids are coming up for this Inaugural.


Quick like Thunder

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

818 will be in Full Effect

My agent is working on this.

last time i was in SF for polo they had a rule that after you score all you have to do is circle your goal then you can press the ball is that still true.

We had a rule? I thought we just had arguments.

Isn't circling the goal giving the team enough time to get their offense started? More often than not with circling the goal the team that scored has to face a blitz when the side that just gave up a point turns it around fast. As rules go, I don't have a problem with circling, or blitzing from either team.

Lately we're playing half court and generally giving the other team time to move forward. That's because it's a bigger court. Youngblood is smaller so I expect we'll play with the circling rule. I'm hoping to get a game out there this weekend to give the court a "shake down" with a tourney in mind.

that's the way that most Europeans play, and they're generally on smaller courts.

Which way? Circle goal or gentlemanly half court?

In London, and in most european cities i think they play like this:

Team 1 scores
Team 1 must circle their goal
Team 2 can play right away, they need not wait for team 1 to circle goal
Team 1 need not wait for team 2 to cross halfway point before attacking them.

does that mean you can score while their on the way to circle their goal. Seems pretty lame

i'm not too sure. maybe they have to wait for all three players to circle.

Is this going to be a Sunday only event?
Or is Saturday also part of the schedule?

Sunday only. I hope for multi-day tourneys in the future. Small steps.

That said, I'm sure pickup can be organized on Sat.

nice im exited to go and play with u guys... sure is gonna be fun

"We don't need no education"

ima be there.

Tim in LA 818

Count me in.

If anyone here is local, we're playing at Youngblood tomorrow Saturday at noon. Check things out, play some polo.

Looking forward to the 5th. This is gonna be fun.

Skano was looking good today in the 818, too bad I had to cut out early. This trip is gonna be tuff...

I had forgotten what a sweet set of courts Youngblood is. Check out the google sattelite image. Four rows of bleachers along the side. The courts are pretty abandoned but there's still plenty of that extra sticky green tennis court surface left. Makes for some nice english on the ball. I'm thinking we'll play two games at a time for the first round. Right next to it is a good area for BBQ and grass to stretch out on. If the place is empty there are other courts around for pickup or newbie practice. This is gonna be fun.

east van has sticky green as well...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Skano represented last night in LA!
Nice Covers homeboy!

Hey BIG Badd Ass SKANO.. Man u played like a champ my Ninja... Good stuff "G". Cant wait..

"We don't need no education"

what up to my 818 Ninja's

Quick like Thunder

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

there is a possibility i might be making this one all depends on my ride plus its gona be my birthday weekend hell yah polo.

drew, we've got a few different cars going down to this. if you have problems with a ride we might be able to work something out

i talked with kelly and she said something about a ride for me but i want to go and ill take anything to get there but what dates would you guys leave thursday night or friday morning or that night what ever will work for me.

i think the car that you would be riding in would leave friday evening....we're gonna discuss it tonight

keep me posted as new information comes though and friday evening is great only would have to take monday off.

hey, sort of off topic, but do y'all sfers/oaktowners play pretty regularly? i'll be in town from april 23 - 26. it would be fun to play.

Pretty sure you can find a game every day in the Bay Area except for Friday and Saturday. That's sort of bad for you. I usually play the grass game on Sundays out in Golden Gate park. I'm pretty sure Oakland has a hard court game on Thursday and Sunday. If you can stay through Monday night you can play in the Mission...that's usually the big night.

Contact me direct when you're coming out. Always nice to meet people from the internets.

great. will do. unfortunately i have to head out kind of early on sunday, but maybe i can make it to the thursday night oakland games.


Cool. Someday I hope to make the Thursday night Oakland games!

I was nearly late to my little sister's wedding at the Chinese Pavilion in Golden Gate Park cos I was wandering around looking for the polo grounds.

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


Speedway Meadow...just a bit east of the "real" polo grounds (they booted a bike polo game off of there a long time ago).

will there be lots of pickup games saturday possibly??

Possibly. I'm going to be doing some running around, pulling stuff together for Sunday. It would be cool if we could play pickup at our usual 21st & Shotwell spot. Not sure what it's like on Saturdays. I'll put a bug in people's ear.

I also just set up a twitter account under polojoel. I figure it may come in helpful for stuff like announcing where the pickup games are.


t-shirts. Jees.

Listen. This is not a tournament. If anyone asks, especially people who arrive to the tournament with formal wear sporting badges...

    we are just all having a good time. I don't know anything about a tournament.

We're all just having good clean legal fun. If the police see a open beer in your hand in the park you can get a really expensive ticket. That said, this is a pretty remote park.

People in SF are really jazzed. At tonight's pickup we had 3 SF and 1 OAK team playing some really good polo. We are looking forward to having all the other teams coming in for this. Sponsors have jumped forward to make for a nice prize table.

If you have a team to register, please send me an email with your:

team name
player names
home town
text msg contact number day of event

That will make life easier. That is joel@sfbikepolo.com. If you are looking for a team let me know...we'll likely have random mixed team(s).

Also, I've set up a twitter account. Follow polojoel. Not sure if it will be useful but it's there.

Pickup games on Saturday, we are hoping to play starting at 5p at 21st and Shotwell. That is the Jose Coronado Playground for those proficient with the google mapping.

There is an event Saturday evening in the SOMA area of SF. Will post more info as available, this may be a word of mouth type of thing.

Quick like Thunder

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

any socalians need another player...?

Tim, save LA! I cant go this weekend, last second work related crisis, would you be down to take over for me and play with David and Too $hort?

i got the LAB party on sat night, so i'd just be mashing up there at the crack o dawn on sun morn..... if that works....and if david is cool with it...

PSYCH!! APRIL FOOLS!!! Hey but on the real Sunday was fun, Thanx 4 bringing those 2 cases of beer to 818, good times Tim!

I could see where this is going!

what does that mean?! lol

damn... april fools day... what a sucker.

all fools aside though.. i kinda wanna go

So do I!

im down... do we have a third? lil tim.... deemer?

I cant Tim.
My next tourny will be on the 25th in AZ.
I wish I could.

bummer alex take the weekend off come play with me so i can beat you.

Is this an April fool's joke? HAHA jk whattup DREW!!!!!

Heh, got me. Glad you're still coming.

i am totally ready to come down very excited to play in a t-shirt and maybe shorts ifs it warm enough i hope and one more thing where is my team gona stay they havnttold me yet or anyone i contacted down in sf either. ill sleep at the court if need be.

SF is a cold city. In the summer lotso people comes here in shorts and t-shirts. And then they start freezing and buying overpriced sweatshirts and jackets that every store in the tourist areas sell. This ain't Los Angeles. Bring layers.

Dustin has sent me some emails about housing....something about being very disorganized...

You don't want to sleep on the court. No. That would be highly not recommended.

E - X - C - I - T - E - D ! ! ! ! !

Joel - where are the pickup games tomorrow?

@ 21st and Shotwell at 5pm
Shotwell is one block east of Van Ness.

Quick like Thunder

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!


For what it's worth:


About 30 sticks throwing in at Shotwell this afternoon. 30 good sticks. Tomorrow is going to be way fun.

Shotwell pickup


That's Doug, he's Chief of Officiating. Teehee.

I wish I could have everyone in the world playing here. We're gonna have some nice tourneys in SF.

October. We love October here in SF. It is the nicest weather. Next time, we put out the early word and plan for something big and fancy. This time, we're throwing down and having a good good time.

It was a fine day for polo at the gem of a park overlooking India Basin in the San Francisco Bay. A bright sun, clear skies and mid/high 70s. Sixteen teams for a seeded double elimination. Games got started around 1:15 with two at a time until maybe six teams were left. 415 represented with The Michievous MrFr's making a sixth place showing. Way to go Dustin, Ethan and Ben! (Those axxholes knocked me & Doug out in our first hard top game ever in 2007. And they got us again, grrrr.) The Seattle Swafflers walked away with the tourney undefeated, excellent play by Leon, Drew & Seabass! The Seattle Sweepers (Evan, Julian, Dustin) played them to second place. Valeros from LA (Joker, TooShort, David) took the third place on the podium. Cascadia (Drew, Jakie, Kelly) held fourth. MVP went without much debate to Dustin from Seattle.

Thank you to everyone who came to make this such a wonderful event. Smile on faces everywhere. We had a Santa Cruz player go down with a severe food allergy. We got him to SF General in a hurry but I have not heard word since. If Santa Cruz is plugged in here please let us know that he's OK. I owe a big debt to Leon and Joker who showed me how to set up the seeding, get the games going and keep them going.

I expected a small regional tourney and got a West Coast showdown. That's cool, let's see if we can get some Midwest and East Coast representing in October. Youngblood is beautiful and let's do it again!

1) Seattle Swafflers (Drew, Leon, Seabass)
2) Seattle Sweepers (Evan, Julian, Dustin)
3) Los Angeles Valleros (David, TooShort, Joker)
4) Cascadia (Drew, Jakie, Kelly)
5) Moon Unit (Kelsey, Andre, Kasey)
6) SF Those Michievous MrFr (Dustin, Ethan, Ben)
7) SF The Hubba Hubbas (Kim Laird, Xian)
8) SF Golden Gate Tennis Club (Joel, Doug, Forrest)
9) SF The Winstons (Mike, Matt, Marc)
10) LA Domestic Violence (Eli, Tim, Matt)
11) Oakland Bus Stop Burrito Boozers (Ricardo, Morgan, Brian)
12) LA Triple Trouble (Jeff, Justin, John)
13) Radical Peanuts (Branden, Tori, Mike)
14) SF Los Crudos (Don, Ben, Jeremiah)
15) Santa Cruz (?) Krispie (Payton, Isaac, Andrew)
16) Waiting 4 Kasey (Michelle, Krista, Brian)

Hey all I rep Santa Cruz and that Payton guy is now fine; he said that at the hospital they just hooked him up to an IV and the magic juice did the trick. Thanks SF for putting on such a fine show, it was the first tournament for all the SCers and now that we saw how the game's really played everyone's got plans to hacksaw our 8" goalie mallets and build up some beastly freewheels. Santa Cruz polo is highly mobile and down for some exhibition matches, so keep us in mind yo.

Thanks for the update Mike!

Send me an email if you want to be on the SF mailing list. I'd like to see more regional games. SF can be mobile too.

AWESUM sunny weekend in the bay. I'm not really a fan of the shortcourt, but Youngblood is a helluva spot. The view from the stands, as well as out to the bay was impressive. BIG THANX Joel and the rest of the locals for setting up a yummy grill and a wonderful weekend for us. It was interesting to see the local grass players give it a try. I over heard one of 'em on his cell phone; "Just bunch of guys with ski poles chasin a small ball around!" The pickup games and tournament ran great, with enough daylight for some sweet games after the show was over. I also want to Thank Dustin, Julian, and Evan for playing two really tuff games against us! Seattle is a clean playing city, unless you make Leon mad! HAHA jk Leon, the tourney couldn't have happened without you, and not just cuz you brought like, half the teams. I'll See u in August. And to SF, next time we'll bring more peeps so get ready! Oh and was that really THE Gary Fisher, the guy who showed up in a suit and spats?!?!

Yes, Mr Fisher himself

Quick like Thunder

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

I don't know about Dusty and Julian, but those were the best games of the weekend for me. I am going to take you up on that invitation this fall, and come down for a couple days of awesome polo.

Hey guys,

Thanks for putting on a wonderful tournament. Beautiful weather, beautiful city, and beautiful people, I can't wait until your next one. I hope some of your teams can make it up this summer to one of our two tournaments, I know I can trust on all of the people hosting to treat you as well as you treated us.


Wow what a weekend in SF thank you so much for a great weekend along with the best weather ever. the court was extreme and amazing along witht he time frame we had to play all those games great job getting things done SF. Also great props to seattle for the great games awsome heading home party that took 20 hours and thanks to team cascadia and the cascadia group that a way to take over the top 5 spots. cant wait to make it back down there and maybe next time ill go all the way down to la and play with those guys. see you all at the west side i hope and good polo everyone.


Holy crap that was a fun weekend, Thank you SF!
It was great to meet you all and play polo in the sunshine.
We hope to see you up north this summer.


It's already been said, but a big thanks goes out to everyone that put this on and made it happen. It was awesome to put names to faces and meet everyone. Played some great polo, and look forward to some polo on another trip to bay to this summer. Thanks dudes.

Super sick, i had such a great time up there. Great pick up games on saturday and sunday. The tourney was AWESOME. The Players,games,and the youndblood park was Great. Big THANK U for everything. Seattle man u guys are super great players. Sweet T good playing with u man. UR such a good fucken player and so was ur team. KC thanks for letting me borrow ur bike when i got a flat on sat pick up games. Everybody there played really good.. Thanks

"We don't need no education"

Dustin from seattle M.V.P.

"We don't need no education"

such a good time...youngblood courts were awesome with an amazing view from the stands. bbq and beer was in abundance. definately worth the long drive, although we had some car troubles on the way back. i think the biggest disapointment all weekend was that we didnt have a suitable area to play pickup games while waiting for the tow truck to tow leons car in the middle of no where northern california. i think we logged 23 hrs on the road home waiting for the shop to fix it and getting drunk at a local diner. thanks SF guys for putting it all together and thanks everyone for all the fun polo, come up to the west side or our tournament in august so we can return the favor

Some Pictures of the Youngblood Inagural.

Click the Photo or Link.

Tim in LA 818

MVP Dustin from Seattle



Photo cred goes mostly to my brother. Some fun sequences in there.