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WHBPC 2013 International Ladies Bench Event
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Host club: 
Weston Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
WHBPC 2013 courts, 3 mini-rinks

Sunday, October 20, 2013
9am - 7pm
Full events schedule: CAN BE FOUND HERE

Player Costs: $5/player entered in either the Wild Card or Main Event, $10/player not entered in the Wild Card or Main Event.

Teams created using a draft done by selected General Managers aka GEMs.
GEMs chosen from the list of registrants and are listed below. Team names and colors still being determined.
There is no limit to this registration, we will be able to accommodate all women attending that would like to play in this. Must register by Oct.10 at 7:59pm EST to be drafted.

GEMS [in draft order]:
1. Jess Duffy
2. Jasmine Jones
3. Megan Mazzei
4. Tiffany Morrow
5. Shelley Smith
6. Shannon Frey
7. Sam Bell
8. Josephine Bailat

Want to see who picked you up? See who you're playing with? See who your friends are playing with? See who you might want to trade?
Please follow this link: TEAMS

TRADE DEADLINE: teams must have all player trades completed and registered with the organizers before the first game of the event on Sunday morning, commencing at 10am.

You can still register for this event. Please note that all registration will close at 19:59pm EST. [1 minute before drafting]. Any player who registers after will be advised of team playing status by organizers.

Please fill out this form to register: WHBPC 2013 International Ladies Bench Event Registration

There is a player profile section in the form that will be used by the GEMs to assess player ability prior to drafting. You may also wish to list your attributes in discussion below. There will be many international women attending that have various talents on the court! Don't be shy!

RYB Denim - players of winning team receive a pair of jeans each
Spoiled Rotten - bicycles accessories done by the lovely Julie Forrester
DZR - MVP receives a pair of DZR Polo Shoes
Fixcraft - Polo accessories and bike/gear parts
...more to come...

Ladies Bench Event is also contributing funding towards the live stream contribution drive, found here: Live Stream Funding. If you want to see more coverage of the World Championship events, including this one, pass on this link to friends and family!


Weston Regional Park Weston, FL
United States

Signed up

Seriously cool event.

You have to sign up as a volunteer to participate in this event?

"- We need you to help during the weekend"
"- Sign up for ALL tasks you feel comfortable doing"

Someone needs to look up 'volunteer' in the dictionary.

Perhaps she is wondering why there was no mention of volunteer sign ups for the wild card registration, and perhaps the main event as well... You can see how this looks...

shotgun your bike!

I think we're of the same opinion. The above comment was not aimed at Sam.

it was aimed at me.

and it is "fixed", although i will say that all events are being asked to volunteer and they will receive forms to fill out also. but now i can't make it mandatory! hahaha.

everyone out there...it wasn't meant to offend.

I'm gonna try try try to make it to this!

-DFL folife

I'll be there! Woot woot!

Hey Meg! You going to this?!
*couldn't resist. xo

Nice! Any chance Mr. Do will be streaming this?

I'm pretty sure he is. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Midwest is best!!

Can someone explain the format? Is this a bench tournament, or is this a one game exhibition thing? I would hope we would get to be on smaller teams and play tournament style.

Hi Emily ,

The format is bench style, based on registration so far it looks like we will probably be fielding 6 full teams of 6 or more players. We'll be announcing GMs shortly and once registration is closed we'll have a draft where everyone registered will be assigned to teams.

It is one day but we have 3 courts, so be prepared to play a lot of polo!



If you plan on using all 3 courts, you'll need more than 6 teams otherwise you are playing constant back to back games.

One court might just be for practice shots, mandatory protective head gear for all children spectators at said court.

It would be real cool if info about this tournament was on the WHPBC2013 website. I know you guys are busy and I'm just excited about this tournament.

I just realized that's my wheel cover! Woohoo!!

Midwest is best!!

Who gonna choose the GM's ?


I just bought my plane ticket!

GMs? A draft? Is this moving forward? Two weeks to Worlds and still no word...

shotgun your bike!

x2! I know Chandel is busy with the indiegogo launch of RYB jeans, but what's the word Oleha and Paul?!!
P.s. Go buy some RYB jeans!!


Midwest is best!!

Announcements regarding GEMs & Draft date to come in the next two days!

gem? did I miss something?

shotgun your bike!

GEM=General Manager or Captain

Midwest is best!!

right, GM.

shotgun your bike!

Yea, the 'E' seems superfluous. Or at least the acronym should be GeM.

Hey ladies, just making sure I'm on the list. haven't received any payment deets and definitely filled in the form.... xx

Bake that cake!

Hey all,

Here is the picking order for GMs, draft to be held this Thursday at 8pm (Eastern Standard Time)

The draft picking order is:

1 - Jess
2 - Jasmine
3 - Megan
4 - Tiffany
5 - Shelley
6 - Shannon
7 - Sam
8 - Josephine

live feed drafting form: CLICK HERE

the above is viewable to all
watch the draft happen on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8pm EST

emails about fees and the like coming today!
sorry for the delay. =]

Awww, shit! I haven't been on LoBP in forever and just learned about signup, trade deadlines, etc. Is it too late to get on a team?

DC West!!

Hey Jess,

Please let me know if you will be there fo sho, I can't give you a definitive answer yet. We'll get GMs to weigh in on the decision. This goes for any other ladies making last minute decisions to participate. Please let me know via email asap!


I just switched rides so that I could possibly squeeze in this also! What's your email address Oleha?

I will be there for sure! What's your email?

DC West!!

oleha dot riden at gmail dot com

Jess , Ann you have both been added to our registration list. Final picks for last minute registrants will be made by GMs this Wednesday. Majority of them are traveling until then. This deadline is rigid, if you want to participate send me an email please.

See ya'll real soon!

Thanks, Oleha! Bikes are checked. Having preflight beers w Portland United, then on our way to FTL!

DC West!!

If you missed this , you MISSED this.
Spectacular games Ladies and so worthy of the World Class event that this whole week turned out to be.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Any one know if st. Cago is going to archive their stream anywhere?

shotgun your bike!

Second this.... I have the same question. Was the livestream saved anywhere that we can watch it?

Crab shots.

I don't think they saved the footage anywhere.

bummmer. but honestly, can't say I didn't see that coming.

shotgun your bike!

double bummer.