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WHBPC 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - Sunday, October 20, 2013
Host club: 
West Broward Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
72 feet by 144 feet / 22m x 44m

This is the official thread for the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2013, hosted by Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Broward Bike Polo Clubs.

October 16th for Wild Card Entry
October 17th-19th for World Championships
October 20th for International Ladies Bench Event

Event starts at 9am every day, GAMES START AT 10AM
Park closes at 10pm.

Full schedule can be found: HERE

Wildcard will be 36 teams.
Worlds will be 64 teams.

MAIN EVENT click here

WILD CARD EVENT click here

LADIES BENCH click here

1.Call Me Daddy
4.Portland United
5.We Are Animals
6.The Makers
8.The Control
9.Getting Wild
10.Nasty Boys
11.Guilty Pleasures
14.Pterotriclopsarousdactyl Rex
15.Bill Murray
16. Team Ginyu Force
17.Not a Single Fuck was Given
18.Nino Dios
19.Tokyo Wallet
20.Tres Gallos
21.London Conspiracy
22.Los Bigotes Hasta Las Rodillas
23.Wooly Bullies
24.Sticky Kiwis
25. Thrones
26. Four Fried Chickens and a Coke
27. Mean Jeans
28. Rain Dogs
29. Bad Fingers
30. The Maytals
31. Party Cats
32. Polology

3.The Assassins
4.True Danger
5.Big Country
7.The Greens
9.White Fang
10.Simon Says
12.The Means
14.Call Me Laddy
15.Triple Dutch Rudders
17.We Love Llorett
18.Los Cuatreros
19.The Union
20.Rising Sun
21.Mere Michel
22.Midnight Snack
24.Melbourne Anchor
25. The Dudes
26. Bitchy Resting Face
27. Modifada
28. Hurtin Crew
29. You People
30. Gatore Aid
31. Just Slayin'
32. Memento Mori

Wildcard will advance at least the TOP 16 TEAMS to the Main Event.
*an additional $25 per player must be paid to the event organizers before you can play in the Main Event* DO THIS DURING THE REGISTRATION CHECK IN 9AM-10AM.


We will be using the most current NAH ruleset. CLICK HERE

VOLUNTEERS: please sign up here
you do not have to create an account, it's just a sign up!

Main Event Team Costs: $120/team
Wild Card Event Team Costs: $75/team*
(*if your team places top 14, you will need to pay an additional $25/player before the start of Thursday, October 17, 2013)
International Ladies Bench Event Player Costs: $5/player that is entered in the Wild Card/Main Event, $10/player not entered in any other WHBPC2013 event

Live Video Feed:
We will have bikepolo.tv streaming! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are only able to GUARANTEE streaming on Friday and Saturday. We are working hard to flex the budget to stream ALL FIVE DAYS. We need your help! Share this link with friends and family that want to see more of you playing! We are accepting donations to help make this happen. DONATE HERE

Comfort Suites
Reserve with the “Bike Polo” block for discount
(954) 659-1555
$109/night – 2 Beds + Pull Out Couch , Sleeps 3 Players. Located in Weston. It’s biking distance to courts. There is a Publix Super Market 1.1 miles (2.4KM) up Weston Rd.

Markham Park $30/$40 per night (RV parking also available) 954-357-8868
5 miles from the Tournament site. Also has some great mountain bike trails.
(Campsites at Markum Park do sell out, so if you are truly interested in camping, go book it right now).

Stay tuned here for updates,
go check out WHBPC2013.com,
and like the facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/143788639157428/)


Weston Regional Park Weston, FL
United States

Signed up

When did Florida become a country?


And two for Florida. Bahaha.


that is a good one.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

It's past time that we treat it like a sport and not as an excuse to day drink.

Bike Polo is not a sport, it's a drinking game.

It's not just drinking, it's also a smoking game...


Lets start allowing shuffle goals too.

Geneva had a beer garden. And a ton of spectators. And a ton of world class talent. Are you really trying to say that the availability of alcoholic beverages would not help aid the popularity of the sport? People like to drink beer while they watch things. And the contenders usually stay away from it anyway.

It's a shame our country is so uptight that we can't even attract people to our world championships with the idea that thy can hang out with a beer and cheer it on.


I'm only talking about participants, if you're responding to me, Nick. Give spectators whatever they want. The facility's rules are what they are, but I am personally in favor of prohibiting players from drinking during competition, if that it just their prerogative.

A beer garden in Geneva? We get a Garden and beers and you guys were able to drink your beer everywhere if i can remember well.

Will we be able to shoot people and get away with it at this tournament?

only in public parks...

please wait until after the tournament.

Flying from Europe, it looks like United has the best bike baggage policy (as long as you're using a small bike/box)?

Does any have experience of flying with United (over Delta, Air France, etc), any good?

Surely BA or Virgin, with their free bike policy?

BA always seem to partner with AA and I've had bad flights/experiences with AA.

Virgin seems expensive unless I'm doing it wrong. (United seems to be under £600 including a bike.)

United charges $200/bike for transatlantic

You can select your flight to be BA, rather than a codeshare.

Virgin can be expensive, yes.

I normally look up the name of an art gallery and tell them I have an installation for said gallery, so far 100% of the time
.... Everytime


I've been asked by the WHBPC organisers to co-ordinate the list of teams who will fill the 20 European spots in Florida.

It's based on EHBPC results.

I've already contacted the top 32 teams, but even if you aren't in the top 32, or didn't play in the EHBPC, and you are interested in going, please let me know, and I'll add you to the reserve list.

Just curious, where do the two FL teams come from? Is there gonna be a FL only tournament besides All-Florida?


The 2 Florida spots have been given to the top 2 teams from All Florida 5.

321 Pollo (Bob, Chris H, Justin P) - Tallahassee
Midnight Snack (Bobby F, Hutch, Jake) - Ft. Myers

Didn't these guys all play on different teams at the SE qualifier?

I think people are wondering...so I'll ask the direct questions for them... why are two spots being given to florida teams? is there a precedent?

I love the idea, personally. Local teams create local interest and grow the sport. We should have the "home town" represented, and on top of that its just not a big deal. 20 from the rest of NA minus Mexico is plenty. I think the split is pretty well thought out and I'm happy for them!


world cup of soccer. lots of other polo tourneys. not whbpc though. 2009-2010 space wasnt an issue. 2011 and 2012 were held in towns where local representation was guaranteed.

Is the question about getting guaranteed local teams, or the amount of those guaranteed teams?
I've seen many tournaments where the host region/city/state gets a spot. But that's usually one. In this case, Florida is taking two spots. That would be the only point of contention for me.

glad you and tennessee asked, seriously.

i'm also glad there was some kind of acknowledgement by NAH about how it would go down. /sarcasm

Has any city in the US planned or talked about a pre-worlds Polo Camp? Like last years Greif camp? Looking at tickets and trying to work out what to do... Need lots of polo pre and post worlds.

yes, we wanna book flight ticket next few weeks!

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

come fly into NYC we'll get you mad drunk and put a roof over your heads and maybe feed you.

you're gonna have to make the stop-over here anyway, unless you fly into ATL (or DC).

Thanks for the offer!

Australia (and Im pretty sure Japan) rout through LAX.

Im looking at sticking with the West coast, then hopping down to FL and back.

Riki we are just going to buy our flights to LAX and then book internals later, with the hope there will be some kind of polo camp.

Post biking distances to nearest beaches, please.

Comfort Suites is 20 minutes by car to the beach, but biking distance to the courts.

The Bridge at Cordova Hostel is bikeable to beaches, but is 20 minutes by car to the courts.

I want to see the best of the best do their best. Don't matter much where it happens, so long as it happens.

Soooo what's the sitch with the Wildcard. Have a full ladies team coming from Europe and would love to get that extra day of poloz in.... When/how will registration work?

Bake that cake!

Talk to me J, I'm compiling the list of Euro teams. There is a fair chance you'll make it in.

I remember in the bid process you guys mentioned a shuttle service from the airport to the courts. Will you guys still be doing this? As the only financially viable option for me is to fly in to Miami airport monday afternoon and fly out sunday night.

Flying into Fort Lauderdale would be easier. We're looking to run airport Shuttles on Tuesday and Wednesday(before), and Sunday and Monday(after).

Any chance of shuttles on monday the 14th lex will hav a few folks coming in that day?

On a different note, where are the goals going to be placed?

I know that the courts have markings for goals but they look too close to the boards for bike polo.
I feel that it would be better to have more space behind the goal to allow more plays behind the net and a bigger braking distance for players rushing towards the net.

The only argument I can see for having the goals placed like the hockey goals is that there are court markings for them, but this seems a mute point as all of the other markings on the court (aside from the half way line) are ignored.

yes to more room behind the nets

How much more room?

Not using the goal lines on the court in order to grant an extra 3 feet behind the net is not a sound decision in my opinion. I would leave them where they are at. There looks to be plenty of room to slow down to me and skidding into the boards after scoring a sick goal is fun.

Henry, you just gotta go sideways so you don't crunch your bike in half again. ;)


seemed like the vast majority of players in LA agreed that there's too little room behind nets on a hockey court. not just for stopping on sprints, but playing the ball back there as well. those courts are designed for people skating not riding bikes. there's potential for lots of exciting things to happen with more room, way more fun than skidding into a wall after sprinting to net. these courts are big enough to give us an extra 4-5 feet, if the FL folks are open to the idea why not get a poll going?

edit: I'm not sure what the measurements on the various size hockey rinks are. the ruleset says the goals will be at least 6 ft away from the back boards, just seems like most rinks I've played on haven't adhered to this.

If it improves the game why would it not be a sound decision?

The only reason I can see to keep the goals where the markings are is to keep the court aesthetically pleasing, but I would rather look at good polo than a pretty court.

As Dusty has said, the room for braking is only one of the benefits...

By having more room behind the nets, a defensive team may take more time in possessing the ball and setting up an attack and an offensive team may have more options and available paths to try on goal.

Essentially I believe that having more room behind the nets opens up more opportunities for fluid plays and means that the game doesn't just become a back and forth charge from net to net.

We switched to playing with the rear of the nets along the hockey goal line about a year back, no going back. It is the way to go, no doubt about it.

I would HIGHLY suggest this, it makes the game SAFER among other things.

I really don't care all that much I guess... I'm just sayin' it's gunna look dumb.


You're probably right on it looking dumb, but we've all played on plenty of courts with irrelevant lines and it's never been a major issue.

I'm wholeheartedly for more area behind the goals.

no wonder we showed up and dad had our goals setup all stupid. makes sense now. fuuuuuuuuuuck.

So can we get a word on moving the goals inwards?

I would suggest that, as a minimum, the back of the goal is brought forward to the painted goal line.
However, personally I would prefer them being even further forward than that (as Dusty stipulated, an additional 4-5 feet would be great).

EW wrote:

So can we get a word on moving the goals inwards?

I would suggest that, as a minimum, the back of the goal is brought forward to the painted goal line.
However, personally I would prefer them being even further forward than that (as Dusty stipulated, an additional 4-5 feet would be great).

the goal line painted on hockey rinks is usually 11', well beyond the 6' in the ruleset. i can't imagine changes to the ruleset are an option 10 days before worlds..

No changes to the ruleset would be necessary.

"§2.2.5: Goals are at least 183 cm (6’) away from the boards."

Thank you Florida for ending this tournament on a Saturday and allowing people to travel home on Sunday for chance.

Attention tournament organizers: Let this be a trend for future tournaments please!

Please X1 this post if you agree.

Anyone driving up the east coast after this? Flights are so darn cheap but I'd rather road trip... thinking of hitting the Boston tournament on the following weekend.

I just booked my tickets. Excited !

Oh hai pals.


Confirmed WHBPC teams from Europe:
1. Call Me Daddy (1st)
2. Edisons (2nd)
3. Hooks (4th)
4. True Danger (5th)
5. BAM! (7th)
6. Dionysos (9th)
7. Warlocks (9th)
8. We Are Animals (9th)
9. Guilty Pleasures (17th)
10. Getting Wild (17th)
11. Mere Michelle (25th)
12. We Love Llorett (25th)
13. Los Bigottes (34th)
14. The Union (36th)
15. LPC (Antonio 25th, John H 44th, ?)
16. Wolfgang (Manu 4th, Clement, Quentin)
17. Simon Says (Chris, Nicky, Jaouad)

Confirmed Wildcard Teams from Europe:
1. ? (Julia, Suzy, Valley)

We've got three qualified teams who haven't confirmed yet, and some wildcard spots, so there are still places available for European teams who want to sign up. Please contact me, for a spot.

All the Magic sponsored teams have automatically been given a spot? (Kidding... great job John.)

Ha, didn't even notice that, there are a few in there ;) Milk and Perro have their teams too, though.

Missing Spring Break though, won't be the same without you guys.

What happened to spring break?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

We're washing our hair that day.

(Adam and Ryan can't make it and I'm playing with Gettin' Wild as Lee can't make it either.)

Also, looking at the list, Europe = France. 8 of the 17 teams are French.

Find me on facebook, or contact john@lhbpa.org

No Cool Story Bro :( :(

No but I'll be there playing with a lefty german, are you coming ?

After Bristol this comes as no surprise. EDISONS?!

AnthoO wrote:

No but I'll be there playing with a lefty german, are you coming ?


Any qualified Australasian or Euro teams need a 3rd hit me up. What is the deal with Wildcard registration?

Do Wildcard players or teams have to qualify??


Looking for a team for the Wilcard Tourney heading over from Aus.


solid player, excellent communicator. pick her up!

throwing my name in the hat for the wild card tourney! hit me up if need a consistent fast lefty.


i think i'm gonna pull the trigger on this. need a team for the wild card. i can consistently go fast ,and i can kiss boo boo's/ murse people really well. sometimes i do other cool stuff.

"Backyard" Drew Thomas has the energy of fourteen children which each have the energy of nineteen puppies.

A player, A+ dancer, pick him up.

Drew Thomas also can rock the stripper pole like no other! Seriously....i've never seen anyone hit the pole like he does

When does Wildcard registation happen?

Looking for wildcard teammates!! Good offensive skills and 2nd man defense. Hit me up if interested.

I'm a free agent if anyone needs a third or something for the wild card. Not sure
If my team is going to make it.

Also this is Miguel Reyes from Austin, Tx if you don't know me by mike polo

Fuck off

We will be releasing details for Wildcard Registration within the next few days!

confirmed teams for the WHBPC from NAHBPC:

1st Beavers (Eric, Brian, Joey SF)
2nd The Guardians (Cody, julian, Dustin SEA)
3rd The Assassins (Joe, kouyo, Evan SEA)
4th Portland United (Jason, Arlyn, Eric PDX)
5th Big Country (Alex, Rory VAN, Henry VIC)
5th the Makers Y’all (Greg CHI, Nick LEX, Ben MKE)
7th The Greens (Christopher ATL, Nic COMO, Adam TO)
7th The Control (Forest SF, Andrew CRZ, Ace NYC)
9th White Fang (Addison, Tyler, James BOS)
9th D G T (Jake BOS, Jonathan PGH, Rob Philly)
9th Los Cuatreros (Israel, Robert ATX, Andrew SMC)
9th Mosquito (Daren EDM, Duane REG, Will SKN)
13th Thunder Buddies (Matt, scooter SEA, Martin VAN)
13th Journeymen (Allan, Robie OTT, Nick TO)
13th The Means (Chris NYC, alexis OTT, Nick RVA)
13th KMANG (Matt CHI, Ngaihon, kev TO)
17th Magic Toast (nate, Zach, Paul NYC)
17th Call Me Laddy (Brodie, Seamus OTT, Luke TO)
17th The Breaknecks (Charlie, Nick COMO, Nick MPLS)
17th Bill Murray (Emmet LDN, jake SAC, Sterling SEA)

WILDCARD HOPEFULS STAY TUNED! Details in the next few as Danny said above. There will be a limited # for each continental region and then we'll see how it shakes down. There will be SEVERE deadlines so pay attention!



You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Since my team did not qualify I would like to toss my name out there to see if there is anyone who needs a third for this tournament.

looking for wildcard team. been playing 5 years, mostly in cascadia, 1 year in europe. i send nice passes and shoot hard. can also play a mobile goal role. i already have my flights booked- only ask if you plan on being top 6! jkupsch at gmail dot com

shoot hard...but do they go in?

corner goals are still half a point, right?

I have decided not to go but thanks for the inquiries from multiple people for the wild card tourney. I look forward to watching this tournament it should be a great one.

tentative feelers. Everyone including my mom is telling me to go to this. Not a qualified NA's player. Half way decent anyway.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Thinking about playing the wild card. Get at me.

EDIT: Taken.


registration is up.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.


You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

sorry my bad dom and pierre are playing with chandel so ill throw my name in to play as a third in the wild card as well

am i correct in deducing the wild card registration is NOT first-come first served?

Sounds like it. I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding the language they use to describe the process.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Strictly Platonic>
F for F/M/T(tran)?>
Seeking wildcard tourney team
Strictly Platonic
No free 'massages', no footfetishes, just a lot of polo.
It'll be my first time going to worlds, and would love to be a part of it \(^_^ )/ Holla at meee!

Stop in Indy on the way to Florida. Sunday pickup.... Or Saturday night shenanigans.

Wildcard Registration Information

Teams will be selected via lottery!

If you'd like to play, you have until September 5th, at 11:59pm ET to register. You may register using this form right here. Be sure to have a full team, because teams with TBD players will not be accepted - you can use the magic of the internet to find teammates! Don't forget to select the correct region, as well as "Wild Card", not the Main Event.

On September 6th, the lottery will be recorded live on video, and the selected teams will be announced!

Regional Allotment

Each Region has guaranteed slots roughly proportional to the number of qualified teams they are sending.

North America -> 12
Europe -> 12
Australasia -> 3
Asia -> 3
South America -> 3
Caribbean/Mexico -> 3

If a region doesn't fill it's slots, they will be filled by the next teams on the list! ie: It's likely that more than 12 NA teams will be selected in the lottery. Teams not selected will automatically be put on a wait list in case any selected teams drop out.

Nitty-Gritty Lottery Details

- The result of the lottery will be a randomized list of all the teams that register
- We'll fill each region's slots by selecting teams from that region in the order they appear on the list
- Slots that aren't filled by a region will then be filled by selecting the next remaining teams on the list
- Once each slot is filled, the teams remaining will make up the Wait List


You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Jess and I from London, are looking for a strong third for a main event slot.

Yup. Not many people will know me outside of Europe but I finished 2nd in Mallet Dolorosa, joint 7th in the UK Champs (highest placed female player) and was in the winning team at Euro Bench, although completely down to my radical captain Polo and our sweet Frenchie team! Ideally, we would like to play with a strong offensive player because we have defence locked down...

Jessie wrote:

Yup. Not many people will know me outside of Europe but I finished 2nd in Mallet Dolorosa, joint 7th in the UK Champs (highest placed female player) and was in the winning team at Euro Bench, although completely down to my radical captain Polo and our sweet Frenchie team! Ideally, we would like to play with a strong offensive player because we have defence locked down...

i'd be down. I have played for 3 years. First 2 in the Midwest in a (very) small club but traveled to many tournaments then and played in two Midwest (didn't do very well at either). I've been playing in Portland the last year and have really stepped my game up. Placed 9th at ECO, 1st at Pre LA5 "Bootcamp", 5th at LA5 Coed, 13th @ Cascadia qualifier. I am a good/frustrating defender and also a great second forward with an ability to feed great passes. I am not the best solo finisher but that is a skill I am working on; however I can catch passes and have a solid shot and am always down to hustle.

this guy is pretty dang good.


AirInHand wrote:

this guy is pretty dang good.

shucks.. i think you're pretty swell too

Drew is the shit! Played with and against him in LA5 events, good times, pick him up!

shotgun your bike!

would like to play. usually a more patient foward but can turn it up if it calls for it. Can shoot pretty well. rotating and passing i can do okay. my best position is last man. But can play any in needed.

Hey, we've picked up Tobi from Boston. Sorry everyone else.


eyes up
feet down

wildcard team building thread

Hey guys, i'll be travelling all the way from europe but I don't have a team for the main event.
So i'm free agent for the main event or even the wildcard. Pretty good in defense and passes.

There are still European places available, if you find another European based player (and an NA or other 3rd)

Michael Packard and i are looking for a third for the wild card tournament as well.

im a lefty and Michael is a righty and we are both from the Southeast


I want to play...

Reminder: tonight at 11:59 PM EST is the deadline for 2014 WHBPC registration.

Here's the breakdown of current registration:

  • Main Event
    • Asia - 3
    • Australasia - 5
    • Europe - 16
    • Mexico/Caribbean - 4
    • North America - 18 (counting hosts)
    • South America - 2
  • Wildcard
    • Asia - 1
    • Europe - 1
    • Mexico/Caribbean - 1
    • North America - 28 (counting hosts)
  • This deadline is firm, so take a minute, go to http://whbpc2013.com/registration-form/ and complete the registration form before time runs out!

thanks for participating in our registration process. confirmed lists below and on the wild card entry tournament page here: leagueofbikepolo.com/whbpc-2013-wild-card-entry


Confirmed list for all regions:


1. Hommamon - Mambo, Deesk, Gori
2. Tokyo Wallets - Tommy, Arthur, Honma
3. TBD - Mayumi, Yokote, Riki


1. Triple Dutch Rudders - Ollie, Dominico, Michi
2. Melbourne Anchor - Damon, Anja, David
3. Woolly Bullies - Erin, Max, Bernadette
4. Not a Single F**k was Given - Scott, Ned, Jordan
5. Sticky Kiwis - Andrew, Jeremy, Alan

1. We Are Animals - Morgain, POMPOM, PIKS
2. Wolfgang - Quentin, Clement, Manu
3. Warlocks - Rob, Floris, Seabass
4. True Danger - Hugo, Luca, Alex
5. London Conspiracy - John, Jess, Tobi
6. Los Bigotes Hasta Las Rodillas - Le Rems, Mass, Dams
7. The Cold Crusher's - Patrick, Antoine, Max
8. Guilty Pleasures - Shane, Kropa, Charles
9. Simon Says - Chris, Jaouad, Nicky
10. We Love Llorett - Johanna, Hagen, Jan
11. Pilgrims - Rupert, Pierre Delamare, Adam
12. Call Me Daddy - Greg, Will, Polo
13. Gettin' Wild - Josh, Hayden, Jon
14. Power Stranger - Max, Robert, Phil
15. Mere Michel - Tony, Germain, Dadou
16. Edisons - Eddy, David, Antony

South America:

1. Viveza Criolla - Xavier, Andres, Roberto
2. Underdogs - Wagner, Gabriel, Flavio


1. Tres Gallos - Jose, Rubenier, Carlos
2. Nino Dios - Ignacio, Raul, Yair
3. Masiosare - Antonio, Pablo, Omar

North America:

1. White Fang - Addison, Tyler, James
2. The Greens - Chris H., Adam Dirks, Drew Combs
3. Los Cuatreros - Rob, Israel, Drew
4. The Guardians - Cody, Dustin, Julian
5. Break [tbd]s - Nick, Charlie, Nic
6. Big Country - Henry, Alex, Rory
7. Portland United - Arlyn, Eric, Jason
8. Mosquito - Daren, Will, Duane
9. The Makers - Ben, Chris, Nick
10. Beavers - Joey, Kremin, Brian
11. Pterotriclopsarousdactyl Rex - Zach, Nate, Mack
12. Mucko - Kevin, Ngaihon, Jake
13. The Assassins - Evan, Koyo, Joe
14. Nasty Boys - Lomax, Rob, Greg
15. Call Me Laddy - Luke, Seamus, Brodie
16. Journeymen - Nick, Robbie, Dodi
17. The Control - Ace, Forrest, Shitty
18. Bill Murray - Jake, Emmet, Sterling
19. The Means - Nick, Alexis, Chris

Florida Hosts:
1. Midnight Snack - Bobby, David, Jake
2. Team Ginyu Force - Arnold, Bob, Chris



You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Hey im looking for a ride from somewhere in the mid ( Milwaukee , Madison , Chicago , lexington ) to florida !!! Is There any spare room ?


Free agent coming out for the tourney. Strengths: shooting, passing, setting up plays, and pretty damn good at goalie. Coming out with Bob Wire from ABQ as well. Looking for a place to stay. Have a sweet hotel reserved in downtown Miami, but not sure about the 45 min drive back and forth to the courts.

Hit me up if you want to team up!

All I can say is POLO MANIA with these courts!!!

stay at the host hotel, Comfort Suites in Weston, to make it easier. reserve your room with the Bike Polo block!

Will there be anywhere on site to store bikes at all? (We're looking into transport options from our accommodation to/from the court and it'd be easier if we didn't have to factor in the bikes.)

not yet, but we'll look into that. we will have an answer to this today or tomorrow.

Any updates on bike storage?

Yeah, that was our plan as well.

Mine too. It would be real sweet if that were possible.

Any update on bike storage?


so the park closes and locks the gates at 10pm every night.
that provides one step to security.

the other step we're looking at is providing A-frames/bike racks and having you all lock to them overnight. pile up/team up/lock up. this should be enough deterrent. also note the area, weston, is not "hard up" and will be an unlikely place to have bikes of polo stolen.

we can entertain the option of a u-haul or some "structure" to put them in, but there are 250+ bikes and that would cost extra to consider storing all of them. [i understand not everyone will store and leave their bikes overnight at the courts]

we are looking at this and will have more info so. there will be an option for locking up/storage at the courts overnight!

thanks for your patience everyone!

Perfect, thanks!

Anybody planning on camping?

NO WAY!!! beach house, brah!

I'm way to poor for that!!

Orlando is planning on camping... But I think that's about all we've planned so far

John I heard Orlando polo has a school bus? You should organize a shuttle to the beach. That would be ill.

If it works... alternator goes BOOM!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Hmm, it's possible. Idk what day we'd be able to do that, cause we'll be camping closeby. What's more likely is that we'll be using it to shuttle ourselves to wherever everyone is partying and back to the campgrounds, and we prob have room for others who wanna throw down some beer money

And looks like the alternator problems are fixed, bus is back in business after some repair work

Dunno about 'merica but here in NZ, we like to drink beer and watch sport. No alcohol = pre-emptive fail.

In america we enjoy this as well. Our laws aren't as interested in allowing this. Alcohol being against the rules may not be a failure of the organizers but a failure of the county or state.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

I have a question that I haven't seen discussed- perhaps I am overlooking the information somewhere...

These big tournament events are insured. What does that entail? I am curious as I and most others coming from Europe don't have American health care coverage. In the case of injury at the WHBPC 2013, are we covered for any health care costs associated with said injury?

Should we be pursuing the purchase of private travel insurance?

Looking forward to the tournament! See everyone soon!

Often times the insurance for the event is in place to protect the organizers and the owners of the event space. If you are concerned for your personal well being or for protection against theft and such I would suggest purchasing travel insurance.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Yep, the players are rarely insured/protected at all (too many unknowns make it prohibitively expensive, so we stick with semi-useless waivers).

Most of the time polo events only have public and employers/volunteers liability (so members of the public tripping up, or volunteers putting their back up because you asked them to move some boxes).

Buy travel insurance!!!! It's usually quite cheap.

So my Wildcard team, Stiven, Sean, and I, fell apart due to funding. Then I found out I could still go so it looks like I need a team again. Hit me up with sub needs for the main event. I am 6'2" 210 played in Seattle and Portland-the midwest of the Northwest. I like to play high pressure defense with a mix of Seattle passing and Portland screening offense. If polo where soccer I would be the sweeper position. If I get picked up by a good team thats cool if not I might chill and play pick-up till some team finds out they need a ringer sub.

Hi Elijah,
Sent you a message yesterday. Let me know if you got it.

If anyone is interested, Bike Polo Toronto is raffling off a bike to raise funds for our trip to Worlds, winner is announced tomorrow night:



Looking to barrow a bike rack while we are in town. kreminatormke@gmail.com


hey just saw a pic of the world courts and they look amazing...i just want to say that we should draw our own lines for the goals to get them off the back wall. when we are sprinting towards the nets we wont crash into the wall. if we push them from the wall more we all can go faster safer!!!!

the courts are nice a big so it shouldnt be a problem to get some more romping room behind the nets!!!!! i know all yall want to go fast!

^^^ we're looking at this now.
waiting a bit for Florida to weigh in since they play there. But we have asked Nick Kruse, rules, if this is a problem...

more people need to weigh in here.

ALSO! you all got an email...if you did NOT get an email and you should have, or you think you should have, or your teammate didn't [check with them] please email


(taking bribes, txt me)


Agreed on moving the nets up a bit.

Kruse - paypal address??!

Fuck it, here is what I said. I see no reason to not share it:

"For SAFETY? I don't know, maybe. Everyone who complains about this is a good enough bike rider to handle their shit when a wall is fast approaching so I don't really view this as a safety risk. For game play? They're probably right, a goal that's moved up 5 feet on either side would be beneficial.

But then you are looking at logistical annoyances including making new goal lines, relying on goal judges to reset the goal in the right place, relying on goal judges to accurately assess if a ball crossed a line made out of shitty chalk paint, etc...

In my opinion this is an organizational decision. Chandel, you should work with the folks down in Florida and just make the call. On one hand these are some of the best players in the world, they will probably go late into this tournament and their opinion does have more weight than just anyone. They are, in my opinion, correct regarding the game play. On the other hand, you're throwing a tournament based off a bid you made and that bid included pre-installed and painted courts. The play is going to be off the hook no matter what your choice.

I support either decision in this matter. Wish I could be there."

I really think you guys should just keep appealing to the organizers and show that its what everyone wants. I also suggested this:

"If I was throwing this tournament I would leave the goals where they are at on the first day of swiss round seeding and then take a census of opinion from all players and weigh their enthusiasm or concern against the logistical challenges a change would entail. I would then move them up for the second day of swiss and the final double elimination day. I would not move them right *before* the double elimination day."

After thinking more, I don't know if moving it in the middle of the tourney is a good idea at all. I don't know, I was just kind of running off my thoughts. Either way I think this is up to Florida and you guys should definitely work it out with them. You honestly have a good point with this. I just wish it would have come up when bids were out but no one was really thinking about it then. Good luck.

I have no problem with it from a rules standpoint and the NAH ruleset will be consistent no matter the decision. Tear it up out there.


^^ I know that's long already but I would add that the organizers would probably be even more receptive to this if y'all took a bit of ownership of coming up with an action plan to ensure new, quality goal lines. Get everyone on the same page and if you get them to agree, when you get down there just get on it and help with the necessary modifications.

I don't know if that would be a certain kind of orange duct tape or what, but if logistical challenges are what makes them weary of moving the goals, try and help solve them and a little flexibility will go a long way!


Nick Kruse wrote:


Yeah, disagree with the idea of changing the goals mid event.

But agree on the final decision being from the organisers.

Re. the Goal Judges, tape is an option for marking the lines, it would be just as visible a line as paint and it would make no mark on the game or the court. (edit: you got there before me ^)

There were skeptics before we tried this in Boston, and since we did it everyone is just fucking stoked!

To organizers and administrators:

I GUARANTEE you not a single person will complain when you move the move the nets up! You are removing 2 of 2 dead zones from the court!!

*****PLEASE! put the REAR of the goal along the existing goal line! THANK YOU*******

p.s. and as always Julian is right.... faster is better

what this guy said ! move the move the nets up! nothing to lose and more polo in different places to gain. this isn't hockey, bikes are longer than humans standing on skates and take up more space

3 meters behind goal is appropriate in my opinion

Whatever happens, this is still going to be the worlds that I am most excited about to date.

Mad respect for the efforts of the organisers!

3 reasons to move the nets up:
-Break away player safety
-Ball rebounds off the back boards
-Eliminating dead space behind the net (bikes are bigger and harder to maneuver than skates)

I dont see any downsides to moving them up either, especially on a big court.

3 reasons to move the nets up:
-Break away player safety
-Ball rebounds off the back boards
-Eliminating dead space behind the net (bikes are bigger and harder to maneuver than skates)

I dont see any downsides to moving them up either, especially on a big court.

who should i email about potential shuttle or ride from airport to weston? it's 18 miles, i could ride it but i sure don't want to and my bike will be packaged. I Arrive in Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) at 06:20 PM TUES oct. 15th.

can't wait! also who needs a 3rd, machine and I just lost ours (sigh)

there are a few people looking to play on a team...
are you saying you guys NEED a third now?

there is shuttle info in the wildcard email sent. ask machine...there's a part to fill out that would help us know that you need services. thanks!

It says on google that the Comfort Inn is 4.7 miles from the park.
Confirm or Deny..

Portland United

Also, I get in at around 7p Tuesday (providing i'm not escorted off the plane ;) so if there isn't a shuttle I will be looking to split a cab to the courts for some pick up.
Holla at your Woad!

Portland United

Anybody got a spot in their car for return trip from Fl. To charleston sc. I got a ride down, but no way back home.

I can get you back as far as Jacksonville if that helps.

Strike hard. Strike first.

We're going to have shuttles between Comfort Suites and Fort Lauderdale Airport on Sunday between 10am and 8pm.

Please send your arrival information (time, gate, concourse) to K, whose email address is k@gobike1.com
please include Worlds Shuttles in the subject line!
Especially if you are arriving outside of those times or that route, give us whatever information you can, and we will work it out.

K's phone number is 954-729-7102.

Anyone looking for a last minute place to stay? My team has a room at Comfort Suites from Tuesday to Sunday and we wouldn't mind sharing so that the price would be cheaper. Send me an email if interested a.hand@hotmail.com.


Hey all. I just booked a room at the Comfort Suites Inn (the one listed in the tourney info) for $85/night. Right now they have a discount of 30%. Here is the link: http://www.comfortsuites.com/ires/en-US/html/RoomAvailability?hotel=FLB6...

You may want to cancel your reservation and re-book if you reserved the room for the $120/night rate.

Bob Wire and I booked a room. If anyone needs some floor space or a couch, let us know. The room worked out to be ~$90/night. We can split the rate too.

can you please email me or message me on FB
or chandel bodner

i need to talk to you! thanks!



1.Call Me Daddy
4.Portland United
5.We Are Animals
6.The Makers
8.The Control
9.Getting Wild
10.Nasty Boys
11.Guilty Pleasures
14.Pterotriclopsarousdactyl Rex
15.Bill Murray
16. Team Ginyu Force
17.Not a Single Fuck was Given
18.Nino Dios
19.Tokyo Wallet
20.Tres Gallos
21.London Conspiracy
22.Los Bigotes Hasta Las Rodillas
23.Wooly Bullies
24.Sticky Kiwis
25. Thrones
26. Four Fried Chickens and a Coke
27. Mean Jeans
28. Rain Dogs
29. Bad Fingers
30. The Maytals
31. Party Cats

3.The Assassins
4.True Danger
5.Big Country
7.The Greens
9.White Fang
10.Simon Says
12.The Means
14.Call Me Laddy
15.Triple Dutch Rudders
17.We Love Llorett
18.Los Cuatreros
19.The Union
20.Rising Sun
21.Mere Michel
22.Midnight Snack
24.Melbourne Anchor
25. The Dudes
26. Bitchy Resting Face
27. Modifada
28. Hurtin Crew
29. You People
30. Gatore Aid
31. Just Slayin'
32. Memento Mori

Will there be a webcast before Friday?


My cup runeth over with blood and not wine


Portland United, Guardians, Wolfgang, and Getting Wild were a combined 13-1-2 with +39 diff when they weren't playing Call Me Daddy.

When they were they combined 0-4 and -16 diff.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014




there are only 2.5 games to play out the rest of the PM bracket*


In case anybody is interested in buying a polo bike, I'll be selling mine once I'm done playing. I'm selling my medium size Rustbelt Marco frame set and wheelset (26").

I'm on Thrones and the bike is blue. The bike is coupled, has a front disc setup. Lets talk! Come find me.

If you need a shuttle to the airport, you have hopefully already sent K your information!
K's phone number is 954-729-7I02

Do we have to wait til Mr. Do actually gets home before we start yelling about what games we wanna see uploaded? Or can I just start now?

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Anything with the Assassins and the end of the final game where Dillman says, "Let's end it right now," or something like that and Kremin drills one from way out. I hope that the people behind their goal weren't the only ones that heard it.

Yeah- the assassins vs beavers game was top notch.

Pilgrims v Daddy

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

"lets fucking win this right now"

Hey, Here's some Pictures:


Crusher in Chief

Why link straight to flickr when you can accumulate vitally important page views, nah mean?

Why won't you let me have even the smallest pleasure, Pete. Please answer by visiting this blog post linking you back to this very same page:

Crusher in Chief

lol, he jelly.

It was so awesome meeting you! This was a fantastic tournament.

*shout-out* I had my head down, working in the broadcast booth the whole time, and I don't know who you are, shirtless wonderkind, but that pizza hand up was probably the best thing that happened! THANK YOU, MYSTERY PIZZA DELIVERY PERSON.

Crusher wrote:

Why won't you let me have even the smallest pleasure, Pete.

You've drank from the sweet, sweet bench format kool aid just as I have, so I feel a need to keep you honest.

But hey, if I were in your position, I'd probably do the same thing without giving it any thought. Keep promoting yourself, you're doing good things for polo.

Fair enough, and thanks.

Crusher in Chief

The World of Bike Polo CAN NOT regress from this World Class Event in Weston.
Where ever you reside in the poloverse find courts this good and make them yours.
The stars of this events from water peeps to World Champions were all of you.
Everyone I saw play played better than I've ever seen them play because of the surface and the bounce off the walls. You may argue curved or angled corners if you like but the rest was priceless.
I'd just like to thank you all.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Well said, friend. As always, it was a pleasure seeing you, as you are a consummate gentleman. Your presence in the broadcast booth is invaluable, and I love the positive energy you bring to the sport. Thanks, Machine, for everything.

Hey guys, awesome to meet so many new people and see the old ones i already know. I wonder where most of the photos are going and what to tag them with just whbpc2013? Brendan

Thanks for organising such an awesome tournament Florida, I had a blast.

thanks florida!!, first time in US, and for sur not the last

Thank you guys for all the awesome feedback. It was surreal to have the best in polo on our home courts. I would gladly work my ass off, go broke again, and get sunburned again if I could have you all back again one day for another great tournament. We're thinking of a "Spring Training Everburbs Tournament" at that site one day soon. We'd throw it in the middle of cooler winter months so that everyone could get a little polo in during the off-season and still have a Florida vacation too. But for now, I still need to recover from my polo hangover before I scheme the next one... Thanks again polo family!

"Until the wheels fall off or the lights go out..."


John H wrote:


honestly, me too.....and i live in my own warm climate. i just really enjoyed those courts, and the ocean, and the amazing hospitality! bravo florida! thanks danny and avril wood, and thanks to chandel and john and jerod, and allllllll the people who volunteered their time to make every aspect of this event flawless.

Thanks again to all the Florida volunteers and organizers for a great tournament!
That was a lot of work and we appreciate it a great deal.

Everburbs - You guys rock. Awesome hosts and treated me like family! I hope the mallet and wheel cover serve you well.
SLIC - Im in love with your bikes and skill. Im going to get one for sure.
Leo - Thanks for hanging with me. Next polo goal is to visit you on your turf!
Journeymen - All of you were so nice. Glad I could help with a loaner front wheel for a bit.
Volunteers - YOU ROCK. Tournament was smooth as butter and its because of you.
It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet just as many new ones.
So proud of all the florida teams!
Totally picked up a hyrdo disc because of all you fancy sons of guns
Im sunburned to hell
Fuck that cab driver
Waffles for everybody!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

What can we say? The tournament happened, and it happened pretty well. There are things we could all harp about, but in the end, you made it happen and I was thoroughly satisfied and happy.

Gotta really give credit to several people who stepped up and ran command central or volunteered like mad. Names that come to mind include Chandel, Jerod Walz, John Hayes, Britt Willey, Aaron Hand, Joe Rstom, Bruce Wahl, Zach Blackburn and so many others. You all took it upon yourselves put up with whiny players, stupid fuck heat, minimal resources and pressure. Thank you a million times over.

The Assassins, Holy shit. What could be better than seeing my former (almost) roommate and close friend, Kruse, fill in for one of my new pals, Evan, and get his slay on with two more new pals. So awesome to watch this team charge to the podium. Congrats, dudes.

My teammates. Thank you both for making passes, catching passes, shooting, defending, hustling, sweating, yelling, laughing, crashing and winning with me. Not too shabby for out first time together.

Congrats to the Beavers. That was an incredible, dominating win to end the tourney.

Stoked for next year.

Thanks for every people involved in this! this was a dope tournament!
Courts were greats, format too, lights and stream... all this was awesome. Mc's did a great job to get teams on times, and ref were really seriously involved (loved the fact that some of them made introducing before plays).

My only complain would be the fact that finding goal judge took so much time before every game. I think this have to be planned before. Asking player or crowd to make it isn't a good solution, plus the fact that no structure (but on rep court ) was there to make the job easier: umbrella and podium to get an higher position should be construct when you have this kind of courts.

Anyway, Thank you so much again, this was way to quick, and im missing a lot of you already, see you soon!

forgot i snagged this screenshot during the stream.
mr. mcgibblets at it again.
good work, stream team.



The whole crowd cheering for little squid was so funny. Slow growl of the crowd as he approached the ball and the massive cheer when he finally caught it and looked so proud. I dont think that pooch even noticed two hundred people cheering for him, only cared for the ball.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo