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Last seen around here Mar 21 2014 - 5:33pm


Down here in Brazil is very hard to get nice ski poles so we try to save what we have. You guys are very lucky to have it all up there.


I'm Marc, player from Paris, I'm working on a list of all the tournament of the last months.
Could you give me the informations below ?

2º SPBP Tourney
Location : Soa Paulo
number ofTeams : 
Number of Courts : 
1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:


Hi Marc. Sorry unswearing this so late. Here in Brazil, we still have a small bike polo scene but working hard make it big. Our tourneys are more to show the sport for potential new players and sponsors. We build the teams with one more experienced player, one median and one new-bee.
Our group is small but all of us are addicted to it. Some guys in Rio de Janeiro have just started to play, so, it's growing. Unfortunately in Brazil, the sports culture goes towards football and the other sports are let to rot. It makes things more complicated for us. But we are here to stay.

In October we form the first three teams and started a proper training schedule focusing the first Sulamericam tournament. My team [the underdogs] went very well and we get the second place.

Now we are starting a new phase which is teaching the little ones along with an association to make sure that this mind-blowing sport can have a future.

Thats pretty much it