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My polo bikes

My tournaments

  • Alpine Bikepolo tournament
  • Greif Camp 2012 - warm-up weekend for the worlds
  • EHBPC 2013 Kraków poster
Vicenza Bike Polo
Last seen around here May 24 2014 - 1:31pm


Hey Tobia , looking forward to slaying you in Geneva, I have stickers and spoke cards for you.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

ah my dear .. job probs for me.. :-/
no worlds.. no london...
2/3 of tigers are in on the wild card..
i sending you one gift throught their..
see you next time buddy !! (US i hope..)
take care our boy brendan from oakland in geneva.

"QUE DICE EL TIGRE" The City Of Angeles is hopping you come visit someday.

Who said money don't grow on trees. $$$

would be great.. !!
We hope to come soon !!!

Saludos desde Italia!

fucking hell Pistolero!!!!
It was my pleasure !!
you are good kid and a good player !!
mi casa es tu casa hermano !
otto-uno-otto !!!

Yo Tobia.. Nice meeting u in seattle bro!! Also Thanks for them sick polo shirts.

"We don't need no education"

That is the coolest profile photo ever.

I see you are coming to Seattle. I'll see you there!


ahhaha.. grazie !!!
I'll see them!!


Si la nuova foto che hai messo per il profilo è stupenda!!!

un successone !!