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stl ben

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St. Louis
Last seen around here Nov 28 2013 - 9:40pm


shit that's right, hiding in goal is only gonna make stl more violent. *prays to the polo gods to never play st. louis*
let jake know he better stop getting hurt

Ben! Dude, when I heard you guys wanted me to play with you I got hella excited. We could seriously slay, dudes. Sounds like so much fun and we'd get to put up a challenge for our Comosexuals.

I'm on the fence because despite all that there's a lot of stuff in the way of me going. I gotta say that Chris said he was interested, and if he's more ready to pull the trigger than me, then you should pick him up as your third. I would fucking love to play with you two down there... just don't know if I can pull it off.

Talk to Chris and let me know what the deal is. If he can't go then I'm going to pull some strings and just do it and we're going to win 1st place.