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LOBP is shutting at the end of 2016... read more at leagueofbikepolo.com/goodbye.

Sol ----- Agata

My tournaments

  • WHBPC 2010 - Berlin
  • London Open 2010
  • Ladies Army IV poster design by Cricket Press
Last seen around here Oct 8 2012 - 5:33pm


We are going to Slay!


Hi I read on leagueofbikepolo.com about your possibly presence @ Barcelona for the Polo Beer & sexy tournament...
Are you coming alone or within a team? and whic is the name of your team? Sorry for bothering you, i'm from Romabikepolo and this is our first trip outside Italian Polo so we're collecting information 'bout people we'll meet there. Just To be prepared...
However... as I can see it will be a pleasure to meet U.