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I am not selling mine specifically but we are making frames for 2014, get in touch (preferably through facebook - dany majard) if you are interested !

Are you still selling your frame set man?

Are you still selling your frame set man?



I setup a dual HS33 yesterday and it is not working too well. The line that goes from front to back is the only one not stainless steel and I wonder if it just has too much flex. Unfortunately since the fittings for the lever and the slaves are of different sizes I cannot use the rear stainless steel line to connect the two brakes.

Did you test the setup directly with steel lines or did you move to them because you had the same issue ?


Hey Dany,

No. i have both setups.
Actually I have discovered that the steelflex line (at least the "Magura original" ones) are a pretty bad choice as they have aluminum fittings which tend to leak, can be overtight very easy and generally break much easier. lines can't break anymore, but the fittings break and leave you w/ a unusable slave..

Regarding your Problem:

The left and right slave piston have different sized threads: the left one two M6 threads, and the right one one M6 for the standard connector and M8 for the olive/cap nut connection (for "easy cable shortening") which is also the fitting of the lever.

when I built this, I was also setting up the replacement brake w/ plastic line, so I changed one M6/M8 slave of this with the M6/M6 othe one runninng steel cables.

There is absolutely NO flex in the plastic lines. The only reason I opted for them was b/c of more restistance to physical impact. Which actually proved wrong.

The flex usually comes from the frame itself. Are you using brake boosters? on a single brake it makes almost no difference, but w/ the doubles it is a day-and-night-like difference.

Also the first setting-up is quite sketchy: Be sure to have the brake pads aligned perfectly AND no more than 2 millimeters away from the brake.

don't use the pad-adjusting-screw in the lever right from the beginning on: you will need it later on, especially in the winter.

have you already bled the brake after installing? Same thing here: in a single setup you will not have problems w/ a little air in the system, but w/ the double system even a little is really annoying.
btw: it helps A LOT to get bigger syringes for that as the standard 10ml syringes have just not enough liquid for the four(five) pistons, try to get 50ml or 100ml syringes. you will only need one push-trough, while w/ the small ones you need to repeat the whole bleeding process like 4-5 times and pay a lot of attention.

Oh: one more thing: RED KOOL STOP pads!!!
although depending on what you like you might also want to play a little around with pads:
for example if you want to skid more try trial-pads in the back and normal ones in the front, etc.
that being said I like red kool stop for back and front both the most so far.