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Last seen around here Nov 4 2014 - 2:43pm


whats up fool!!! hehe...PDX in june???

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You guys still looking for a 3rd? Give me a ring. 250-797-5308. Still in Nanaimo, and will be late at this point, but if you can swing the aft. bracket, I could be there by 3ish.

Good brakes only slow you down.

hey, are you the ruckus still needing a person for the east van crown?
i would love to play there, since i will be there anyways and pölaying is always better than not playing.
i think i am quite a good player and a nice guy to spend time with, so perhaps you have a place for me...




Hey, I'm trying to get a count on how many will be traveling up from SD. I tentatively say 1 or 2 teams...but it could be anywhere from 2 - 6 players. I'll get back to you asap when I talk to everyone.

thanks for comin out yesterday.... great playing with you guys


Thanks for having us. Great playing with you too.



My name is Ace, or Eric, I live out in Claremont, and I have extra space at my house for anybody who is coming down for the LA tourney this weekend. Joker said some people might be interested, can you see that they get this?

Feel free to call me (773)991-9293, I live in a 4 bedroom house with 4 other college students, we've got 5 3-person couches and a twin bed, not to mention plenty of floor space. Unfortunately claremont is about 45 minute drive from the North Hollywood court, not sure the distance to the other one. We do not have extra cars or space in cars, so you will be on your own there, but if thats not a problem, let me know ASAP so I can know whether to expect a full house this weekend.


ben you are an awsome poloista and a stellar human being

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Thanks Dado