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Last seen around here Jul 25 2014 - 2:49pm


I'm coming down for NAHBS. Are you guys going to be playing at all that weekend?

yes yes of course ... eastwoods park @ 3001 Harris Park Ave. We'll most likely play the usual times... thurs, fri @ 5:30 pm and Sunday @ 2ish pm

Hey Rob, Sven from Minneapolis said you might be the man for this. I'm coming down to Austin this Thursday from MSP and I'm bringing my polo bike. Do you know of any shops I could ship my bike to hopefully today to get it down there by Thursday? If not I’ll just fly with it. Also wanted to make sure that Eastwoods Park is your crew’s regular spot? Cause I’m down with some Thursday and Sunday polo.

Damn, man, I just saw this today, Thursday, hopefully you made it ok with your bike, I did know of some shops you could have shipped too, but no big deal. Eastwoods is our Thursday and Sunday spot. We play at 5:30 on Thursday and we'll start around 2-3 on Sunday! Hope to see you there!

hey rob, i was thinking we should start a SC thread for the SC teams who are getting ready to travel for a tourny "Traveling Team Homebase". it could be a spot for the teams to talk about their plans and for other traveling teams to talk about possible meet-ups, housing help, whatever. and to also give updates about how they placed, played, and how much fun was had. also for non-traveling teams to give good luck props n stuff. i wanted to run this buy you, and see what you think, as to avoid posting a fail thread.

signed "self concious blog poster"


Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Hey Adam, I like this idea... it could definitely help us coordinate within our region!! let's do it!