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Last seen around here Jul 9 2010 - 9:22am


Long time no see. Jesse says might be coming to Nationals. It's slow going forming a team in Madison, so if you're still solo, I want to form a team with you. We would need one more person.

Hey Rita! I was wondering if you ever confirmed with Amanda to play with us for the Ladies Army. If so, woohoo!! 2 months and counting...

Midwest is best!!

hey meg, yes, amanda is confirmed for Ladies Army. shoot me an off list email: ritaverga@gmail.com, so that the three of us can coordinate. psyched.

hey rita, if you are willing..looks like you , me and cait from mke could make a team. What do you say? I have asked lisa to get in touch with megs and rachel.

sounds good polly...i see cait is going to be in town by the 23rd. what's your travel plan? i could come down late on the 24th, so that we can get in some practice on the 25th.

how about you me and meg play together! tri city team mates... and i'd play the espi's too... whheeeee i'm excited!

i'd be happy to play with you two...sounds great!