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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Last seen around here Aug 4 2016 - 11:21am


Hey Raul,
Its getting closer to the trip and I am still behind on planning all the details.
If you could shoot me an email at jonnphillip at gmail dot com I would love to get this conversation going with you!
P.S. I'm arriving thursday and I have no idea where Im going also first time to Mexico, super stocked!

Hey Jonn, I just replied to you on fb!

Yo. We're going to be there in May for the Qualifier and have a couple of questions. Is there going to be someone that can pick us up at the airport? We arrive on May 9th at around 1pm. Also, what about housing? It's going to be my and my wife so I'd prefer a room for us. Do you have somewhere we can stay or can you recommend a spot?
one more thing...our 3rd isn't going to make it. What are our options? THanks.


Ese pinch Raul!''El mas Perro de la cancha, del Sur''. Aqui tengo tus yerbas naturales para to artritis.

Who said money don't grow on trees. $$$

Guarda mis yerbas bien que el próximo año voy por ellas. Ah! y a darles unas clasesitas de polo a ti y a tu carnal

Awesome, can I register us? Just Manu and Raul from Guadalajara?

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

I've alredy registered us. Just couldn't do the payment

Are you still looking for a third for the Little Rock tournament? I need a team!

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

you have the best avatar on the whole internet. just thought you should know.

quien fue le autor? esta bien perro!

el autor de que we?

Ah ya. Fuí yo. Quetzalpolotl se llama

Hey Raul,
If you guys ever visited up here or if we wanted to come down there then we'd be able to give each other housing and accommodations for sleep, polo, etc. I think we're having a friendly tournament somewhere in Colorado in a few months, so if you make it up we'll find a place or you all to sleep.

That´s a good alliance, count us in Max. If some of you guys ever come to mexico, tell us and we wil treat you with some tequila and mezcal.
We´re working on some events previous to the CMWC in Guatemala, so maybe there´s a chance we can meet each other there too.