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Quaz Dawg

My tournaments

  • Crank Gamble
  • DPI IV
  • Wild West Showdown
  • Crank Gamble Las Vegas Bike polo
  • Arizona Bike Polo
  • Crank Gamble 3
Las Vegas, NV
Last seen around here Sep 9 2015 - 11:38am


Hi Friendo

Okay quaz, lets kill this tourney. I'm in. When're you guys rolling into Tempe?

Whoops, jumped the gun. Forgot I had other commitments to a fellow Canuck.

Haha no worries


Youre playing in Sacramento now??

WTF Dude?!


Hey when you coming down so we can practice?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Everytime I get a chance to get down there the weather turns to shit or I'm broke. I need a polo fix real bad, somethin' fierce. I should just find a job and a place down there, make it easy on myself. Don't worry though, I'll be down there soon enough...

you goin to madison?

No, I don't have the funds to make it out bro, I'm stuck in Denver for this one.

So have you found a team yet? Do you have transportation?

Yeah, I'm teamed up with Tashville and another guy and I'll be driving in on Friday with the Armed and hammered team from Denver.

Tashville is my boi, welcome to the team Quaz Dawg! we're leaving Friday too and plan to be there by nine at the latest. We're fuckin pumped dude cant wait to throw down. What are u thinkin for a team name, I was thinkn D-town Brown your from Denver and were from Decatur

D-Town Derelicts, D-Town Smackdown or D-Town Brown, anyone is fine with me, though I think D-Town Derelicts is pretty good. I'll be seeing you guys Friday.

See ya there, safe travels!