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Will, who are you playing with in PR>?? we kinda need a third:)


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Might You know of anyone driving to Calgary for this N.A tournament from Saskatoon , i will be in town for the week before the tournament and haven't figured out a mode of transportation yet , thought i would start asking around . also will there be any pick up polo going on in Saskatoon that week ?
good day

Hey Robbie,
There are definitely 4 of us going to NA's from S'toon, and i'm not entirely sure how we're getting there yet, but we can certainly try to accommodate another. We're gonna sit down this week and talk about it so i think we can probably work something out that includes you too. I think the tentateive plan was to leave on Thursday to get there in time to play some pickup that evening. Do you need to transport a bike and yourself or just yourself?
As for pickup, we're definitely playing on Sunday's afternoons and Wednesday eveningss every week, and maybe some more before the tourney if people are up for it. You should look up the Saskatoon Hardcourt facebook page, that's where most of the day-to-day (will-we play today or not) kind of stuff goes on.