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LOBP is shutting at the end of 2016... read more at leagueofbikepolo.com/goodbye.


Tulsa Bike Polo

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  • Midwest Bike Polo Champeens
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  • Scary Larry's Wicked Wallop in Kansas ToTo!!!
  • Salina Art Center Bike Polo Match Saturday, September 24 at 8 pm
  • Scary Larry 2 Year Anniversary
  • SCC 2012 in ATX
Last seen around here Feb 10 2015 - 1:12pm


Can't wait for ATX..Shit is gonna be Bonkers!!!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

seattle is treating me great. colorado has been getting a lot of transplants and they are working on finding a night spot so even if you can't make it this far, colorado is another good start. but I've been playing 4-5 nights a week in seattle. fun stuff... good luck and god speed.

sounds like a good idea! looks like theres not going to be a tournament anytime soon close by… I'll talk it over at pick-up tonight

(*edit- whoops, should of hit reply, dave)

Pdillo..What's the story-you guys gonna come down for some weekend pick-up sometime?