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Megan S.

My tournaments

  • Lexington's 2nd Annual Spring Invitational
  • ESPI 5
  • NAHBPC logo
Last seen around here Jan 28 2015 - 6:56pm


you gots a team for espi or what!!! lets do this!!!

"rubber side down boys"

MEG, play with Dana (ottawa) and me! We're all awesome. We can read comics and eat vegan ice cream in down time. Lemme know. eheffring@gmail.com

I still need a team for the coed tourny if your in need. I was supposed to play with quinn but she dropped out on me and colin. let me know.
Matt B

Hey, If you're still looking for a third for midwests I'm still looking to join a team. I'm not the most experienced/ skilled polo player, but I've got a good six months of non-stop play under my belt. Let me know,

Hey, I was wondering if you were still looking for a team?

if so call or text me 937-243-3337

ryan in cbus is looking for a team find her on the other thread and get a 3rd for you two i'm driving her so she will be there.

Hey Meg, It was nice meeting you Saturday. Thanks for making me feel at home right off the bat. I was a little skeered throwing my newby-skilled self in with the big dogs, but everyone was gracious and I had a blast. Thanks to all the Lex peeps for putting it on. I wish I could have stayed. JB

It was very nice to meet you to, Jon! I'm glad you had fun down here in Lex with us.