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LOBP is shutting at the end of 2016... read more at leagueofbikepolo.com/goodbye.


My tournaments

  • WHBPC 2010 - Berlin
  • hellcat - lille
Olympia, Washington
Last seen around here Feb 21 2013 - 3:34am


When do you show up again?

Hope all is good with you.



Amsterdam Fixed It ;)

yo leash are u comin to the oly event next month ?? it b nice to see yer face .


ooo now i know who threads is, lovely ;D

it'd be nice to see YOU, i was just thinking that this morning. i requested that day off work, it's kinda a bullshit busy weekend for restaurants what with hallmark and what not. but it's also my birthday weekend so... it'd be nice if they'd let me go....

anyway i am trying to come to oly this wednesday/thurs, i needa pop into evergreen and sort some shit out for the spring. and i miss yall.

yep! hope to see ya <3

that's my shit

About polo in perpignan, You should better ask them on the "Perpignon fixe" facebook page. They don't really check the league.

mange ton cheval

ahhh, facebook. genius.

i also sent an email to the mod of their league page... and hit them up on pignonfixe.com.... perhaps i'm overdoing it, i better come through and get there, eh?!

thanks for the tip.

you play in paris? i'll be there in early august... prob meeting up with some dubliners and some seattlites up in that shit, should be epic.


that's my shit

yo yo yo. if you here on me profile, then listen up.

i'm on a massive eurotron trip, i've been farming in ireland and playing polo in dublin since march. i've been playing in seattle and olympia since october of 2009 or so. i've been kickin it on the seattle [206!] polo scene since... i dunno... 2007 at least. catering tournies and drinking and wide-eye watching savage ballerina swafflemasters... and now i'm doing a bit of swaffling meself.

starting june i'll be rolling through florence, milan, nice, toulouse (staying on a cheese farm round there for july), then off to paris, amsterdam, and finishing my trip in august at the worlds! been a spectator of the sport for ages i loooove to talk mad shit from the sidelines... stoked to watch smile battle against the world. oh SHOOT!

hit me up, but don't worry, i'mma find yas...

cause that's how i do!


that's my shit

nice picture double fisting
show+pickup w/ madison visitors sunday the 21st- will you be there?

yeah, i like to sit in my car drinking and then let less drunk people drive it...

Sunday... I'll be working in Sea-town til late, so no, sorry mate... tell Madison elloello and good luck to their planning of the North Americans this year ... gonna be a challenge to beat Seattle catering skillz... ;]

that's my shit