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Seattle, WA
Last seen around here Jan 30 2015 - 4:24pm


Hey Keith! I'm new to polo here in Denver, but really love it! Will be visiting friends in Indiana and apple gurus in lincoln park last week of March... can we come see how Chicago does polo?

\m/ o_o \m/

You guys playing polo wednesday and or thursday? We will have a Lex crew in town and want to hang. oh and we need a place to stay.



I'll ask around for some housing. I'm still too broken to play, but Wednesday night should be going strong to prep for Midwest's. How many people?

Hey Keith
I have been talking with this group called Climate Cycle. They raise funds for alternative energy education and retrofitting in CPS. I do have a lot of time now but-- 1. they are stoked about chicago playing a few games at the after event and 2. the event is a 4, 10, 20 and 62 mile ride--- i want chicago folks to join my team--- just for the 10 mile ride, toss in a few bucks and then we get to play at this event that will be loaded with bike enthusiasts, kids, etc. it might be an awesome recruiting event. The event is May 15. SO we can talk more but could you also post a thread about getting folks on board-- i can as well but thought i would run it past you first.

first lady

sounds like a good idea! I'll post a thread in the next week to get people interested.