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Last seen around here Mar 21 2015 - 7:31pm


Hey man I figure you were out at Garfield this past wednesday (we had a bunch of people I don't remember seeing before) but if not, there's almost always someone down on wednesdays by 7, usually earlier.

No one really uses the message boards on this site for communicating. Most of the time I end up calling and texting other people that play to see when they're getting down to Garfield. I suggest you get some people's phone numbers (mine is 540 809 8659) and facebooks (David Goldmiller) that play, and also get on the Chicago Bike Polo Google group. If you email Jack Crowe ( duane.r.crowe@gmail.com ) I think he can get you on it.

Gloves, wheel covers, knee pads, elbow pads, helmets: these are all good ideas but not necessary. I'd really recommend knee pads. I have old ones you can have (if I can find them).


hey, i don't know if you've found us yet or not. we are playing every sunday starting at ~2-4pm and playing until after dark. we also play on wednesday nights at ~7pm. you should just come out to garfield park with whatever bike you have and someone will loan you a polo bike to start. bring your mallet or borrow one. we welcome newbs, you will blossom under our tutelage. we also have bike parts if you need something to get your rig running, just hit us up at polo. a bunch of us live in humboldt park.