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Newark, CA
Last seen around here Jun 28 2010 - 12:28pm


Hey Justin , you should come up to sac this weekend for the the tourny we have plenty of room I think I met you in Oakland in Jan? You should come if you don't have anything going on. Sat night wer gonna play pick up till our arms fall off, then all day sun. Hope to see you here you can call me at (916) 712-5260 cheers Joe .

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Ya we meet at the mini tourney in OAK at the beinning of Jan. i would love to go but I have stuff I need to get done in the bay... I do wanna make a trip out there soon though.

Hey justin, so i left my jacket at boulders on sunday night. its a greyish zip up, similar to a peacoat. Keytra at boulders has my number, can you hit me up so hopefully we can arrange sending it back or something? let me know, thanks again for the awesome tourney.

Hey justin, I'm gonna go ahead and say for sure Denver is bringing one more team to tempe . We have 2 players (me and scooter) that are down to register. We need a 3rd, let me know if there's been any free agent interest and we could talk to him/her and try to get a team registered.

cool man. I will ask around tonight and see if there is a third from tempe/phx to join your team.