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Julian be PUFFIN

My tournaments

seattle, wa
Last seen around here Sep 19 2014 - 7:51pm


you got a team for madison. midwests?
me and nick n (stl) are looking for a third.

u mad bro?

im heeeere.

Hey watz up man


Got your team figured out for the victoria tournament?

I may be looking for a team for NAHBPC i hear you may be as well from Kremin

yeah i was looking but i locked some shit down with some seattle bros

Hey julian, it's guthrie from MKE/Paris. You still looking for teammates for ESPIs. I'm down. Let me know

Julian, the wheels are turnin the trash talkins started and I'm ready to take out the best . I've read the rules this time and know how to win with a hella time on the way to the podium. Ya need a third? and I quit Puffin on Christmas Eve with not one puffed since

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I'm looking for a team for ESPI, you in? We need to find a third.

I like your polo.

dude,. whos on ur team fro area 51

david joseph"polony"wells