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Philadelphia, PA
Last seen around here Jan 1 2017 - 9:50pm


heyooo. krist and adam and i were thinking of coming down to pittsburgh to play the weekend of september 8th. are you going up to vermont at all???

if you're around for polo that saturday/sunday, we'd love to come! adam knows the city a bit so we don't need total babysitting, just a place to crash. if you doods are all around that weekend we want to comeeeee and get hurt. can you ask around if anyone has some room for us? text me if anything can come of this; 5855307702.

peace bitches

lomax ya slayer. Sorry ya canne make Geneva If your boyz need a third Shout

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

hey Jonathan, Menace here.

i'm writing to you from the NYC club to officially invite the PGH club to the 2012 ESPI in New York City, which is being held on Saturday and Sunday, 14. and 15. April.

this is a NEW FORMAT EVENT, and is a proper invitational. there's no registration, only Eastside region clubs are eligible to participate. You need at least five players for your bench, and you can have at most nine for each game. that means you can come with more than nine if you want, but for each match you have to scratch down to nine players. you can set a new roster every game, but you have to draw from the same set of players you came up with. All your players have to be members of your club, meaning they live and play in PGH on the regular and don't play for any other club.

we hope to see you and your club here in April for the first Eastside regional New Format (name change pending) event.

what do you think, are you guys interested? can you make it?


yay, shooos!

noticeably stoned