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LOBP is shutting at the end of 2016... read more at leagueofbikepolo.com/goodbye.


My tournaments

  • Ladies Army IV poster design by Cricket Press
  • ESPI 7
  • Midwest Open 3,  Mpls, MN
  • The Wingman
  • Bike Polo Spring Break 2013
  • Battle for the Midwest 2
  • Minor Bench Minor, Barret Bar, Louisville Bike Polo
  • Channel Your Animal 5 Person Bench
Last seen around here Oct 1 2014 - 2:35pm


Thanks for letting us crash at your house! It was really nice. Also it was a lot of fun playing on your team and try not to let your bike kill you!

Thanks Quinn! Sorry I didn't see this post until now, glad you had a nice time, be sure to holler next time you're in Lex!