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Last seen around here Sep 3 2015 - 6:13pm


Hey I hear you might be coming to midwests quals and possibly NA's if you are drafted for bench! that is some crazy commitment to bike polo dude! Anyway my 2012 teammate Nick Dellwo told me you migth be looking to join a team. I am also looking to form a new team this year (nick was on my team at worlds, and guthrie our past third is in france this year working, and chris simpson(our 3rd at WHBPC is playing with ben shchultz) anyway just initiating contact in case we can make a team up happen.

Hey jake!

Yeah I had planned to come but the way tournaments are shaping up in Europe not sure i can do it anymore. I sent my email to the bench draft guy and dropped out. It would have been good to play with you too! Ali really enjoyed it in geneva!

I'm gonna just have to get some of the euro tourneys done and hope we make it over to MKE if you guys do the worlds. Would be awesome if you do!

Take it easy man