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My tournaments

  • New Mexico Friendlier Tourney
  • Scary Larry's Wicked Wallop in Kansas ToTo!!!
  • DPI IV
  • SCC 2012 in ATX
  • Wild West Showdown
Last seen around here Sep 18 2013 - 2:39pm


How do you like the eighthinch freestyle bars? I'm looking at riser bars but none of LBS carry them so trying to find feedback before I order.

You prob didn't wait for my answer, but here it is- I love em. I like to play sprinty and low and reachy... I like to hold the left and be able to grab a quarter off the ground with my right... the lift on these makes all that perfect. Love em.

You prob didn't wait for my answer, but here it is- I love em. I like to play sprinty and low and reachy... I like to hold the left and be able to grab a quarter off the ground with my right... the lift on these makes all that perfect. Love em.

when I come back...

that's a good one.

Can't you see what you have wrought here?
A curse on you and all your kin
Bloody battles will be fought here
Await your doom at empire's end
May the wivers rush to drown you
May the earth swallow your hosts
May the winter's wolves surround you
And rip the life from your throats


when you hear the howl, you know you're dead meat.

and now we have passed by that wonderful tournament, and the friendliest is on the agenda, I am hoping I can afford to fly into denver and catch a ride with you to ABQ.

Love it! I'm in. Compared to driving to Phx, Santa Fe will be a skip and a jump. We should also Jag up for this one, maybe get Quaz out there if Scooter can't make it

Oye, it's caraaaazyy duncan taylor! the aussie! Are you gonna come to Tempe? jesus mang, get it together in the Colorado zone. What about Austin? I am going to both tournaments, playing as a free agent in Tempe with Machine and Joosh ( a lefty) and hopefully getting the jagwolves together for a run at the Austin title.

I will see you in TEMPE

I'm treating Tempe as my warmup to Austin. I'd love to JAG it in TX. Can't wait to see you and Scoot... Quazi too! And Machine! Speaking of, I'm gonna text you about housing. 2 weeks to go.

Dude sorry to not have got back to you about Vegas Back was wrecked . Did ya go

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I didn't. Ended up having to choose between that and Kansas tourney and chose Kansas. Wasn't the best result. Vegas looked like some fun though! I'm dying for polo lately, we've been snowed under here. Next up looks to be DPI4. you going?

Count it mate, Would love to slay with ya . I havent got a plane tik yet but that never stopped me b4. .....and dreams do come true

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

We are working on organizing a tournament in May 2012 Cheyenne. I was hoping to pick your brain on what works and what doesn't? Entry fees, awards, type of tourney, how many teams from Colorado might come are few questions.

Rick with Cheyenne Bike Polo

Cheyenne Bike Polo

Cheyenne Bike Polo

Did you get a chance to talk to some of your guys about the Salina match? Let me know.


Joseph Keehn II
Curator of Public Programs
Salina Art Center
242 South Santa Fe
P.O. Box 743
Salina, KS 67402-0743
T: 785.827.1431
E: jkeehn@salinaartcenter.org

Hey Joseph,

I just posted a message in our Facebook group about it. I'll let you know as soon as I hear from people... Any more word on the format? If you end up having a lot of players we could do a bench minor... or just a normal tournament with teams. Driving 7 hours for 1 match is hard to swallow, so let me know if you've made headway on that front.

Thanks again Duncan, I actually haven't done any of this til this year. It started off with me just hecklin . Commentating is a whole new ball game for me . I did for 2 days at the Chicago Bench Minor just for the people who couldn't make it. Didn't do it in Calgary but was asked to do it on the last day of the worlds so i thought i'd do it for the poloverse . Don't know if you could hear it in my voice but I was loving every minute. Gonna try for Vegas . Ya goin

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

how is polo in the mile high? any new players? still playing two times a week? got a tournament coming soon? like a legit tournament? I might go to the las vegas thing... are you coming to worlds?

We just got two new players from Mobile, AL- Liz and Todd. Both are high quality slayers. Don't know if you met Max and Jill but they moved to town about the same time you guys left. Matt from LA is a new transplant as well.

As for the scene, it's struggling. Hard to get games regularly, though Sunday is the closest to regular. Just found a lighted hockey rink in Louisville last night, so hope is up for some night games.

I'm planning on going to the Vegas thing since it's the next tourney within a few states of here. Won't make it to worlds; we were briefly looking at sending a team to the Wildcard NA round, but I think doing a better job qualifying in Feb. would be cheaper and better.

How is it to play up there? Is the polo scene cool for new folks? Are you bunny hopping in your sleep?

I know liz and todd, they are friendly folk. and yes, I met max and jill before we left, they are about as old as the professor, but still quality players. and matt from LA I knew/met/played with...

sounds nice that you found a lit hockey rink in louisville, still sounds like a struggle to get the pre-requisite 6 players for a game. no newbies? sounds like nobody is promoting the game, thus it's remaining stagnant. I tried my best to promote it and could rarely get some newbies to play... hope kelli is doing a better job at repping. don't let brandon pretend like he's the rep... because that's what he's done since day one.

seattle is the best place in north america to play polo, bar none. it's cool as fuck. for new folks, not sure what you mean, if by fresh transplants then yes, if by new players, not quite as much... they show up here and there, but I think the word out here is that new players need to practice and learn their basic skills before they show up, but they're always welcome to show up and crash their bike into the walls... :(

bunny hopping, a bit. I am scoring more, playing better, blocking shots, etc. I played with messman for the west side invite and his words were "at first I was skeptical, but after we 5-0'ed the first team (shannon frey/brooke/mark 2 e.van players, 1 oly player) and the second team, I was sold". me and scooter have been holding it down on team nights, last week we took guardians to overtime and nearly beat them...if you can believe that. the guardians will probably win NAs, or get top 3, is my best bet.

My first 4 weeks here, I played 5 if not 6 nights a week of polo, lately it has tapered off to 4 nights a week, but it is 4 consistent nights of 10+ players. Mondays are team nights, and consistently there are 5 teams a week. that's how the polo is

one love

Gah! I'm jealous. We've been having some good play and even Old Balls has made it out lately (his game is smooth as ever), but yeah. It's a struggle.

Major props on your play level up there. Glad to hear you and Scooter hold it down. One of these days I'll head up and shoot a few through your spokes, if I get the chance.

Take care-

IRONIC.....I got a 48h back wheel, b43..and had it shot through 2 and 1/2 times last night... the 1/2 time it stopped inside my wheel..wtf. 2 other times it went through and cost us a goal.. on team night.

plus jinxy made my shields wrong...

Oi, you write like an aussie and play like a dingo. If I do come back to colorado, you will be one of the first few to know.

Hey there Lord of the Cockring, thanks for the on line shout outs. Ya know the Orange and Blue loves being on polo tour. Did a bit more commentating than pure heckling at the Bench Minor coz the play was intense Did ya hear any of the on line stream? Slay ya soon

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Oh Machine, I certainly heard all about your commentary. Had I the notion when it was happening you know I'd have caught it. But, as it is I missed it and can't seem to find any replays online. A tragedy in my poloverse.

I don't know what will take Tall George, Nick, Kelli and the rest of our clan to get it together, but we could use some Machine here and I know the best way to do that is an enticing tourney. We're at a spot in our region where we need a kick-start that only a tourney brings. Keep your ear to the ground, eh?

Oi, I'm duncan taylor, welcome to the duncan taylor show, the show where we speak in really obnoxious australian accents, talking about the taylor family in aussie land. OI!


Right now!