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My tournaments

  • Lexington's 2nd Annual Spring Invitational
  • The Wingman
Louisville, KY
Last seen around here Jun 27 2013 - 5:34pm


Ready to start planning for a get together. June seems like a good month. Will probably do a big barbeque shindig and campout at my place, then have a day of glorious polo. I think i might as well invite Vancouver, Seattle and Portland also. I'm thinking a full random double elim tourney.

i'm around for first three weeks of june and looking to travel. ill do my best to bring a crew. let me know what else i can do. random hat draw is good. could even do two v two.

havent heard word from ya but I need 1 player for east van crown and 2 for the metal tourney on Friday.

Hey are you still down to play the metal tourney? I signed us up

Ya get ayteam 4 the worldz Call me if ya didnt

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

that is some gruesome shit, drew.

{}------- lexington -------{}