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Drew CoMO

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Columbia, Mo.
Last seen around here Apr 20 2013 - 10:38pm


oh hey drew. what r you doing?

Hey man...see you soon!

in regards to living in mke. your best bet is riverwest for cheap and close to downtown. most of us live there. it can be kinda rough though depending on what block you live on. stay east of holton and north of north ave and south of locust to part of the real action!!! defintely east of holton......

armahn has a 3 season sunroom thing i bet you could live in for the summer i think it goes for around $100 a month. there are cats tho.

welcome to brewcity!

40% of us live in RW
40% in Bayview
10% Walker's Point/5th Ward
and the other 10% live in the sewers.

I prefer Bayview. Not as quite as cheap as Riverwest, but if you look you can find some cheap spots and it is a lot nicer as a residential area.

I like your polo.

Check me out, writing on Drew's wall.

Nice to see you at the Skatium this past weekend. Wish I would have hung out with you more. I was quite the freaking zombie it seems.