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Last seen around here Oct 28 2015 - 7:29am


Waiting to be drafted Hit me up

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hey Cody,

I am not on Facebook, but want to get in touch with you, julian and dusty. I wonder if someone could send me an email at metaman77(at)gmail.com

I'd like to get an address where I could send you some christmas goodies.

Holla Boy!


fantastic line up for the weekend. You know ya get extra points for not being able to stand up but being able to ride, in all the qualifiers for 2012.See you at High Noon. Ya better be locked and loaded.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

got beer?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

shit its sunday in texas.... no beer! good thing you were there. see you in AZ where i hope we can get some beers on sunday!

missed ya shot gunning all my beers on sunday morning in Vic

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

call me i'm in austin. Don't have any phone numbers

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

cody Brilliant watching you bring out all yer best moves both on and off the court :-) Gonna slay ya one of these days . Just saw DAB for the first time . i wrote every word of that shit . Laffed my head off reading it . Stay healthy and fuck being wealthy.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hey Cody , I'm arriving at the same time as you in Little Rock . How many peeps ya got with ya? Nate is giving me a ride to town , hopefully straight to the party. See ya there my number is 415 572 4914

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

think I'm getting picked up from Dan who I'll be staying with. got your number though steve I'll be flying in by myself I'll hit you up when I'm there, hopefully you'll have sniffed the party out by then