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My tournaments

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  • ESPI 5
  • Area 51 Bowl
  • NAHBPC logo
  • Hick Stoner Doom Fest Bike Polo Mobile, AL
  • ESPI VI in Philadelphia 2011
Last seen around here Jun 23 2014 - 7:52pm


your tusken raider is effing hilarious, i love it

I'f I had a camera I'd show everyone our hot new jerseys right now. They make me so happy. Thanks Zach!


Portland United

hey boom boom, wanna feel your inner slayer with us? we can discuss the options of maybe driving you back to madison for n. amercans.

Portland United

howdy, seein as how you are from milwaukee im wonderin if you ride the 8th inch frames? lookin into gettin one and riding it with 26's so im wondering if you know anybody with that set up and how they do with pedals scrapin whilst turnin..... thanks, scott


And I'm a lefty. (true leftys don't do anything right)