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My tournaments

Casper, WY
Last seen around here Feb 15 2013 - 3:09pm


do you want a pdf of the recruit spoke cards? it'd make it look nicer for you! e-mail me. also, i am hosting another nm friendlies style tournament the first weekend of august. you should come and bring that crazy ass friend of yours that gets lost a lot. he tells good stories.

we don't serve women here. bring your own.

you haz team and/or transportativeness for Springs?

Transportingk¿! for the Springs¿!, Yes!. Team? no team as of yet, but Dus from Phoenix will be there needing a teammate. we'll find one more I'm sure. what's happenin' on friday night? I'm leaving Casper friday morning-ish with a buddy, undecided about what we're going to do Friday night.
If you are reading this, it's officially on.
over and/or out

Whats happenig Casper? Are you gonig to NM?

i want to, but am having logistical difficulties. My car is a beater and I am scared to drive it all the way to NM. I was hoping to hitch a ride with some Colorado folk, but that didn't pan out.

hey Belkster, im coming to Casper for work on friday. wanna play some polo friday or saturday?! 720-363-3123

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

we should at least be able to scrape together some hot 2 on 2. when are you done with work on friday?


sweet.i got a job interview with Halliburton on friday at 1pm. ill call you after i nail it.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur