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Two Timers - Valentines 2on2 Tournament

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Host club: 
London Bike Polo
Contact info: 


We're holding a little Two-timers - 2x2 Valentine's Tournament at
North East Court, Downham Rd N1,London

Register by 11am, fiver per team - Proceeds to go to EHBPC
Cross-dressing is encouraged.
Couples and/or non-teammates only

We also have some bike based prizes which we are waiting to confirm.



flyer by JOL


North East Court
Downham Road
London, LND n1
United Kingdom

Signed up

Pics here:

Fun 'tournament' for Valentine's weekend. A lot of us played with our WAGs but the 'guys' outdid the actual couples in romance!

Places were
1st place - Concrete Kisses (Dave, b&w stripe hoodie, and Sarah, all black/red diskwheel and mallet)- £100 voucher Cavendish Cycles, appropriately enough, Dave and Sarah are an actual couple!
1st Losers - Bovine Snares (Brendan, soldier, and Scott, cow)

Most points - Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse (gabes and max) - matching sprockets/lights/tire levers/etc.etc. from Brick Lane Bikes
Couple with most points (apart from winners to spread the joy..) - tie between the Christals – Ellen (Christensen) & Matt (Vidal) and Team MikeRox (Mike and Roxy) - 2 movie tickets at The Rio Cinema

Rules were:

Games will be first to three goals win.
1st rounds games will have a 10 minute time limit (5hrs)
2nd rounds will be to 15 minutes (2.5 hrs maximum)
Final game will be to 5 points, not timed.

Round-robin format:

20 teams divided up in 5 groups of 4 play 6 games per group. 1 hr per group = 5hrs total.
Best 5 teams play a round of 10 games, double elimination

If a team is on their last game before knockout, the player who has scored the least goals can cheat on their partner and choose a new teammate. This of course does not apply to the final game.

Basic and non-basic rules apply:

-Any type of bicycle is allowed. Handlebars MUST be plugged.
- The handle end of the mallet MUST be plugged.
- Goal width is width of my polo bike, end-to-end, goal height will be the top of the wall; the ball must touch the wall between the cones to be a goal. If the ball enters the goal area from behind a cone and touches the wall it will not be a goal.
-If a goal cone is disrupted it is the responsibility of the ref to fix it.
-Start of a game: Each team will be stopped behind its own goal line and the ball will be positioned at center court. Play will begin with a “3 2 1 GO!” from the sideline.
-Scoring a goal must be made from what started as a hit. A hit is made from the end of a player’s mallet. A “shuffle” does not count as a goal; if the ball is shuffled through the goal, play continues uninterrupted.
-Deflections count as an own goal apart from deflected offensive shuffles.
- After a goal is scored, scoring team must return to their goal area and have a snog. Groping/molesting is encouraged and rewarded! Conceding team cannot attack until snog/grope is over. We will break up a ridiculously long kiss!
-Best Cross dresser of any applicable match receive +1 goal difference
-Best kiss of any applicable match will receive +1 goal difference
-Players may not play the ball with their feet at any time.
- Foot-downs must tap out at center court without impeding play of the ball. Feet are not allowed on the step but can be used against the walls. -Contact rules: “Like” contact is allowed. Player to player (body to body), apart from grabbing or pushing with hands. Mallet to mallet (generally, hitting another player’s mallet is poor etiquette if that player is not attempting to play the ball or in front of the goal, playing goalie). Bike-to-bike.
-Everything else is NOT allowed: Mallet to player, player to bike, mallet to bike, etc.
-Throwing of mallets is not allowed at any time, in any situation.
-Refs will:
Keep their mouths shut unless necessary
Replace the ball at point of exit in case of going out of court.
Call out score after every goal
I have the final say in any ruling…

Any one of you could be a bond girl. Well done

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