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Turducken VI Presented by Fixcraft

turducken 6 poster
Saturday, November 9, 2013 - Sunday, November 10, 2013
Host club: 
Richmond Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
4. Small. Tennis courts divided lengthwise.


Ok ladies and gentlemen in the spirit of tradition we will be running the tournament the way we always have. Most all of your games are self policed and the rules will be announced the day of the tournament. Expect the unexpected (no bullshit wacky stuff) there may be a few "controversial" surprises allowed during gameplay that are not allowed in an NAH tournament.

Your games will start on time whether you're ready or not. There is a small change to the substitution rule this year. If you choose to use a substitute player on your team (at any time for whatever reason), that player must not be playing any more tournament games on another team and YOU MUST PLAY WITH YOUR SUBSTITUTE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE TOURNAMENT. This is to avoid having a more skilled player jump in on a game and dominate an opposing team that may have had a shot to win it. You may choose to begin a game playing 2vs3 or 1vs3 if the rest of your team is missing.

There is bike food delivery available to both courts and we'll have some menus if you need to eat. Otherwise pack a lunch. Two locations on Saturday, one court is in the Church Hill neighborhood at 29th and M st and the Saturday and Sunday court is at Abner Clay Park.

As it stands now, all teams will have an opportunity to play on Sunday with the exception of the last place team. The last place team will have a chance to play sunday IF they can beat our wildcard Grounds Crew Team. The RVA Bike Polo grounds crew consist of 3 of our friends who operate a landscaping company and always help maintain the courts. They have never played bike polo before, if you lose to them they take your place on Sunday and you will be a disgrace to your whole family.

There will only be one real substantial prize, this purse goes to the first place team. The prize is $1000.00 cash. There may be some schwag giveaways and special prizes here and there. Every registered player is invited to partake in the Turducken feast and a great time, there will be veggie and vegan friendly options out there as well.

This year all of the tournament organizers are playing on a team. We will need help from friends, family and spectators that are versed in how a bike polo tournament is run, we will certainly direct and delegate tasks as needed. Timing is crucial to this tournament cuz we squeeze A LOT of games in, this tourney is notorious for running as many games of bike polo for every team as possible and we plan to keep it that way. If you wish to volunteer, please let me know. Any volunteer not registered for the tournament will receive some lovely perks and get a prime spot to eat supper on Sunday.

Our money, sponsors, and resources are limited, but we do everything in our power to throw a really kick ass tournament with TONS of good polo (and fun) being the focus. There will be pickup happening most of the day on Friday at the Abner Clay courts and hopefully more on Friday night if we don't get kicked out of our night spot. Get in touch with your host or check back here if your wondering when everyone will arrive for pickup. Please feel free to email me or call me with any questions. We will be having a registration party hosted by the Cutthroats Bike Club on Friday night at a bar TBA. See you in November!!

registered teams can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aio7CriEVetVdFAzWWFJcDBsZUt...

Pre registration Party will be at 1719 Summit Ave at Lamplighter's Roastery the event can be found here:


Abner clay park & ethyl bailey furman park Fist city, VA
United States

Signed up

No brainer. See you in November.


This will be my first!
I need a team!


if only this wasn't the same weekend as the philly bike expo polo thingy... sad to miss turduckens

-my stomach is a pickle-

Move this please.

just dont move it the weekend of nov 8/9th. THATS MIDWEST OPEN IN LEXINGTON!!!!!!!!! aka spring break forever

Quinn... It is that weekend. Turducken has had the second weekend of November on lock forever. Damn, Quinn. Just damn.

We wish we could make it so everyone could be there, but unfortunately we've locked in this date.

As such, registration begins immediately. To register, go to http://tinyurl.com/Turducken2013 and fill out the form.

Registration fees will be $60 per team. We will reach out to the contact email address for payment instructions when we get closer to the tournament.

I missed this last year cuz HOSPITALS and I ain't gonna miss it again...

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

In for spot 2.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Alex and I looking to fill spot 3. Interested persons should email me (alias.s.tagami(at)gmail.com). If you're a wandering ronin who slays, we're a good group to work with.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Free agent for this. Only missed it once, not going to miss #6.

Looking for a team for this.

You, me and a third.
I am coming from vegas to have a great time and get some quality polo in.
I would not be opposed to taking a W back with me in the process.


bitch, it's on.

kiss me, pussy.

24 team limit

saran wrap butthole lick.

in other words, what's the team lineup?

Currently registered teams are listed here: http://tinyurl.com/T6signedup

I think I'm a free agent for this. Been here... 3 times already? I don't know, I've played on the courts a bunch. Got 4th last year behind a podium full of Beavs, Makers, Means, and Guardians, been doing all right ever since. You know me, you love me, fuck wit me?

I'm looking to get in on this as well. Lomax, I'll play with you. I'll also play on a decent other team who are looking for a third. Let's figure this shit out!

I haven't been picked up yet!

I grew up in Brooklyn and once had a lay over in O'Hare for 6 hrs, we all have so much in common we are practically family!

Let's do this!


did you guys make a team happen? I wants one.

i also am looking to go to this! looking forward to some time in big ottawa

Coach! team? yes? no? maybe?

well.. i'll be in NYC during this time.. I'm keen if i can get a team together?

RVA local signing up a team, I need a player or two to fill it out. Anyone looking to play, get at me.

If anyone needs a dependable third that can hold down the defense, hit me up. Also, Fraz has two teams?


So glad you are coming!


No team yet, anyone need a 3rd?


We have unofficially hit our 24 team cap. Anyone signing up now will be waitlisted.

Signed up people are listed here: http://tinyurl.com/T6signedup.

Those who have TBD spots need to get on solidifying those number 2 and/or number 3s please. We're going to give you a reasonable amount of time to lock this up, but please understand others may be wanting to get in.

Email rvaturducken (at) gmail (dot) com with your roster updates ASAP please!

1 slot opened up.

Hoping to be picked up as someones third. Flying out from San Francisco with Jody for this. I've been playing for a little over a year. Listen to all the terrible things about me.

want to play with me and sergio?

I'm in!

sweet. what's your name?

colleen. but email said spot was taken. thread says otherwise. confffffuuuuuuseddd

sergio and i are looking for a third!

2 people from ATL are looking to come play. Myself and Scott Duncan. If anyone needs a second or third, let us know.


Team RAMROD is coming!!!!!!

Lets say you got til October 20th to firm up your teams, newbians I highly suggest yall just get in touch w one another and make it happen, it would really help the process. If there's a legacy team looking to come you will unfortunately be bumped if you can't get squared away quickly. You will have fun and learn a thing or two I promise, even if you are just coming to hang we will take good care of you!

Pick me up!


I need a second and third for my team, want in?

Decog wrote:

No team yet, anyone need a 3rd?

You too?

John CHS wrote:

If anyone needs a dependable third that can hold down the defense, hit me up. Also, Fraz has two teams?

and/or you?

I'm down. Pick up Dave (extrasketchy) email me jlchritton@gmail.com


I'm all good, I will be playing as the "tiger mask" thanks for responding


This guy from vegas sounds great and not desperate at all. Someone should add him to their team


I come in Friday, anyone playing polo that night?


Yea we usually do a little pickup on Fridays. Definitely will be doing some Turducken weekend.

I am tempted to raise the number of teams, is there a large contingency of players who have been unable to register due to spots filling up too quick? Please read the post at the top of the thread for some important updates.

How many additional teams? Would this mean that all teams move on to Sunday or only top 24?

(Also: Very close to finalizing our 3rd player. Danke arigato, moi amigo!)

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Anybody looking for a third??? Let me knowww! I'm trying to play some polo and eat some tofurkey.

I'll be there. Why?


As a heads up, an email was sent out to those on our contact list regarding payment. It's getting closer and things are coming together!

Everything is coming together really well. Expect some super awesome perks and prizes that we usually dont focus on (generously provided by Fixcraft). The goals are gonna be really cool and with the talent coming through I imagine some very high quality games throughout the weekend. We will have plenty of food and craft beer at the courts on Sunday so bring out your friends. If youre here from out of town, registered or not, we'll take care of you. We are going to have a limited run on shirts but they will be there, bring a bit of extra money so you can secure some memorable stuff. If you'd like to come to town early there is tons of fun bike friendly stuff to do and lots of polo to be played. If you want to get pickup games going on Sunday there will be two dedicated courts with boards about 2 miles from the Sunday location at Church Hill, its a straight shot to get there and there a bridge that lets you skirt over the climb.

Just had our third drop out due to unforeseen expenses, anyone still looking for a team?

Are you still looking for a third? I will be in rva regardless for this tournament and I would love to play if I still can.


Yep. Just sent you an email for logistical purposes asking about your favorite color, total number of fingers/toes, and a few simple math problems

Hey guys just a heads up, I really need everyone to pay their registration fee's asap. If you do not want to paypal money or cannot do that for whatever reason please pay me Friday night at the registration party in cash where you'll receive some more info on the tournament. If your not at the registration party you can pay on Saturday but just know that any team not paid will forfeit their scheduled games until they pay up. At this point we are out of sponsor money and I'm reaching in my own pockets to pay for stuff. Paypal reg fees to sprinkle3(at)gmail.com

Saturday Court assignments Games start at 10am sharp

ABNER CLAY PARK- Clay st & Brook Rd
1) Rimgrippers
2) Bangor Maine
3) Seanasaurusdactylpede
4) 7 Strips of Kevin Bacon
5) The Screw You Guys
6) Carlos Danger
7) Something Special Goldfish
8) The Shears
9) Long Hair Don’t Care
10) Truffle Pig
11) Assorted Party Gods
12) Dickpics

CHURCH HILL- 29th & M Street
1) Abner Clay All Stars
2) Apollo Kids
3) The Means
4) NYCee You In Hell
5) Jorts
6) Muffin To Do Here
7) Moose Jawn
8) Mostly Cronkite
9) Fryer Fire
10) The Cellar Dwellers
11) Ramrod
12) Boba Fett & the Dreamers

oh god stephen and ryan finally decided on Dickpics

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

naw, it's some of us ladies actually

I'm suprised! They've been talking about that name for months. Now to see if I can find their team name from the list... I bet its the means just to throw people off.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

*Dog-Dick Pics.

Proud member of the Bike Dad Alliance of America.


CHURCH HILL- 29th & M Street
1) Abner Clay All Stars

Church Hill All Stars...

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

If any team finds themselves short a body, I'll be there Saturday morning ready to play.

Tom Baxter

I am in town.
Went to clay, no one there.
I went to lamplighters ( the only thing I know)
Let me know if you are down for pick up.


I am at clay now.



is that dave? extrasketchy?

Results based on a photo I took of the bracket. I think I got the team names mostly right...

1st - 7 Strips of Kevin Bacon
2nd - The Means
3rd - Seanasaurus
4th - Jorts

5th - Apollo Kids
5th - Rimgrippers

7th - Mostly Cronkites
7th - [siiic]

9th - Carlos Danger
9th - Abner Clay Allstars
9th - Bangor Maine
9th - Boba Fett & the Dreamers

13th - NYCeeyou In Hell
13th - Fryer Fire
13th - Truffle Pig
13th - Dick Pics

17th - Something Special Goldfish
17th - Cellar Dwellers
17th - Teal Or No Teal
17th - Long Hair Don't Care
17th - Team Ramrod
17th - Screw You Guys
17th - Assorted Party Gods
17th - Grounds Keepers

DFL - Moose Jawn!

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Big thanks to Sean and Nick and all the RVA players for putting on another super awesome Turducken. What a fucking rad weekend of polo.

agile for my size.

thank you Curtis and Sean (and the local bike shop!) for quickly helping me get a replacement fork!! <3

and thanks for the better-late-than-never dick pix, you know who you are...

Much love comin from the Murphy house for RVA! So sad we missed this tourney and all the folks that were there for it.

Who was on 7 Strips of Kevin Bacon?

Koyo, JT, and Dustin

Press: http://rvamag.com/articles/full/22641/turducken-rva-bike-polos-flagship-...