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The Shitfest Again!

Saturday, February 23, 2013 - Sunday, February 24, 2013
Host club: 
Santa Cruz Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
One Court

Coming at you with short notice, the Shitfest Again! Two day bench tournament with school yard draft. This tournament will have a $5 requested donation which will go to our friend and fellow polo player Mike Sconce who recently broke his femur playing and has been out of work and stuck in bed for weeks.

We're hoping for 6-8 teams of 6-8. Depending on how many people show up this might change. Captains are yet to be decided but if you want to be a captain email me what your team name would be or what team you'd like to captain and you'll be given priority.

Last year we came up with the team names ahead of time, we're gonna partially do that this year. Some of the required (unless you come up with better ones) team names will be:

Sharks (last years winner maybe?)
Cattle Battle
Two Balls One Cup
His name was Michael Sconce
(come up with something here, or we'll use That's What I Call Music Volumes 6 Through 8 again)

Housing: We dont have as much space as last year (RIP POLO DOJO) so we've got room for 3 or 4 on the floor and 2 or 3 tents at Cody and Russell's. Also at Penrod, Cass, and Brandon's we've got 3 couches and room for tents in the dog shit backyard. Our new place is not a party house though as the landlord's live next door.
If you are a baller and love motels, there are four motels that are a stone's throw from the court. Get the one with the pool and invite us all over. If you call and tell them you are with bike polo they will probably ask what that is. But try it anyway.
And from this one you could even watch the polo from outside the front door or go take a nap when you're not playing, plus you can sleep in late and just stumble outside to bike polo on Sunday


Friday, if you wanna come early let me know. Send me an email, call me or something, we'll have pick up on Friday night.

Saturday: We'll decide who the captains are around 11am then get the draft going by 11:15am. Then we'll begin the first games. Thinking 25 minute games swiss rounds the first day until the Sun goes down.

Bike Smut (a short collection of bicycle themed adult films) begins at the Bike Church around the corner at 8pm. All are invited.

Also the Jury Room will have pitcher deals for us if you are a bike polo player or say you are.
We'll try and find a place to everyone to stay Saturday night but it might not be comfortable. If you are picky, get a motel room.

Sunday: Would love to get started at 11am the later we start the more likely it is we'll have a shoot out again to settle the final game if we have to, I thought it was fun but it pissed some people off.
First we'll have a mini redraft to fill in spots for people who had to leave after Saturday to be replaced by people who can only play Sunday. Then we'll get to polo.

Bring shade and seating for yourself cause there is almost none provided. Also keep your beverages covered. We can't reserve our court and there is always security patrolling the rivertrail above the court. That being said we all had a good time last year and no hammer came down on us.

Any questions feel free to email me, it goes to my phone and I'll get back to you ASAP.



Polo court
San Lorenzo and Riverside
Santa Cruz
United States

Signed up

Is this real?


It's wheel, for wheel.

Yes, its real. It's going down, just like last year, but without the dojo and the chicken fights on the court, and the cops. But the Jury Room is still there and Bike Smut is happening saturday night.

San Diego might make an appearance

Might?! I think Lawnmowner is pretty excited to go ;)

As am I ....

A jacket might make an appearance... I hope xena survives another shitfest.

Dooooooogggg soooccer!!!!!


this poster is great!

Im in

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Maybe two guys from Vegas, is someone able to put us up that saturday please? We just require a flat space a little bigger than our bodies, preferably rape free.


If I can get off work I'm there...

if I remember correctly Dead Dogs team went undefeated all weekend until the penalty shoot out, which was my favourite part of The ShitFest. Aaaaah Brick falling for ye old "babe in Seattle".................

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Any more details? We got a small crew here making the trip.

- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

Hey bring my pants and sleeping bag yeah? ;)

Trade your hat for Krista's helmet!


Haha, totally!

You made your problem mine there... :P

more details to come tonight....

screw the shit show, we're going viral this year.

shotgun your bike!

more details are now posted. Get in on it.

who's going to challenge Bloomquist's standing as the only man to successfully shotgun a 32?

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

drunk lobster dog is gonna challenge Bloomquist in shotgunning a bottle of whiskey

goddamn, this sounds like a lot of fun, makes me wish work/paying rent wasn't a real thing.

and i just moved to oakland, too... bless

that's my shit

no excuses. see you sat?!

shotgun your bike!

I wanna be cap'n!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

your team name has to be "The Worst" lol

Vegas has to pull out last minute. We couldn't get a full car. Enjoy the the Shitfest!


Haha, thatll work!..i think

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

anyone lose a hat?

shotgun your bike!

Also, has anyone lost a lock?

shotgun your bike!