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The Presidents Day Polo Social

San Antonio Texas Polo
Saturday, February 18, 2012 - Sunday, February 19, 2012
Host club: 
San Antonio Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
One Court, 100ftx48ft, roundish corners

February 18th 2012
The Slab
369 Clay, San Antonio Tx 78204


The Slab
369 Clay
San Antonio, TX
United States

Signed up

tournament or just pickup?

Tour-Na-Ment! Tour-Na-Ment! Tour-Na-Ment!

nateness wrote:

Tour-Na-Ment! Tour-Na-Ment! Tour-Na-Ment!

holy geezus. is mr. left-handed fancy pants in his pink bike showing up. ha ha. sa-weet.

dude.. I still have video of you creeps losing your tits at that bar in denton.

thug life.

what a great night

you know it! pink bike and all.

great night indeed.

Please make that poster a shirt I can purchase

It will be tournament play on saturday and pickups on sunday and monday if people can stick around.
We are planning on having shirts made! We are still getting more sponsors, I am just waiting a few days to update it at one time.

if this tournament is as awesome as that poster, i will start walkin to San Antonio

give blood. play polo.

SA bike polo is always awesome

Get rad

Jinxy wrote:

if this tournament is as awesome as that poster, i will start walkin to San Antonio

haha. im with jinxy. this is an awesome poster!

Get your running shoes on Jinxy

Sharpening my machete as we speak ! Viva la repolocion !


the bob of Austin is uninvited.

unless he brings some super gangster polo mountain cool Capri Suns for us. lulz. jk

thug life.

Im comin anyway

Get rad

sry. if you have that mustache. you can't play.

we have a mooostache ban at the slab.

thug life.


pick-up on friday?

And Housing for those of us who wanna come in town early and party with yall?

Get rad

yeah pick ups Friday evening and we should be able to find places for people to stay. worse comes to worse bring a tent and stay on the court... JK... but for real you could

I think some cats from Houston will be here Thursday nite for pick up games and whatever drunken stoopidness that goes on in these parts.

thug life.


your moms a presidents day polo social.

thug life.

awesome tournament and good peeps. good job SA. the tournament WAS as good as the poster!

here are some photos I grabbed, feel free to tag people in them: http://goo.gl/KVSTq

Finally uploaded my pics from this: