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The 1st "Day-After-Halloween"-Indoor-Bikepolo-Tournament Berlin

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Host club: 

Berlin never posted any Info about their tournament in here. Maybe some of you are not going to Paris... Here's some Info about the Berlin thing:

The Tournament starts on Saturday the 1st of November at noon at this adress:


Bernkasteler Strasse 78





Signed up


I was racing the halloween alleycat the night before and ended up drinking till 10am... after a couple of hours of sleep I made it up to weissenberg. totally hungover I was right in time for the last few games.

The games were played 2 against 2 as the indoor spot was very, very small. There were teams from berlin and munich playing. the teams from copenhagen, helsinki and basel didn't make it to the tournament on time because Berlin is too much of a temptation to party....

Munich won the tournament. They took home nice sets of wheel covers and a beuatiful medal.

Thanks to marc and stefan for organising and sorry that I couldn't make it on time. see you next time!

Never sleep - always deliver

Never sleep - always deliver