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Saturday, May 18, 2013 - Sunday, May 19, 2013
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
38m x 20m

Hi There!
Here is the 4th East League Bike PoloTournament.
Still 12 slots open for internationnal team.
Inscription should start one the april 01 at 20PM.
Looking foreward to see you all!

Program :
Saturday :
9h00 - Waiting players.
9h30h00 - Starting 5 rounds
18h00 - End of the rounds
19h00 - Tourism and after…

09 h00 - Waiting players
10h00 - Starting double elimination.
17h00 - Congratulation and gifts

Inscription :
Sent a mail to strasbourgbikepolo@gmail.com (starting the April 01 at 8PM) with

Objet : Tournois #4 Ligue de l’est – « name of the city » don't forget:

-The team name,
-Players name,
-If you need a couch to sleep,
- the name of a goal ref.
- If you come with us for alsacian food at the saturday night
Inscription cost is 10€ for each players

Just ask us on your inscription mail.

Meal & drinks :
Saturday and sunday lunch will be free.
Saturday night you can folow us to go to eat traditional alsacian food and beer at will.
It 13€ each person.
On the court some beer will be sell.

Check Velo / Mallet :
We want to make a check of the bike and mallet before the tournament.
Be carefuly to you screw, cable and other stuff who should hurt me!
Cheater mallet is allow

Place :

Parc Zimmer
Rue de Graffenstaden
Lingolsheim 67380




Signed up

Hi everyone!
After a long debate, we decided to open the tournament to 16 teams.
The hardest part for us will be to host you all in good condition. To achieve this, you will have to bring a sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, carpets and pillows for a good night.
It will also require that everyone be punctual.
The tournament will begin at 8:30 am Saturday and Sunday.
We'll come back with more information later!


Team registred:

1- Got Balls (Manheim, DE) - Krystof, Daniel, Ben
2- Poleten (Freiburg/Karlsruhe,DE) - Tobi, Karl, Chris
3- No Name For Now (Montpelier, Toulouse, FR) - Remy, Julien, Ben
4- Power Rangers (Hamburg, Hannover, Karlsruhe, DE) - Philipp, Max, Robert
5- Ils sont géniaaaal! (Caen, Fr) - Margot, Tony, Germain
6- Polophonie (Nuremberg, DE) - Chris, Jens, Lisa
7- Les Spätzle (Strasbourg, Fr) - Manu, Jubbs, Guillaume
8- Ohlala (Clermont-fd / strasbourg, FR) - Ben, Thib, Matth
9- Fix Ties (Munich, DE) - Phil, Andi, Pedro
10- Syndikat (Koeln, DE) - Mirko, Fabrice, Hagen
11- « unnamed » (Strasbourg, Clermont-Fd, Duisburg FR/DE) - Benoit, Val, Daniel
12- Salade, Tomate, Oignon (Nancy,FR) - Thomas, Renaud, Pablo
13- Ill Communication (Munich, GE) - Michi, Kat, Matze
14- Simon Says (Anvers, BE) - Jaouad, Ward, Nicky
15- Les trois Moustache (Nuremberg, DE) - Andy, Thomas K., Kevin-Cindy
16- Opticons (Hamburg, DE) - Phil, David, TBA

Waiting list:

17- Octopussy (Nuremberg, DE) - Tim, Ralp, TBA
18- Die Schlingel (Ulm, DE) - Hari, Bene, Olaf
19- Edison (Frankfurt, DE) - Mo, David, Eddy
20- Les Gagneuses (Strasbour, Besançon, Paris, FR) - Alex, Bastien, Mickael
21- M Cubic (Vienne, A) – Marcus, Mobi, Miguel
22- Cog Suckers (Heilbronn, Duisburg, DE) – Mike, Philipp, Daniel
23- La poloma loca (Nuremberg, DE)- Josef, Leon, Jürgen
24- Instinct GSN ( Giessen, DE) – Christoph, Clemens, Lukas
25- Les cosmonautes (Caen, FR) - Xavier, Bastien, Romain
26- Broken Spoke (Heilbronn, DE) – Daniel, Matthew, Anatoli
27- Drei Käse Hoch (Nuremberg, DE) – Thomas, Andreas, Tba
28- The Burnhouts (Bruxelles, BE) – Ed, Patrick, Sascha
29- O Six Niner (Frankfurt, DE) – Daniel, Berk, Miquel
30- We Trust in Steel (Ulm, Neu Ulm, Kempten, DE) – Tony, Marceln Jürgen
31- Bike Street Boys (Besançon, FR) – Vincent, Antoine, Lucas
32- Inkasso (Hamburg, DE) – Andy, Chris, Tba

Salut! Ce serait possible de me donner les mails des teams en waiting list ? Ce serait pour les inviter au tournoi de Bâle les 11&12 mai.

Team Sophie - Switzerland