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Star City Open

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Host club: 
West Lafayette
Contact info: 

This is a one day open tournement with a team cap set at 24. This will be a composition of great midwestern rough housing and comradery.


Riverside Skate Center
100 Tapawingo dr
Lafayette, IN
United States

Signed up

I just have to ask....why is it called Star City Open?

Lafayette is colloquially referred to as "star city". A silly label, i know, but one that has been around for quite a while.

Earlier in the year these boys put on an awesome tourney- the "Riverside Invitational", though this current setup is an open invite to anyone who wants to come to beautiful Lafayette, Indiana.

It'll be fun. I promise :)

Justin just thinks they are ripping off his frame company name ;)

Aah didn't know that... I mean, i've never heard of his company (no offense) so i'm sure those kids in Lafayette haven't either. They're not trying to step on yr feet or anything, Star City is just Lafayette.

and actually, Justin, if you show up to this you'll get free registration, housing, food, booze, grass- hell i'll even personally throw in an 'old fashioned' or two just we don't want any hard feelings!

I'd love to come to this, but I don't think its going to happen with my current work schedule, and I'm not worried about anyone ripping off the name, I just thought it was funny....and its not like I made up the name or anything, its actually the name of my hometown (tiny little place of about 500 people in Saskatchewan). with a little more notice I might be interested in sposoring it actually...you gonna do one again next year?

Sounds like it'll be a blast!

I'm a big wad of bloody hot damnation

i"m getting a free home cooked meal the night before in preparation. be ready, imma be swoll comin into this..PUMPED!!!!

Bring leftovers biatch. Chrome, Velocity, The Black Sparrow, and Se Bikes are sponsoring so far. The Black Sparrow is sponsoring us CAPN DANGEROUS. That is the DJ who rocked our socks off at the after party in April. He's gonna DJ the tournament portion of the day most likely (at the court). Then probably again at the after party.


on court grindin'! BOOM

Polo polo polo

To all you midwesterners heading to Seattle- consider this your worlds hangover tourney!

I like the sound of that. I think MKE might need a hangover cure.

i'm gonna try to make this, with Mitten Polo.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

We'd love a sponsor, dude. We'll probably host another one next year. We only have a week before gametime, though.

...who are you talking to?

Charlie and I are thinking about coming to this...

Convince me!

Do it! It'll be fun, i promise. here's a few shots from the last tourney in lafayette...


also the court is fuggin awesome.

Yeah I done seen that perty video of the last tournament.

convince chris and megs to come down and get a como reunion team going!

i hate not being 21.
i hate not being 21.
i hate it i hate it.
i never have any fun.

well megan, yr in luck, I don't have an ID card. soo I can't buy cigs, booze, or get into a bar this weekend. Fuggin Michigan cops taking my ID.

we gonna party. somehow. someway.

I'm not twenty one either...don't worry guys we will still party!!

Dont blow chunks on me Zachary!

we may be arriving on saturday morning to play in this.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

In need of a third. Get. At. Me.



FUCK YES! You're going to be there?! Nic Magglio and I need a third! He's got a wicked hard shot and takes lines pretty well. I'll hustle and do my best all around.

yes I can go! the wonderful dudes of lexington are picking me up on the way, I'm super hype this court looks awesome.

the weather channel says the polo gods will shine upon us!

"Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. High 72F."

fuuuuuuuck yes

Lots of awesome physical games on a stellar court this weekend. Well hosted by the Lafayette crew. Loved it.

agreed. Thanks Lafayette!!!!

Where's yo ladies pictures at!? Upload that business! I think there should be a mandatory 1 day wait time for all pictures to make it online after a tournament. I'm already bored not playing polo, might as well look at it.

She says she'll post pictures to a flickr this weekend. I'll be on a float trip, but I'll share when I get back...assuming she does it.

Ha, I hear ya.

I'll talk to her. She was photographing for a class project, so I'm not sure what she'll use exclusively for the project and what she'd be willing to share with us. As far as I know, it's not getting published. Copyright shouldn't bother her. Not sure if she has a flickr, but I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for coming out Y'alls!! Some photos are up on facebook. I'll see if I can get the files to LBP's Flickr. If not, Jordan Williams took a few photos. Find him on my FB profile. They are mostly of us against bruce and the shitmonsters. I love hosting tournaments and have 20 people in one medium sized apartment. I MADE SO MANY NEW FRIENDS, MAAA!!!


More photos from Martha (Decatur)

Thank you Lafayette!!

My lady posted the pictures. She is using these for a class project, nothing that's going to print/broadcast (as far as I know). Anyway, since they're for a project, she needs some help. If you know the people pictured or you are in the photo, comment on it with the name, age and city of the person (I only know some of your names and cities). She'd really appreciate it.

You can comment by signing into Photobucket through Facebook if you don't mind the app accessing your info: