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South Central Championships - Regional Qualifier

SCC 2012 in ATX
Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Sunday, April 1, 2012
Host club: 
Austin Texas Bike Polo
Contact info: 

Austin TX hosts the SCC Regional Qualifier
March 31 and April 1, 2012 FIRM
Start time: 9am, both days
Poster credit to our own Robert Kreuzburg!

location: South Austin Rec Center
1100 Cumberland
Austin, TX 78704
dates are FIRM

32 team capacity
24 team double elim sunday
2 courts

this is a regional qualifier, and to take the pressure off the organizers, we will be providing all necessary components to throw a great tournament for the players, but without the prizes. we are emphasizing the qualification for the NAHBPC. Rad trophies for the first place team will be awarded and that is all.
[hint* we are saving the prizes for our other tournaments in 2012]

Thursday: pick up at the tourney courts/set up perimeter
Friday: finish set up/pick up.
TEAM REGISTRATION: during Friday at the courts or at the reg party
Uncle Billy's Brew and BBQ at 1530 Barton Springs Road
Free beer [up to a keg or two] for polo peeps. good food, good peeps, good spot.

BRACKETS: Saturday is AM/PM brackets:
Barely Legal
Larry and the HANDersons
Mucho Take it Easy
Tri Coast United
Knowing your Rival
Enter Witty Name Here
San Marcos Razor Blades
Kick my head in if you want
Burracho Beans
Power Bottom Bracket
Fun Bus
Polo 5-ever

Los Rebeldes
Heavy Hitters
Just Say Mo
Gunther's Revenge
Peace, Love, and Polo
Blind Dates
Smells like machine spirit
Stew Pit
Pabst Smears

We will have sign up for all volunteers on Friday at court set up and reg party as well as Saturday morning. We can't do this tournament without the volunteer effort so please help out!
Rules are standard 2012 NAH RULES and should be read before attendance.
We will be checking all equipment before play begins and helmets are mandatory.



Austin TX
1100 Cumberland Road
Austin, TX
United States

Signed up


oh yeah!

I'm guessin' registration won't open until the location is confirmed?

I know it said deets to come but I'm impatient!


I would so love to come to Austin again and hang with the South Central peeps, Hit me up as a third if ya wanna qualify in style with smile.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Get at me about this.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

A former Larry Polo player's wedding is this weekend :(

And most of us will be there. I tried to say something before... >:(

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

If something happens to move the date one way or the other two weeks I'd have no objections.

not gonna happen bud!

Yeah, yeah, have fun y'all.

i've said it b4 and i'll say it again ..........Ya sure it's not Scardy Larry?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

You said this before!?!

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'


given that our location could not confirm the dates we originally wanted, AND we'd be missing out on a whole city in our region not going to be able to make it, we've decided it's best to move it.

sorry if you've already got your tickets [doubtful]. we will still maintain that we cannot CONFIRM the dates until the location has, BUT we are going for the april 7-8 weekend now and will be confirmed at the start of February, so that registration can happen on Feb.7th.

thanks for patience and understanding.



"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

This date is 50% better! Thanks Chandel.

there you go kansas! show up!

Gr8 date change. Hope to make it too.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Heh. Got it off anyways...Don't change it no more.
Machine-I got some beers to catch up with you man...Gonna bring a stack of T-shirts.


Don't change it no more.


"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

Sure thing Dave. Everyone on the planet loves "the Wizard"

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I am officially announcing my dissapointment in the date change. yeah, that's right, I'm not even from there! take that!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

wish it wasnt the same weekend as the polo retreat!

wish it wasnt the same weekend as the polo retreat!

we're confirming this week what the official date will be.
our location is being a bit hard to reach on the Easter date but we'll see.
thanks for your patience.

Well I fasho DO know that if it was either the 7th&8th or 21st&22nd weekend that would be very very much nice. And yes'um thanky.

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'


seems appropriate that we should throw and APRIL FOOLS DAY qualifier anyways!

note it.


Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Sunday, April 1, 2012

just for clarification.


Omg there are not very many teams allowed I hope so bad I can come!

Wait so guys when can I register an out of region team? A week from the listed registration date? Ugh... Plane tickets $179 right now.

I think it's supposed to be one week after in-region registration, but I noticed that at DPI it was 2 days later. Chandel, what's the word?

Its one week. 2/7 for in and 2/14 for out. DPI registration was compressed because of only one months notice until the tournament.

Hi peeps , If any 2 in region players of any skill level at all would like to pick me up for a blast gimme a holla.........................if not I'll be coming with some Slayers as out region. I fecking luv polo ......in case you didn't know.....Keepin it Weird

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I would love to play in this if anyone needs a third or second hit me up vfotsch@gmail.com

South Central homies, I'm looking for a team!

oh god two of my favorite ladies needing a team.

JAGWOLVES looking for that elusive mysterious and majestic third. no lefties thanks.

Could someone tell me how to register? I mean, I'm pretty sure it's on hardcourtbikepolo.org, but wasn't there a post or a thread that talked about what all we need to do on that site to sign up tonight? I'm a registered user on there, but just wondering if all we need to do is add a team to the tournament page on there.

Also, how much does registration cost and will we need a paypal account to pay it?


0) sign up.

1) create your team if it doesn't already exist.
a) you do this by signing in and clicking on your name
b) scroll down to 'create new team'

2) go to the tournament page and click 'add your team to this tournament'

3) done.

What's the word on payment?

WANTED: a sweet third for Jagwolves. we're originally from Denver. You know who we are, we know who you are, there can only be one....third. we played last year with cherri, this year with _______ ? and with our cascadian magic, you know we can slay!

Itd be me if I wasnt already playing with a SC team that will leavin the Jagwolves.........howlin

Get rad

yeah thanks! i just wanna have fun it's already costing a bit to fly but so worth it and just want someone else willing to make this happen maybe a stranger we haven't asked!

I heard that the 206 is having a problem accepting all of your -ness.

That will never work.

you're living over a thousand miles away, pretty sure all you hear is the crickets chirping and the voices in your head.

Just getting right back into it eh? George, been too long. Looking forward to seeing you both in Austin. Personally I'm a fan of ol' Max'o'million's -ness.

And George- hey man. We need to bring back the Cup leading up to ATX. We need some competish! Not sure who even has it but no Cup match is right without a Springs crew.

I heard Goerge was no longer so Tall and that his Springs had Sprung and were no longer Springable

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I heard he's finally starting to regret some of his tattoos

ok so it's tonight for REGIONAL teams. this means at least 2 players must be in-region.
[this is as of the tournament date, not registration date]
8pm CST

no TBD please...try to have a full team together...you have a week to register as a regional team. team member changes will be allowed, by approval, after registration as long as it does not effect your regional status.

yes. the tournament is capped at 32 teams.
at most there would be 8 non-regional opening up in one weeks time, on Feb.14th at 8pm CST...

cost is $60/team...which will include the facility and food/coffee/extras in the reg package etc...
team contacts [by registration] will be contacted with payment instructions after the registration. there will be a time limit to pay, a week from when you register, so that we can start to move down the 'waiting list' should there be one.

check it tonight and over the next week for your chance to enter if you're non-regional.
regional teams be on point and get in before it's too late!

poster coming soon. we had a vote and will be getting it all done up and online for everyone soon.

If you are an in region team and need a tbd . fill the blank with Machine and fill your hearts with gladness.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Don't Listen To Him! Its a trap! Pitbull can back me up on this. He can't party that hard because he is getting old, You can't understand his rambling brogue, and he might offend all of your friends.
Love you Machine and your sweet mama jokes

That will never work.

Aaaah Tall George , did yer mama let you come out to play with the big boys and girls again. Do you have your list of excuses ready for why you got, get are gonna get , was gotten got get , and still have yet to have been getten beat again............and again x2

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Times two-ing your own post is neat.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I'm shocked only 17 teams have registered so far.

For some reason the AZ players thought I was going to be out of state when they set up teams.
This = me without a team.
Hit me up if you're confident in qualifying.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

hello Poloista's any team need a third? two regional or any West coasters!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!


Get rad

i'm comin out of retirement to play this.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

And then there were eight...

Perfect. No one else register.


Kristina and Gray I thank you for picking me up for this one . We are gonna have a blast.Totally stoked to be playing and returning to Austin to help keep it weird. Cant wait to see y'all. Is there gonna be floor space available anywhere?. I travel light...ahem, cough.
...........and oh yeah i forgot. Yer all goin down?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Just to clarify for everyone on payment.

I haven't emailed any teams yet, didn't think it necessary/was busy this past week, to do this until there was a waiting list.
I presume this will be happening as of registration time for non-regional teams tomorrow evening.
at that point EVERYONE in the 32 spots will get the same email regarding payment...they will then have one week to pay....then it will defer to wait list based on TIME of registration.
i will carry this out with an iron fist, do not pretend that i won't remove your team, regardless of regional status...

sweet poster art coming soon!

I spy with my little eye some serious TBD infractions!

shut up kruse

It's 2012 bro.

oh the tbd, yes we've looked them, all of those that are under scrutiny have two regional teammates that would put them in the tournament registration fine up to now. they have been notified and are in the process of selecting their thirds. they have a deadline and we will defer to wait list should we have to.

don't worry nick. we know. ;]

Im still tryin to play this but am runnin on E when it comes to teammates. Filler up doggie


are these the same courts as Halloween or are they letting use those fancy ones?!?!


Same courts, we don't have fancy ones! ha

Fuck off

so right now there are 5 spots left open.
at 8pm Central time tonight the remaining spots will open up for non-regional team registration.
register regardless, as waiting lists will occur and if payment is not received within 7 days from tomorrow morning teams will be removed and we will defer to the wait list for opportunities to play.
please remember there is a 75/25 split in effect, at max, until 3 weeks from today.
no teams with tbd will be accepted. all regional teams with a tbd listed will be changing them/finding proper third or risk being removed as a team.

good luck out there!!!

Flight Booked Yeeeeeehaaar

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hopefully my team gets registered. I've been putting off purchasing my flight:/

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Me too brother, me too

You make the rules and I'll play the game.




Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

The poster is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Mail me 1 . My luggage will be overweight if i slip it in there

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

For real! Rad poster!!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

austin, just realized you have 8 teams with at least 2 players from atx and more than a few with all three austin players, well done. briefly counted 25 players. that's tight.

Shut up kruse.


Looking for an in region team to pick me up...

Maybe one of you cheating fuckers that's double/triple registered could make room.


Tulsa should pick this guy up for their team if they care about winning!


He sounds like a C player with a drinking problem at best. Is he new? We don't know him and don't want to take a chance to find out he sucks. If he had some history with us and maybe played in Tulsa before...

OOOOOoooooohhh... Can OPENED!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Ha! All I know is you're right about the drinking problem.

We actually held lengthy tryouts today and we'll be tabulating the results to see if any of our guys or girls made the team. We're pulling for them.

Cool story bro.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Yeah, If you replace "tryouts" with "played today" and "pulling for them" with "wanting someone to commit" it would basically be true.


Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

We talked about you today, Phil's going to hit you up with another offer that is just a good. Because this is our region it feels important to represent with an all city team.

yeah Steven it only makes sense.. looking forward ti chatting Phil today and to play with y'all soon...

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

FML!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 ;SKUDHHFGLKbsdobhLKSJDBVLKJBLsdfv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

well the clicky clicky race has ended.

There goes my polo year.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

I don't know why y'all don't host a larger tournament considering your regions location and qualifier status. This fucking sucks.
Not to mention the number of players registered that have already qualified for NAHBPC.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Davey_Carfax wrote:

I don't know why y'all don't host a larger tournament considering your regions location and qualifier status. This fucking sucks.
Not to mention the number of players registered that have already qualified for NAHBPC.


Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Cheezus that was insane. Le Boo.


Okay am I crazy or were the Jagwolves removed from the team list (ONE of the teams scooter was on).

I count 31 teams.

Also, these time stamps are crazy, right? A few teams reading the same registration time, and one of the teams on the wait list has a quicker registration time than the teams that got in?

joey registered gardners, which is not the team scooter is on. scooter is playing with me and valley and we registered, we're just below helgrind, so we're in.

And your registration shows the same time as mine! We need 1000ths of a second for this.

Also, why does Rebirth show a faster time than both of us, eh?

Looks like the server gave everyone the same time for each approximate second. Interesting. You might have gotten in had your team name started with an "A". I hope you got in Max. It does look like a team had a faster time stamp. Why are their city names in yellow?

Yellow for northside region.

I'd be curious for clarification on these time stamps. Not going to make a big deal out of it but just so we can know how exactly the program works. Why are some times reading to 1000th and some to 100th, what is up with Rebirth's timestamp, etc...

i removed myself from the list thinking my real team would bump up not realizing that the wating list was in alphabetical order....is there anyway i can get my spot back?

Hey Joey,

What's the address of the place you guys moved into?

18th and union! you live near there?

Yeah, a few blocks away, do you guys live in the large complex on the south east corner? What's the numerical address?

Yeah we live in the big complex. 1140 18th ave is the address, apartment 2 if ur planning any late night visits;p congratz on getting in too

Yeah we live in the big complex. 1140 18th ave is the address, apartment 2 if ur planning any late night visits;p congratz on getting in too

18th and union! you live near there?

for some reason when time came, my specific team for this tourney didn't become available, anyone know why? i had two other teams on my list of available teams and both of them were click-able, just not the one i wanted. oh, and i removed my team too, LEMMMMMME INNNNN!


You make the rules and I'll play the game.


Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Guys, I would like to take this opportunity to point out the most amazing and coincidental pattern that has ever existed in the history of bike polo registration.

When organized by registration time, the fractions of a second that separate the registration of teams follow this distinct pattern:

TMFD: Registered at 0.20 seconds after 8:00 PM
The Heavy Hitters: Registered at 1.21 seconds after 8:00 PM
Fatiguen and Sarah: Registered at 2.22 seconds after 8:00 PM
Jagwolves: Registered at 2.22 seconds after 8:00 PM
Just Say MO: Registered at 2.22 seconds after 8:00 PM
Crusaders of Love: Registered at 3.23 seconds after 8:00 PM
Power Snatch Kids: Registered at 3.23 seconds after 8:00 PM
Barely Legal: Registered at 4.24 seconds after 8:00 PM
Sin Carne: Registered at 4.24 seconds after 8:00 PM
SMD!: Registered at 16.216 seconds after 8:00 PM
Supreme Schemes: Registered at 20.220 seconds after 8:00 PM
The Lone Rangers: Registered at 27 minutes, 34.234 seconds after 8:00 PM

12 teams, in a row, pressed the register button at the precise moment in which the digits holding the place of seconds and hundredths of seconds would match perfectly. Amazing, right? ... not only that but the teams that registered at times exactly matching each other are uniformly ordered, even when sorted chronologically, by alphabet.

You may say software flaw... you may say conspiracy... you may say WAKE UP SHEEPLE, but you'd be wrong. This is all just pure coincidence.

And wait, there's more! Every single registered team at DPI is marked as registering at a time when the tenth place holder reads one. At the ladies army co-ed tourney, everyone who registered in January has the tenth place digit of their registration time as a one and everyone who registered in February has their tenth place digit marked two. Both of these tournaments also follow the pattern above in which the hundredth place digit matches the value of the second in which the team registered. I can not find a single instance at any of these tournaments where teams that have matching time stamps are not organized alphabetically.

I'm sorry to stir up this thread when I know everyone is working hard and donating time to do these things, but what in the hell is going on here?

If I'm getting this right, what this breaks down to is that everyone who registers within the same second for a tournament is allocated the exact same fraction of that second, and then teams are organized alphabetically. If you're on the bubble, this means the team whose name starts with A gets in and the team whose name starts with B doesn't, even if you registered first.

Its pretty simple.

To keep 20 people from hitting submit on the server at the exact same time (requiring a full page reload), teams are immediately added into a queue in the order that the add link was clicked. There is a separate process that polls this queue (once a second, this accounts for the 1.21, 2.22, 3.23, etc) and writes them into the database in the order in which they were received. The extra millisecond difference is how long the actual write to the database took, so each write sets the total time back a millisecond each time. Also, the reason why they are all the same, is that whenever the server is restarted and the separate polling process is started, it checks once a second, so any given team that randomly registers will only be checked on that particular millisecond within the given second.

There is absolutely no preference or priority given to alphabetic order.

All of this may seem a little elaborate, but I had to do this to keep the whole thing from getting fucked up with people reloading pages and stepping on each other. BUT lets not forget, this is bike polo and we are examining hundredths and thousands of a second, pretty amazing stuff.


Try changing your name. Maybe you can still get in.

shut up kruse

You know what's going to be awesome? when the fastest click registration is a thing of the past.

Thumbs the-fuck-up to that!!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Don't worry, it'll happen.


this whole internet-clicky-race thing is nothing but a fuggin headache...

ha... i find this sentiment sort of funny. the solution is so obvious. having an actual regional tournament. *GASP*


this is an argument for another thread, but doing pure regional tournaments at this point would water down the overall quality of play at the north american championship. there are regions that are stacked with good teams/players and other regions that are newer and just not as good, so there would be several mediocre teams making it to the nas and a lot of great teams that don't make it. why reward mediocrity and punish greatness just because of where you live? it doesn't make sense yet, at least not until all the regions are more evenly matched.

carve. smash. eat shit.

i don't disagree with this either. yeah, and at least two threads about this. getting into a tournament in your own region has never been a click race, the only people that are affected by the time race are out of region, so nothing will change ...so what i said or until you increase tournament sizes.

it sounded like you were advocating pure regional qualifiers.

carve. smash. eat shit.

well, only to stop the bitching about the clicky race. the way i see it, the extra teams are just bonus, so they dont really have a place to get upset. it did feel a little like pine wood derby last night though.

yeah, but bike polo is serious business!

but really, seems like registration worked the way it should.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Fuck's this? Look at this shit! What the hell is this guy wearing?! I mean he got on some terrible, SAILBOATIN ASS, ankle socks with some fucking pumpiedi-damn-do Asics!?! AND FO REAL??!!?! What's that? a god damn tackle and bait shirt, fuck you in that shirt!! And your girl shorts go harder than yours!! Looking lost as hell! Bitch you just passed the damn book store! You know he want stop in there and read all that shit with his old khaki wearin ass!

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

Anyone heard from Mexico? Team name references to Valum or Pacal Votan are conspicuously missing in this, the year of the apocalypse

@ Chandel, I'm on the DFW team The Fungus, about how much longer do we have to finalize our third?

(edit) Never mind, we got it filled.

Someone let me play, please!

tulsa get rid of that TBD and pick up this dark horse.

Yeah that would be awesome. We're kind of locally focused tho. We want one of our veterans or possibly one of our new players to step up and take that spot. I see you've made the migration. I look forward to seeing you there Jason.



shut up kruse

You're just one of the chumps.



kruse 1 maxxx 0

neither you or kruse is going, so hah!

I eloheled

hahaha silly bike polo

teams were emailed last night to the contacts for player 1 regarding payment, team structure, housing requests, and anything else we felt relevant at that time.
please note you have ONE WEEK to pay for your spot, via paypal in the email, to secure your registration.

if you fail to do so you will be removed from the confirmed list and we will move down the wait list, until the full 8 spots of non-regional are filled [if available].


*please try to have your teammates sign up through the site. this is not only a great thing for our tournament, but it a great thing for bike polo. the site is doing registration as a gateway to tracking statistics for the year, and to get proper statistics we need players to sign up and claim themselves. this may be confusing still. see upcoming post on "how to work this new fangled thing" soon.
any questions please email immediately and we'll get it sorted.

we <3 you. see you soon.

kruse it looks like valley might not be able to go? want to join us?

I'm going to hold out for getting in with my team this week. I really don't want to bail on that opportunity yet.



yes I'm just trolling.



Answers: ME, YOU

Wait, are there even boards? Anyone got pics of these courts?

Bring it, Casper

Get rad


Your taunting reference to my physical complexion will only add to your pain and suffering come April Fool's day.

shut up kruse.

You, Charlie, and Ben, huh? It'll be fun playing you guys

Who do we have to thank for this? What team dropped out? Anyone else want to drop out so we can make room for Hugo, Leon, and Seabass too?

many teams have yet to pay.
there is talk of some "shuffling" happening.
wait list teams will be advised thursday...


discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.

One player from Vegas if any one would like to pick me up. Let me know. You can Text (70two)2one7-six58six


the team list is now final.
mark, thomas, and ace [concrete hooves] had to pull out, which made room for nick's team.
fortunately/unfortunately that was all the shuffling that happened.

an email is going out this weekend with directions etc for teams that are confirmed.
thank you all for your interest. the SC loves you but our two court limitation prevented us from opening the tournament up further.

good luck to all teams coming.


Miguel, no more wheelie shots from 30 ft out this time, please. At least not on camera.


Great , BoozeKruse and Pete should have a rapid face to face question and answers session on say........................."What would you do on court if the ref wasn't looking?".................................(laff along the dotted line)

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I'm as clean as they come, Machine.

I don't initiate contact and I don't play that game unless someone forces me to. Except in the case of Maxxx. In that case, I'm going to smash him.

you're gay, shut up kruse.

you gotta earn the right to play me.

Keep it weird , lads. We are going to get Lostin Austin afterall.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

machine, I'm gonna take you out on the polo court, gonna break you in half and then take your eyeballs out and shove them down your throat so you can see your intestines dangling from your top half. OH YEAHHHH

uuuuuhhhhmm..... What?

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

MAN DUDE, this is LOBP, not WWE

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

yeah well I'm having fun, are you?

DUDE MAN, Guess will see April 1 who's having fun and who's not

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Ah Maxxxy Pad,you know that such phonetically incorrect threats always fall on deaf ears.I already took a good long look inside myself at the abyss that is me which is why when we meet on court you are going so far down you will no longer know the meaning of up.Love ya more than ya love yourself

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine wrote:

fall on deaf ears.

i see what you did there...

carve. smash. eat shit.


Now Drizz, you are trying to start a shit show here by implying that I shouldn't use commonly used phrases, just because Maxxx doesn't listen.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE



"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Looking for housing whether it be a hotel, motel or bedroom for cheap. I'm not sure if I'll have a mode of transport other than my bike. I'm not picky. I'd like to keep room rate sub 70/night. Any suggestions? daveycarfax@gmail.com

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

I'm bringing radcaps to sell, I got about 15 left.
p.s., I also want to sell my polo bruiser frame v2 with disc brake front tab for 550. includes frame, fork w tab, crankset, seatpost. holler at me.

Hooray! ill take a cap or 2

Get rad


scratch that, Christian just ordered some..

There is definitely a lack of shit talking going into this tournie.
Small George and Maxxy Minimum , I have played on both of your teams in the last year and I heard it from a wee birdy that I been carrying the losing weight for you 2 being unable to play as good a game as you talk. Well Bro Ho's, Austin is where we gonna set the record straight and see who been talkin the most smack. Bring your avalanche rucksacks with ya, coz yer gonna have to pull em more than once to know which way is up. Down down down down yer goin down down down down.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

A LACK OF SHIT TALKING?!?!?! Machine?!?!
the sh!t is coming out of your mouth so fast. faster than your ass. but then does that mean your face is your ass? all that sh!t coming out!

austin is where we'll have fun, who cares what we say online, if you wanna point out all the sh!t talked online then you're just a NERD, GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND RIDE YOUR BIKE. especially you kruse, I know what you're gonna say next, so shut up, kruse!

3 weeks and 3 days.

I'm not going to lose a single game at this tournament. I guarantee it.

word, didn't realize you snaked your way in.

who said I did?

your logic makes sense, you won't lose a game, cause you won't be here. I guess by that logic, you won't be winning anything either. ;) wish I could chill in portland! later

Sooo.... No suggestions for hotels or rooms on the cheap?

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Try Super 8 Austin/downtown
It was at 12th & I-35
Stayed when NACCC's were there.
Maybe someone can see about a group rate there.
The manager said "come back anytime"
It has a pool too.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

hot tub?

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Nevermind... It's unavailable :(

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

We booked a room at La Quinta Inn Austin Oltorf. Anyone else book a room nearby?
Where does one go for fun in Austin? My lady and I are first timers to Austin so excuse me if I sound naive.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

jackalope on 6th ave... 6th ave is crazy after midnight. if you're arriving earlier, and wanna tour, just check out the texas state capitol

I eat at Polvo's (super close to the courts) on S 1st every time I'm in ATX. Some of the best food and margaritas, in my opinion.

Suggestion noted.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

good gracious me don't listen to max about funtimes if he is going to suggest a bar! especially jackalope. it's a bar. for goodness sake there is all kinds of rad shit to be doing in austin that one could get into for free (or the price of a 6pack). i'm in town already, soaking up the sun, rain, and culture. oh, and waiting for Y'ALL to get here so i can destroy u. peace baby bears

If you're going to hang out on 6th go to east 6th st. Shangri-La and Liberty are two of my favorites.

Alright, Mr. Pepper... I leave you in charge of showing Ms. Martha and I a good time ;)

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

How is the water at Barton Springs Pepper?
I get into Austin next Thursday at noon and plan
on being at the springs by 2:30 with a 6 of Lone Star.
What time is pick-up on Thursday?

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Getting in on Wednesday mid-day with all of Columbia. Let's commingle and shit.

Can anyone from ATX help with a ride from the airport? We'll have 3 bike boxes... don't want to be a hassle though, maybe a taxi is our best bet?

P.S. my bike box is this:

Thanks for sharing, charlie.

just wanted to give a heads up that its huge!

do you say this before every date you go on too?

yo kruse, rob kreuzberg has an SUV, though he works that day he says i can use it to come pick u up. how many people? bring some bungees, ratchet straps, and there is a bike rack. so we'll see what we can fit but i bet it will work. 425.941.7838 -dp

Ahhhhh fuck yeah thanks dude!

There are 3 of us plus the bikes. I'll give you a call on tuesday night and work out specifics.


yo call me today i need your flight info so i can coordinate with an LA player flying in. i still got u though

Brian's also coming in that day, I'll have him call you.


zach, can you give us a top 12 prediction for this too!

dollar dollar billz yall!!!!!

Send me a message if you still want in and can be in Austin Saturday morning.

Post on the Dallas/North Texas Facebook groups asap- I know a few people were taking about going last minute.



Link for podium?wanna keep track!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

for real! podium?


heeeaaaavvvvvvyyyyyyyy hiiiiiittttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrssssssssss


Just say MO [Charlie Hill, Nick Kruse, Ben Simon] defeat Sea-Kings 5-2 in the final!

it's a shame Barely Legal and Just say MO game didn't happen all weekend

For real. Blame seabass.



nick's got a face i could just punch all day.

good work dudes!

holy shit ya'll. that was pretty fun, eh?!
thanks again for making the trek out here, and sweltering under our sun, and helping us keep the park looking clean and pretty, and for swimming in barton springs, and dancing, and for good polo, and good peoples. i love you all.

I give up. Where are the results?


1st - Just Say MO (Nick, Charlie COMO, Ben STL)
2nd - Sea-Kings (chandel., Miguel ATX, Seabass SEA)
3rd - Barely Legal (kouyo, joey, Sterling SEA)
4th - The Heavy Hitters (Drew, Andre', Jason SEA)
5th - Knowing Your Rival (George COS, Brandon DEN, Jason PHX)
5th - Los Rebeldes (Jason ??, Robert, Pelon ATX)
7th - POLO-5-EVER (Duncan, Jared DEN, Peter LKS)
7th - Gunther's Revenge (Sarah, Brian LA, Davey TEM)
9th - Mucho Take It Easy (Bob ATX, Diego, Miguel HOU)
9th - JAGWOLVES (Maxxx, scooter SEA, Valley VAN)
9th - Tri Coast United (Zach ATX, donnie LA, Marco Philly)
9th - Starmaggedon (Gray, kristina ATX, machine SF)
13th - kick my head if you want (Elise, Maureen, Fabian ATX)
13th - Stew Pit (David, David, Art SAT)
13th - Larry and the HANDersons (Aaron COMO, Spencer, Malakai LKS)
13th - Pabst Smears (Nathan, Brandon, Dan LIT)
17th - Blind Dates (Kelli DEN, Adam MEM, Jean SAT)
17th - Peace, Love, and Polo (Jasmine, Cyrus, Michael ATX)
17th - Funkytown (Brian ??, Dylan DFW, Jeff FTW)
17th - Enter Witty/Mildly Offensive Team Name Here (Arthur, Josh ATX, Justin PDX)
17th - Power Bottom Brackets (Daniel, Adylle, Alekos HOU)
17th - Tulsa (Nic COMO, Stevenso, phillip TUL)
17th - Nay-Nate and the Left-handed Cyclops (Dan, Lembo, NayNate ATX)
17th - Borracho Beans (Lindsey HOU, Jesus SAT, Chris SMC)

Get rad

I give up. Where are the results?

technically though these teams qualified for NAH's based on the displacement rule and our 9-12th place bracket run-out:
1st - Just Say MO (Nick, Charlie COMO, Ben STL)
2nd - Sea-Kings (chandel., Miguel ATX, Seabass SEA)
3rd - Barely Legal (kouyo, joey, Sterling SEA)
4th - The Heavy Hitters (Drew, Andre', Jason SEA)
5th - Knowing Your Rival (George COS, Brandon DEN, Jason PHX)
5th - Los Rebeldes (Jason ??, Robert, Pelon ATX)
7th - POLO-5-EVER (Duncan, Jared DEN, Peter LKS)
7th - Gunther's Revenge (Sarah, Brian LA, Davey TEM)
9th - JAGWOLVES (Maxxx, scooter SEA, Valley VAN)
9th - Tri Coast United (Zach ATX, donnie LA, Marco Philly)


carve. smash. eat shit.

..glad to see so many southcentral teams in there too...

because podium does not have a section for the 9-12 placings mini-tourney that happens, so the results don't show that order...

there are 2 additional qualified teams for the NA's in MKE because of the new displacement rule for 2012.
there were 2 teams in the top 8 [los rebeldes and barely legal] that had qualified in the SW regional in January. So two more get in...the 9th and 10th. ALL qualifiers will run this mini-tourney to determine the order should they need to move more into a qualifying spot for NA's.

ALSO JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS TULSA IS DISQUALIFIED, they did not play Sunday so we had to forfeit their games. we are working out a 'solution' to this as it isn't anticipated that they, or anyone, would pull out 45mins after they were supposed to be at the courts on Sunday.
the computer system, however, isn't set up for this, or it isn't communicated that it can handle this anywhere. thnx

why did tulsa not play on sunday? that sucks.

carve. smash. eat shit.

stevenso had an injury that he advised us of 45min later than start time on sunday...
then he showed up and walked around and supported players.

it mostly sucked for their third who didn't know he wouldn't be playing at all....

Thanks ATX for a great tournament. Y'all rule.

Three highlights from this weekend:
1. That endo-180-causing check Seabass gave one of the young guns in the semi-final game
2. Peace, Love, and Polo's warm up routine
3. Qualifying with two awesome dudes I'd never been on a team with before

What a wonderful tournament. Pete that was fantastic working with you.

We tabbed it up and looks like my girlfriend and I spent more than $100 on tacos over the weekend. Is that some sort of record? Thanks go to Torchy and Dr. Sanchez.

And thanks to Chandel and Mo and the rest of ATX! Really well-run and fun. BTW- 'polo 5 ever' is all of the above. Sorry to confuse with the name, but I was enjoying the confusion too much to chime in.

Nick, Charlie, Ben, Miguel, Seabass and Chandel- thanks for an awesome final!

Barely Legal- keep stunning. keep killing. see you guys again soon.
JAGWOLVES- much love from back home. come visit!
Machine, Davey, folks & friends - great to see you all again!
'til next time.

WOO! great tournament and vacay for the columbia boys. thanks to everyone in austin that made it possible for us, and everyone else for showing up!

gotta thank jazz for the house, donnie pepper for the airport ride and bailey evans for being team manager/tour guide! austin people harass her into starting polo!

its was really muddy in Portland!!! if anyone was jealous!!! hehe NIce work polo peeps!!

Matt Messenger
since 1998

any awesome game footage?


yeah! where is all the mr. do footy!

burn purge kill

Thank you Austin for an amazing weekend! Especially Chandel for being the boss lady and making sure everything ran smoothly.
Thanks Adam and Jean Michael for picking me up and letting me play fun polo games!

thank you to everyone that came out!
this club has thrown many a tournament and having the SCC attached to that list is a proud thing for us here in ATX. Our whole club was involved in making this event happen, we all have strengths that were utilized and the whole club deserves recognition for it. we really enjoyed having everyone here again and will do another one up again here soon i'm sure!

congrats to the Just Say MO team. undefeated all weekend!
thank you to my teammates. hubby i love you so much. and seabass! what an amazing addition! it was super fun to play with you and share in your energy.
it was really great to see the change to the skill level of the south central region and to show more of them what 'serious' bike polo is about. [ha].
some lessons were learned about timing and being firm when making decisions that will be imparted to the other regional tournaments coming up, but all in all this was a super fantastically run event and we are proud.

thank you again to all of the volunteer refs, court assistants, goal judges, and anyone else that just stepped up and helped when it was needed! we can't run these events without the community lending a helping hand...to those that did, don't feel under-appreciated, you are essential and we are very thankful! Special mention to Tall George and Malakai for head ref positions and general rule consultation all weekend long.

to my ladies...you know how i feel. we held it down through-out all of the planning and during. without you it would not have been so successful.
thank you to everyone that purchased a hand-made hat! you're helping us ladies get to lexington in a few weeks!!!

see you in the polo-verse. =]

Thanks Austin!

Not Yet....Not Yet.

who's got'em and where they at???

Serious props to ATX for all the hard work in making our weekend stellar.



"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

There really is nowhere to start and i goaddamn(so as not to offend anybody) hope there is nowhere to finish 'so lets just intermediate here and say feck yeah Messman and feck ye too Kev with a shout out too all you feckers inbetween who have made our poloverse perverse and possible.The wAY AUSTIN turned out and in ,as a qualifier and an all peeps in tournie(when it was almost an all inregion party to begin with) was more than we 3 could have imagined. Polo peeps from here there, everywhere and San Antonio came as one in a Roman orgy of polo love, except for that pure shite moment ,not unlike last year in Little Rock(when Barry White Supremacy got booed (i did laff 2)), when outa region out classed us with next level bouncing swaying hopping lineage and dare I say swagger (boss) (and i really dont mean that in a derogatory manner to yeah all that faced them(Call me Mo) coz we didn't have the privilidgge) but that shit was dope . Everyone likes a team to shout for but for fecks sake sisters, appreciate awsomeness when its smacks you on the low boards like zulu hotel on rowdy and Fabians mallet on Joshes face when the world comes up peachy and sends us Kruze (shut the fuck up(from Maxx with luv) Charlie (i is gonna party with The haevy Hitters All night so they dont have the advantage) and Ben (i is wearing Stars coz i about to earn my stripes). Take nothing from the beaten and split it with the victors and we got polo love 4evva.Y'all did a phenomenal job qualifying as did the best .I must say at this moment that Starmaggeddon gave you doubters shite(thanx Gray and Christina) and enjoyed every moment of getting hosed by Donnie Pepper(happy fecking birthday) and the likes.So happy to see friends and assholes (you know who you are Maxx and George) deserverdly qualify against far superior opposition(sorry laffing too hard to type but someone had to say it), Instant mix on day one just has to have been the most polo hearted opposition I have seen in a while. We faced Robert "i'm gonna slay ya "Johnson , Adonis (a god unto himself) and Houston's most splendifurous Jessica(best side arm ever ). Them and I believe Erin and RBPC (Random Bastard Polo Child) with quite a few others almost took Instant mix into Day 2 (now that woulda been hilarious.)Gotta stop here for a second coz I just had a whole week of wholesomeness.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

machine, that was great, hahaha.

here are some photos and video i got off my phone:

also, i found this on youtube: http://youtu.be/7KTHGZah3G4

Not much, but here you go!

Fuck off

mostly Colorado folks but a bunch of others in there as well. Shot by John Burgess of Denver (and Instant Mix hustling fame)


Sooooo....... What's the word on SCC 2013?

Colorado whatcha know!?