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Shoreditch Invitational

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Host club: 
London Bike Polo
Contact info: 


Brick Lane and Shacklewell Street
London, LND
United Kingdom

Signed up

Just so that you know: Brooks Saddles are sponsoring the tourney by GIVING to each entrant a brooks saddle to KEEP! pretty neat.
LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


You must submit your registration to me by July 10th!!!! All can enter, just enter quick.
And yes, free Brooks saddle for all.
roxy at trixiechix dot com

If'n I enter, do I have to attend to get the free brooks?





Could you mail the saddles to those who enter but do not attend?

Here are the final teams, we were planning on 20 teams at the most, well, this is a little bigger!!!

It's turning out to be a pretty great day! Shoreditch Festival (BMX shows, Road races & Rides, Unicycle Hockey), Bike Polo all day, and a raging party after Hosted by the Trixie Chix!!!!!



 Registered Teams:

Sezza & The Lezzas--London
Sarah Cole
Alison Warwood
Joanne Shippey

Mallets Of Hazard --London
Raymond Cheung
Joel Priestland
Jonny Wilkinson

SLAP -London
Dan Hamilton
Andy Fernandez
Matthew Sparkes

Them’s The Breaks-London
Emilie O’Brien
Robb Meertens
Matthew Bibby

Green Suede Shoes -London
Mike Merkenshlager
Oscar Khan
Kevin Gras

Zombie RMY—London
Rob Milton
Yorgo Tloupas
Mike Kangelos

Who’s Bad? -London
Aidan Earl
Dave Tappy
Brendan McNamee

Rollapuluza -London
Dale Bickman
Jos Van Veldhoven
Buffalo Bill

Riders of Narm -London
Tom Pande
John Paul White
Lee Parker

Blazing Saddlesores-London
Robert Mortlock
Prav Rao
Michael Lynch

The Unknown – Madison,WI,USA/Berlin
Jon Etwell
Marc Brockman

Team Trouble-London
Agata Woznicka
Estelle Rogers
Muna Mohammed

Bicyclestars Galactica -London
Iain Pate
Mark Hill
Gabriel Bucknall

Cluster Fuck Unit -London
Chris Davies
David Hills
Chris Slowdon

The Fabulous French Fuckers- Paris
Ronan Merot
Marc Schmitt
Zemmour Laurent

The I <3 Ric’s -London
Ricardo Campano
Henry Taysom
James Purssell

Oakenden Pedallers A- Kent
Gary Collins
Gareth Collins
Colin Simpson

Oakenden Pedallers B- Kent
Nicky Collins
Frank Carney

The Rolling Drones- London
Tom Williams
Bianca Remer
Bogusz Zlotkowski

Burning Chunks Of Flesh-London
Ian Sansom
Nick Butterfield
Helen Robinson

The Pedalphiles-London
Simon Barnes
Michael Boyd
Joe Watts

Madelz, Berlin-Berlin
Eileen Herden
Caroline Cho
Sam Lindbuchl

MCR Douchbags- Manchester
Adam Russ
Joe Comyn-Doyle
Nes Brierley

MCR Dropouts- Manchester
Mirek Steadman
Nick Froud
Jason Cattermole

BikePolo-Muenchen- Munich
Andreas Schuster
Pablo Rioja

Spoke Newingtons- London
Max Knight
Jack George
James Taiwo

The Lost Boys- London
Zac Nugent
Leo Spicer-Phelps
Ben Lerman

The Moving Targets- London
John Hudson
Ryan McCaig
Janky James

Bike Fix- London
Simon Whitlock
Matt Butt
Trevor Lacey

Fighting Mongooses- London
Tom Blessington
Hassan Raheem
Harry Cornish


29 registered teams? And fully half of them are from one city? Man. If we can't get Ohio teams to the Mid Wests this year, I will feel really, really bad about this.

For now, congrats to London!


Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008

St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


i registered for this tournament with a team. why are we not listed.

But are you lot reeeaaally gonna make it over? (say no! Kevin and co. are enough to worry about...)



London, UK.

 It's gonna be good!

Zombie RMY shall defend their crown with much eagerness


LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/

PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


there is no way that i'm letting jon and kevin have a free shot at that tourney. I'm coming for sure.

only free shot at this tourney is the saddle.  so psyched. 

soooooo jealous.  if anyone finds out about $1 flights from NYC, let me know, and I will be there.

Yea, dunno about a 'free shot' here. There's a few teams here that could be trouble. I'm not only concerned about the corn-fed lot...

A couple of proper grass polo teams gave us a hard time last year once they adapted to hardcourt (lack of) rules. 

Registered team count is now up to 32 (maybe 33). It's gonna be a long day... 

London, UK.

big tourney. never knew it was so hot in london for polo right now. nice work enjoy ;) 

Roxy- are you gonna sponsor my$1400 flight out there across the pond or not....come on i got a cute butt :) 

no dice nyc...MKE!

proper grass teams...this sounds like trouble.  Do they have matching pants and mallets made in India?  Or does proper mean that they are really, really good and know how to pass?By the way, Kevin and I haven't played together for a long while so I'm not gonna start saying we have a free shot at winning.  The Mädelz though...those ladies are gonna be hot

wow I have 7 big ass boxes of brooks saddles in our living room!!

Jonny, yours is sitting right here just waiting for your ass to break it in.

As for the grass teams, they're really good, and yes, come with proper polo bikes and mallets and uniforms!!

It was also great of the milwaukee team to send us prizes! but no, you didn't send nearly enough to fly you over.

I think it's going to be a pretty awesome weekend!! And I'm already looking forward to putting on my 3rd next year, bigger and better, or maybe really down and dirty... 

Anyway, if anyone still wants to come, it should be a great weekend. Loads of bike related stuff at the festival, not just us. 

can't wait... on my way to the train station.

Man I wish I was going...I miss London and my mates there. Looks like a wicked polo scene too. If I was there yesterday I would've joined my friends - they were shooting the brand new AC/DC video!! ugh it's killing me now!
Have a cracking weekend mates:)

AMAZING DAY. Well done roxy. Pics to come soon..

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


so give a recap.

well 32 teams (!)
First game at 9 am (!!)
direct elimination, first rounds were timed, 10 mins then 15 mins. Teams from Paris, Munich, Berlin, Madison WI (Kev + friends), deep rural England, and London of course. One cracked skull (lefties should NOT charge), many broken bike parts, and a great turnout and organization. Brooks had a booth, giving out bar tape and other stuff, EVERY player was on a Brooks saddle (I was glad I could use my 4 years old Swift instead of the rock solid ones given to us for the tourney). Red Bull fueled us, http://www.archiesgrobags.co.uk/ made polo mallet bags as prizes (very very cool, maybe not needed but a nice object), and general fun was had by all.

Kev and I discussed an truly worldwide tournament. Best European teams and best North American teams meet somewhere (hopefully not halfway i.e. Greenland), and compete. All we need is a sponsor.

Kev will do a better recap I'm sure especially since he's done way more tournaments than me...

Shattered. Bed.

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


but you haven't given us a winner?

oh sorry..

1: Bike Polo Munchen (from munich indeed)
2: B.A.D Polo (from south london)
3: The Fabulous French Fuckers (from Paris)
and a miserable 4 for Zombie R.M.Y (yours truly from East London)

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


pics 1:

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


Pics 2:

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


Pics 3:

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


The London scene is great, super welcoming when we got to the pickup polo on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who welcomed us in, put beers in our hands--including the totally wasted Em who toured the four exhausted Parisian boys around on Saturday night, getting totally lost on an epic tour of London on our polo bikes.

The tournament was really well-organized, so kudos to Roxy and all the volunteers and the cool sponsors including Brooks who gave out a free saddle and free leather bar tape to every player, and some really nice leather shoulder bags as a podium prize (chosen by the first place Munich team), and Archies Grobags, who made some wicked mallet holsters.

bracket and trophyThere were 31 (!) teams. One team each from Liverpool, Manchester, Paris and Munich, two teams from Berlin (i played on one of them, with Jon from Wisconsin who's been living in Germany), two from a grass-playing polo club outside of London, and the rest from London proper (divide somewhat into South and North/East London). I half expected a number of teams to have signed up for the Brooks schwag but in reality there were few, only one team that had hardly held a mallet.

The court was on a school playground, with a slope at either end for a sizeable crowd, lots of trees and shade, all around ideal, with rounded short brick walls at either end. The organizers put crowd control barricades running down the sides, which was covered in construction netting and 1-foot plywood pieces covering the legs of the barricades to keep the ball in. Overall it seemed like an ideal way to build a court where there isn't one existing, for relatively cheap.

RonanIn London they play with a field hockey ball, which is about the same density as a Super High Density rollery hockey ball, but is about 25% bigger in diameter and twice as heavy. Disc wheels are a definite necessity, and apparently dented frames are common (i didn't notice any dents, but i didn't really look). To stick-handle you have to hit the ball way harder, which means the game is slower. But more importantly, the ball bounces constantly, and seems to have way more of a top-spin, so i'd estimate that 80% of attempted slapshots, even by the best of players, were total whiffs. Also, the weight of the ball means that a quick wrist-flick is not enough, you really have to wind up your mallet to get any power behind the ball. The top-spin results in the ball spinning back towards the net after being stopped by the wheel of a goaltender. Needless to say, i found this all pretty frustrating, and left a couple of red balls behind to see if i could help in conversion. /rant

munich vs paris IIAs for physicality, the top-level games were generally pretty clean. Most of the teams employing bush league tactics were eliminated early. Bike Polo Munchen, the winners of the tourney, played physical, but it was pretty smart type of physical play, running lots of picks and generally just getting in the way all the time, a tactic made somewhat easier by the slowness of the ball.

There was an almost tragic crash on a joust between a leftie and a rightie, in a game between two London teams. It seems pretty obvious that lefties should not joust unless it's against another leftie. The guy will be OK, but his skull is fractured, including his sinus area, and i heard he's not allowed to move for a couple weeks. There was also a crash on Saturday, during pickup play, and Nora from Germany broke a bone near the front of her foot, and she'll be in a cast for a couple weeks. Thankfully this is England and she was given totally free care, even as a non-citizen. Definitely an advantage over tournaments in North America.

Finally, a word about the format... single elimination can be brutal for teams that get knocked out after their first game, but it seemed required with 32 teams in one day of play. There were 8-minute games (or first to five) for the first two rounds, and unlimited times for the quarterfinals and onwards (our game with Munich went 25 minutes). With shorter games we could have fit in double elimination, but this was probably better since it was
a) easy to understand the schedule,
b) relaxed (there was a break at one point)
c) we were finished with many hours of daylight, and were able to get to the after-party organized by Trixie Chix with lots of time to spare, at a bar that will likely never host a polo related event again. oops.

Full results

More of my photos


including the totally wasted Em who toured the four exhausted Parisian boys around on Saturday night, getting totally lost on an epic tour of London on our polo bikes.

Sorry for that dude. I don't think I was sober at any point during the weekend.
I still can't beleive I took you to pretty much my old house. Bad homing instincts.

no worries, other than spending most of that ride worried about you'd get yerself run over by a bus.


thank you for the hosting Em and no worries for the extra miles on polo bikes...it was a nice tactic to labor us!

I'm going to call bs on the left handed players gig. if there was a crash at the joast then someone did not have control of their bike. Alen is left handed and does not have collisions. Sounds to me like people where too juiced up. I've seen right handed vs. right handed collide as well. Just because it is the start doesn't give free reign to ride like an idiot. Another argument for helmets has been created.

ok, i started a new thread.

yep, that's me

Nice. Now I can cyber-stalk you and get my revenge off court through witty retorts.

And hope to see you in London some more now that you're only a quick train ride away. Give me a shout if you need a couch.

photo by MJS, licensed under CC3.

Awesome, awesome, day. Still down that it's over. Even though my team got spanked first game (I think by Kev's (above) team - that you Concordia Kev?). Thanks to everyone from London and elsewhere who came out. And thanks to Roxy + everyone else who helped organize.

Can't wait for the Film Fest tournament in October (and the 2x2 tournament - whenever that's going to be).

well lots has been said here. I want to correct Kevin that it was 10 minute first rounds and 15 minute second rounds. In the last 48hours there has been a big push for a London BP League so I reckon that will help with not having to get all games played in a day and giving all teams a chance to play each other.

the weather was awesome on the day, and the school that hosted us had a near perfect area for us to play and also for a large crowd to be able to see the game well.

lots of people came out of the woodwork and offered me their help in the last couple weeks especially so that took a lot of weight off.

I'd love to have some analysis of the court. I really liked the banked sides and thought that it sped up the games a lot.
Did we lose a ball ever? I feel like the court held up incredibly well and it turned out to be moveable for when the ambulance came.

My ref's and I made a crap call on a last minute rule, which had I had time I would have gone another direction. I'm happy that the players were good sports (save one) and understood that sometimes it's better to have a decision made that's wrong, than to leave a loose end. And now we know better for next time.

I really enjoyed myself, and judging by the londonfgss thread, clearly I wasn't the only one that felt something really big and beautiful occurred.

I also am thinking about next year and I hope that more out-of-towners will come. I was disappointed by Sweet Thunder's absence.

93 players!! Whew!!

Also it was great that Munich, London & Paris came up 1st, 2nd & 3rd - how cool is that!!!!?!?

Mostly the day left me super full of positivity and plans!!! (and with one of the worst hangovers of my life thanks to my fellow dirty, rotten Trixie's and free alcohol)

Thanks to all!!

did someone have the e-mail of munich players?

i was wondering about that too, my guess roxy has it. hopefully they'll show up around here sometime...

crepu, email me.