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Scum City Polo Tournament (Cleveland, OH)

Saturday, April 18, 2009
Host club: 
Cleveland Bike Polo
Contact info: 

this is the first tournament we are throwing and and we're in the planning stages for a couple more this year. many of us have been to tournaments in chicago and pittsburgh, and are hoping that there will be a strong representation from other cities at the tournament.

we just completed construction yesterday of the "megawall" project so we now have a full perimiter and curved corners. keep your fingers crossed that the bums dont steal this one for firewood too.

court pics:


 Parking available at the Muni Lot just west of the polo court


The court will also be the staring point for the Scum City Scramble Alleycat due to start after the polo tournament.




Harold T Clark Tennis Courts
S. Marginal Rd just east of the Muni Lot
Cleveland, OH 44114
United States

Signed up

Its cool to see all these groups throwing their first tournaments this year! If you weren't so far away it'd be great to come check out. I hope you get a good turn out, you got Ohioans and Kuntuckians available so it should be good. Have fun!

Thanks! but it's our first Tourney of 09. Our first tourney ever was last year.

how much time and money went into those boards? we're looking to do a set here.

Columbia, MO

Well I dont really know how long it too Afro Pat to build the curved corners. They're basically 2' wide min 1/4 pipes so probably not too long. The rest of the construction and installation to a crew of guys about 8 hours. They worked mega fast! The total cost was right around $225 for all the supplies. (which does not include the 8" strips of plywood around the non wall perimeter. That was scrap we got for free. This was all built this past Sunday. I cant wait to play on it!

Did you have permission from the parks department or some such entity to put the boards up? We had some wood up in the Thunderdome in Madison and we can't tell if the bums used it for firewood or if the city took it. The city has very little desire to work with us but it looks like Cleveland is better about that.

to the best of my understanding.... fatty would know more but.. we have a permit to use the courts, and a verbal agreement that the city won't take the wall down, and that it was not the parks dept. that removed our last wall effort.

Well the city hasn't strung nets in these courts in 20 years. this is a dead property so they dont give a shit. We pretty much have free reign. I got a permit from the city for last year. They are dragging their feet on the renewal right now though.

Bums stole our last wall. Now we lock the courts. and have had no problems so far. We offered to give the lock combo to the city, they dont really seem to care though.

I'd be there if this tourney wasn't the same date as DC's coed tourney...

Crap! This is really close, but I'm going to DC!

yeah, I kind of figured we would loose a few due to the DC conflict but there will be another in Cleveland later this year.

Three people. Solid. Anyone else?

Anyone from Dayton or Pittsberglettuce need a third for the Cleveland tourney in a couple weeks? Let it be known?


anyone from columbus or dayton going...i'll play if someone can take me.

Dayton is there with one team. El-tron, Big-Lee, and Todd the Destroyer. Wreck shit.

To the other Lee. We can pick you up. Let me know. We'll be rolling friday evening and out on Sunday afternoon. El-tron is riding seperately, so contact him as well.
Looking forward to this.

sorry Lee i smashed my phone the other day. i would still like to go. like kerry i would like to play though. might work out better for the next tourney. should of planned it better last weekend.

NICE! So we got Cleveland,(obviously) Pittsburgh, Lexington, and Dayton... I think most o the Cleveland guys are going to try not to play wasted this time and actually score some goals.

Got a new polo whip sorted for this. We are making mallets tonight!
See you Saturday.
Would you post contact telephone number(s) for us outoftowners?

Shit lee, you're ditching me for todd? What if he punctures his leg again or something? Well, I guess that means I'm teamless for now...

Kerry from Cincinnati is going so I am one person and need a team. other Dayton Lee, I am willing to partner up with you. I guess we'll need to find another?? I've asked this guy who lives down here and started playing recently but is showing some promise if he wants to go. He said he has nothing to do, so perhaps he could be the third...

Locals, is there any chance of putting together rogue teams if I can't find two others?

K-train, I'd be up for playing with you. I'm on a mix-mash Cleveland team but I'd be interested in getting something together, that is if we don't suck when we are on the court. Piece.

There are a probably a couple of cleveland guys looking to form a team. I'm sure there will be a few last minute multi city mash-ups.

and Lee, I gave Elton Bobs number. I'll post it when I have my phone with me.

Guys, I'm not coming for this tourney. Sorry for the false promises. Not enough polo on a guaranteed team and too much cool stuff going on in Cincy this weekend. Hopefully we'll see you Cleveland folks at the Dayton tourney?

Sorry you can't make it... but Cleveland WILL be coming to Dayton.

The courts are in a weird spot and that's mainly the reason why they're run down and the city didnt care that we have taken them over for bike polo. For the best directions, use the following destination address in google maps:

2550 S Marginal Rd
Cleveland, OH 44114 (This is the address to the courts.)

But you'll have to park at the Muni Lot which is more like

2150 S Marginal Rd
Cleveland, OH 44114

I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions, post 'em or you can e-mail Dan @ fanzpanz@gmail.com

Final tally, Dayton 1st, Lexington 2nd. Cleveland 3rd, Pittsburgh sucking hind tit. Great day of polo was had, plenty of good shots, crashes and spectators. Thanks to everyone for coming out and helping us celebrate out new polo court!! I know that there will be plenty of pics up soon on Urban Velo. Big ups to Jeff and Brad for documenting the whole thing on film.

Drunken Fatty out...

Awesome tournament everyone. Photos? Let everyone know where all those good photos will be posted.

Good job, fellas!

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

Yeah, all of us from Pittsburgh got our asses handed to us. It happens, and it was still a great time.

Thanks for having us and putting on a tight tournament, I'm glad we made the trip to see Cleveland on their own turf. Meeting and playing against Lexington was great fun and I love playing pickup with Dayton.

Nice work everyone.

Thank you Cleveland.
See you all in Dayton in May.

Pictures: http://urbanvelo.org/pedal-republik-cleveland-polo-tournament-recap/

I'm just gonna say it because no one else has-Cleveland rocks! Thanks to the Cleveland crew for all the hospitality and awesome play. Lexington will be bringing it full force in Dayton, can't wait to play you'll again there.

ya'll got took by a tall, an aborigine, and a wounded knee.

gem city
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gem city
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Sounds like alot of lip from someone who didn't show...

Truth is this is the second time we've lost to Dayton. You guys bring a solid team.

The day after the tourney we went down to do a little clean up and play some pick up games with Lexington and Afro Pat brought Taj Mihelich down for his first bike polo experience. I've watched him in BMX vids for the last 10+ years but he was a little out of his element in the game of polo.

Good times...