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Riverside 2013- Class A and Class B Tournament

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Host club: 
West Lafayette
Contact info: 

Update: The date has been changed to March 30th.

I am pleased to announce the 3rd annual Riverside Invite will take place
March 30th. This year the tournament will be restricted to 16 teams and
include seeding rounds followed by a double elimination bracket.

Registration will begin Wednesday February 13. Slots will not necessarily
be allotted on a first to register basis. We feel individuals that have
made an effort to attend our past tournaments should be rewarded with the
first spots, so we reserve the right to choose teams based on participation
in Lafayette tournaments. However, everyone is still highly encouraged to
apply whether or not you have attended our events, and we will do our best
to be as fair as possible when filling the slots.

In your registration email please include team members and housing
requests. If you want to include past Lafayette events you and your
teammates have attended that would be great since our memory is not the


Riverside Skating Center
100 Tapawingo Drive North
West Lafayette, IN
United States

Signed up

This is Stas from Fort Wayne FTW looking for/to join a team of solid "team" players.


I dreamed of playing in this shallow shark tank when I was in PGH, and now I'm less than 3 hours away. What about first timers? Are you racist against virgins?

I too will be a first timer, and I think some of my team has played.

Our goal is to make sure the people that have made this tournament a blast over the past few years aren't left out because of a click race. But we will include as many first time players and teams as possible, so please register.

I figured, and i hope that you didn't think I was giving you a hard time. Like I said, this is one of the places that I've been dying to get to, and the date change just made it more than perfect or heartbreakingly inconvenient for my chances of making it... time will tell.

I just love this court so much, I might propose to it.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Update: We have just been notified by the parks department that there is a conflict with March 9th. As soon as I know the new date I'll post it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I think March 2 would be great as a handful of Midwesterners — who have been to Lafayette and want to be at Riverside 2013 — will be in Seattle the weekend of March 15.


The issue is the rink will still have ice on it March 2nd, and the city doesn't think it will be melted off by the 9th. We will work around Emerald City, Wingman, and the Battle to promote a good turnout.

Leaving March 30th or April 6th, are you thinking one of those, or later in the Month?

We are trying for one of those, preferably the 30th, but we haven't received confirmation.

The city has approved March 30th. Registration still begins February 13th.

Got a full team of solid first timers trying to go, will get registration in tomorrow night.
Been trying to get here forever, not missing it this time, unless of course you choose to make me...

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Man first timers, can't even understand what day registration is.

you can change your city name any year now...

Yeah I tried to tell her this. Internet is hard..

I am in for sure and looking for a 3rd to team up with.

We have received a number of registration emails so far, and want to release the final team list next Wednesday. Please continue to register. By the end of the day I will send an email to those that have already registered confirming that I received your registration.

got a few people in louisville interested in going but no confirmations, so I'm looking for a team.

Two solid "virgins" from MPLS looking for a third...

MinneaPOLOgasm -----------[] ((((O

I miiiiight be able to swing 2 weekends off in a row.

Can't wait to come back to Lafayette, I'm going back to that sushi place that serves those giant rolls with old drunk guy in back yelling at customers.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

If there are any slots left would anybody what to play or add me as there teammate?

After reviewing the list of registered teams we are ready to release the team lineup. This was a tough decision that required us to consider multiple options due to the large amount on interest.

We felt that our initial plan to only include past participants was not fair to those wanting to attend for the first time, while basing the decision on a click race or skill level is something we wanted to avoid.

Therefore, to allow everyone a chance to attend we have split the field into two classes. The Class A tournament will take place at the skating center, while the majority of the Class B tournament will be at Lafayette’s pickup court with the semifinals and finals being played the skating center.

I hope everyone can understand and appreciate the thought that went into making this difficult decision. The alternative was that 10 teams would be excluded.

If a Class A team wants to switch with a Class B team that is an option we will consider, but both teams must agree.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Lafayette Bike Polo.

Team List:


hooray! class polo, here at last!

This is the moment when shit goes down hill

What a list. Pretty interested in who will fill those open spots at the top there. How will payment work? Paypal or day of?

Payment will be on tournament day.

any team needing a third or a replacement killer can contact me. I am a Goon for Hire. I have played at the previous Wabash river tournaments and perform troll shit on the side.

serious inquiries only.

gem city
diagonal text

I can confirm the troll shit. And most likely your ride there. Unless you'll be riding a grizzly or something.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Please start the tournament super early and end it super late so we can do a double elimination :-*:-*


I won't be there until 5-6AM, so don't start it until at least then!

Bike Polo Ronin

Sunrise start, and finish when the lights shut off. 18 hour polo day.


What time will this start? Party in Indianapolis the night before.

It has a 9a start time, and we will release the first round match-ups a week ahead.

This is my favorite tourney of the year every year!


Remember that year that Milwaukee arrived in a helicopter?

that was soooo fucking awesome!!!!

Will... there be an Easter Egg hunt Sunday?

As man, we do have a bunch of Easter eggs in our basement....

Hey, anybody looking for a third? I'll be at Riverside regardless, but it would be cool to be able to play in the tournament as well. I'm one of the best Michigan has to offer.

this might be a bit premature to announce, but there's a very good chance that this year's Riverside will be live-streamed by a couple of us midwest stream-teamers!

My team dropped me like a bad habit who wants to shred with me?


Why don't you get up with Ben and Nick?

i'm guessing that is who chris left him for....

Ha oh yeah duh that makes sense.

One of my teammates dropped, you can come play in the B league.

Update the doc THoehn

yes, updated team list would be awesome!


Super late, but just confirmed I'll be able to make it to this tournament. Anyone looking for a third or replacement?

Britt Willey and I are looking for a 3rd. all girls team?


Also, My third might have dropped, I'm not really sure at this point.

Welll looks like Britt is out too. so now Im a free agent as well.


the...story wrote:

Welll looks like Britt is out too. so now Im a free agent as well.

I'm definitely going, whether I play or not..

Hit up Jeff Kelly from Indy and AJ from Louisville!

yeah we need a third if you want to play.

Not sure if you were talking to me or Kayla, but I sent you a pm with my contact info..
I played pickup with Louise and another guy from Louisville earlier this month. I think he was TJ though, not AJ.

Alright, just a week away from riverside 2013. As you may know we will be hosting both an A and B tournament on March 30th. A-Tourney will take place at Riverside 100 Tapawigno Dr West Lafayette, IN and B-Tourney at Shamrock Park 115 Sanford St Lafayette, IN 47905.

Early registration will be held Friday 29th at Shamrock park from 7pm until 11pm, where there will be pickup. Regular registration will start at 8:30am the day of the tournament at both courts so report to the location of your tournament. Registration for the tournament will be $10 per player which will include lunch. The tournaments will start at 9am sharp. Later in the week I will post the first few matches of both events.

AFTER PARTY... This year we will be having our after party at the Lafayette Theater. The show will be a DJ Talent Showcase starting at 7pm and ending around Midnight. If we can get the tournament started on time and run it efficentlly we will make the only set that matters. Starting at 9pm our polo DJ Captian Dangerous will be spinning it up. Luckily for the little one this is a 18+ show, though not to discourage everyone else this venue is always a blast with plenty of room to dance. Plus they do have a full bar with cheap beer.

Sunday: We will be having pickup at Shamrock Park starting around the time everyone sobers up.

Attatched is a link to a map of Lafayette with marked locations for the weekend.
Check out Java Roasters in the morning for breakfast and Coffee.
Bars: Black Sparrow, Hunters, Dt Kirbys (across from the after party) They have Old Style on tap and great late night Munchies.

Any changes in the roster please email bikepolo.lafayette@gmail.com so I can get it up to date. Also let me know who will be coming to town and what days you will be staying. While your at it get creative and send me some team names, right now its looking pretty lame.


I really want to come to this. If anyone needs a team mate let me know!

Anyone passing through Chicago have room for me and my bike, or just me?

I'm flexible in regard to departing and returning days/times.


the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

so the livestream is 100% happening for this! Tyler Brown and i have been working with two mysterious programmers (we'll just call them D12 and DAS) to take bikepoloTV to the next level. we have an updated site with some cool new features, plus we've ditched ustream and are hosting everything ourselves. that means a higher quality picture plus NO ADS! and break out the ipads and iphones cause this stream will be IOS compatible (still working on android, sorry guys). we had initially ditched the instagram feature but after seeing how much people used it in conjunction with podium this past weekend at the wingman we put it back in.. so use #riverside3 if you wanna share your photos on the site.

the countdown has already started at www.bikepolo.tv

Thank you!! Nice work!

Well done sir.

The DIY spirit I like to see.


What is the format for this? 3 swiss rounds and a single elimination?


Class A

First round matchups are ready and can be found at:


The format is 3 seeding rounds and a double elimination bracket. As the tournament goes on we will monitor time and adjust if we need to.

Class A games start at 9am sharp. For every two minutes a team is not on the court the opposing team will be awarded a goal.

If anyone has a valid reason to adjust their first round game email us, otherwise just be on time.

We will be at the court around 8am setting up.


100 Tapawingo Drive North West Lafayette, IN 47906

Class B

The B tournament matchups are still in the works since there is potential for more teams. Unless there are objections the games will be announce Saturday morning at the court when everything has been finalized. The podium link is below:


The format is 3 seeding rounds and a double elimination bracket. As the tournament goes on we will monitor time and adjust if we need to. The last few games and awards will be played at the Riverside court, unless time is an issue.

The tournament starts at 9am. Since there are less teams the scheduling should be more flexible, but still plan to be at the court and ready to play by 9am.


115 Sanford St Lafayette, IN 47905

If anyone has problems contact me at 812-267-2179

And for those that don’t know this event will be livestreamed, so tune in.


P.S. Send team names!

The Hammer, Rob Biddle, and I would like our team name to be updated to "Team Fitness," please.

and for some reason Statutory Apes didn't get into the mix for James, Nick and I.
we can't return these shirts.

keeping polo sinful.

I received an email from podium stating that they will not accept that name.

No big deal, we are still wearing the shirts.

... amazing.

keeping polo sinful.

I've never blocked a team name until this one, and I usually don't even pay attention to them. Obviously you can still use it - I don't care, nor do I have any authority to do anything about it, but I won't let that one up on Podium.

I'm not thrilled to open this can of worms, but in a male-dominated coed sport, I don't think rape jokes are ok. It's probably funny amongst you and your friends, but Podium will bring in folks from all over the world who will see it totally out of context. That's the perspective I am considering.

I changed it to "[REDACTED]"

Glad to be part of a first ever. Heeeeyyyyooooooo. Also, we aren't condoning rape, just the use of an offensive name, so no big deal Vince.

Part of argument against certain offensive jokes is that they stir up majorly painful memories for some people and often you don't know who would be made uncomfortable when you make such a joke. If your goal is to entertain and make people laugh, that's great, but you should also try not to make people feel shitty by causing them to recall terrible times in their pasts. Lots of people's lives have been hurt severely by rape, lots of people you wouldn't even think of. Given the relatively high chance of accidentally reminding someone of their terrible experiences, I think it's fair to say that rape jokes should be avoided.

Threeskins reminds me of my early childhood...... Painfully.

Polo is so growed up now! I also approve [redacted], unless we can approve "Big Trouble for my Vagina" (kicks the horse) :-)

Greg from Pittsburgh here, I'm playing with David and Fletcher from C-Bus instead of Peter.

Team: White Power Play

^ that's offensive.

keeping polo sinful.


i get what you mean vince, and no actual offense meant, of course

we'll come up with an appropriate name

if "statutory apes" didn't pass the filter, I doubt "white power play" will.. (but hey, if it will fly anywhere, Indiana is probably the place)

U mad bro? ^^

also, bring Jimmy

B-Ruiner wrote:

also, bring Jimmy

I have to work Saturday and then getting tattooed directly after... I may drive up after to to hang around the live feed and yell racist, misogynistic and otherwise distasteful remarks.

If we can't say the words, how can we address the problems?

talk shit and burn bridges

I'll be heading in blind Saturday morning, anyone need a third?

Worth it.

Hope to get in town around 3 or 4pm. Is Shamrock the place to go for afternoon pick up?

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

Yeah, I am not sure when people will arrive. I know 7p is the scheduled time, but people might be there before.

This tournament is Live right now at bikepolo.tv!! Tune in, we'll be streaming all day, and have announcers starting later in the afternoon!

TylerB wrote:

This tournament is Live right now at bikepolo.tv!! Tune in, we'll be streaming all day, and have announcers starting later in the afternoon!

Great job today to both the stream team and the LaLa crew. Good stuff ladies and gents.


Snaps from yesterday.


oh man look at this! first homophobic insults, then mystery of where the money goes, now class polo and censorship! it's almost like it's a legit sport!

Final Results- Class A
1st Dyngus A taste of poland (Chris, Matt CHI, Kremin MKE)
2nd The Makers (Ben CHI, Nick, Chris LEX)
3rd Team Fitness (Greg CHI, Jonathan PGH, Rob Philly)
3rd Breaknecks (Charlie, Nick COMO, Nick MPLS)
5th The No No's (Adam ARB, Tyler, Thomas LAF)
5th Thrones (Aaron, Christian, Nic COMO)
5th The Sentinels (Stas FTW, Matt, jake MKE)
5th Squire Boone's Ghost (David, Peter, Michael CBUS)
9th Threeskins (Nick, Max BLM, Davis LOU)
9th Shittake Mushroom Tips (Rob, David CHI, Tim COMO)
9th Tree City (Travis, Zachary, Evan BLM)
9th Compassionate Baboon Troop (Thahn MKE, Ebbin, Mike MPLS)
9th Those Guys (lou, Robert CLE, Nico PGH)
9th Karate Kittens (Kelly CHI, Matt LOU, Megan PGH)
9th [REDACTED] (Nick Indy, James LEX, Michael LOU)
9th Business Casual (Bryan, Evan, Kyle Indy)

Final Results- Class B
1st Kazza (Zach, Will LOU, Tom MKE)
2nd Hostes Urinal Cakes (Jim ARB, Jeff Indy, A.J. LOU)
3rd 2 Stains (Sean, Ben, Jan MKE)
3rd Sex With A Helmet (Kayla, Jason, Mic CHI)

The Class B bracket was done on paper so I can’t remember full results.

The class system seemed to work great and was well-received by everyone I talked to. However, if anyone has comments or suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Since the method had success I’d like to improve it for future events.

I hope everyone had a good time, and we look forward to hosting the Star City Open 3 this fall and Riverside 4 next year!

I loved the A-Class/B-Class system. I hope that catches on. It's nice for a newb such as myself to be able to go and compete and not get my ass handed to me every single match. I learned a lot, enjoyed myself a shit ton, and basically had the best day ever. Ever. Thank you Lafayette!!

PS- will the live stream videos be uploaded for viewing?

holy frigg what a weekend. How we all didn't end up in the river or jail is beyond me. I fucking love this tournament!

A and B class to me is the future. Way more fun for both ends of the spectrum. Lafayette y'all kill it every year The Little Tournament That Could!


ditto ^^^, my only suggestion is a scoreboard even a white board to help fans and players know the score. otherwise seriously I have so much fun at this thing every year!

It sucked. I'll never come again till next year.

wheres the footage?


Bump! What's the ETA on that there footage? I'm getting the shakes and whatnot.

Indiana is hogging the footage so they can be the only ones that study up before the battle.


we couldn't save the footage and stream it at the same time. i think tyler was able to save the last couple games but i'll have to check with him. plus we've been preparing for the battle broadcast in mankato this weekend..

But... But... But... I want to see so many things! Well, really just Matt Lane checking me silly in our first game and Chris putting me in my place in our second. Oh, Nico/Bob/Lou vs. The Makers would be a fun one to relive, too!