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Ramsay Bowl. Calgary Bike Polo Tournament

Friday, September 12, 2008 - Sunday, September 14, 2008
Host club: 
Calgary Bike Polo
Contact info: 


Ramsay Park Calgary, AB T3C0W6

Signed up

Cow town in the house with a first tournament.  Sweet. I'm not
sure I will be able to make the trip in September...but I am in town
next week for a wedding.  I could be free either Wednesday or
Thursday evening.  When and where to you play and how late? 
I need to decide if I should bring my polo bike were wedding debauchery
is the priority.



definitely bring the polo bike if you can get away from the wedding festivities for a bit. We play from around 5:30 - 10ish. The Court is in Ramsay Park which is just up on the hill behind the Saddledome. Gimme a call if you want to play a few games or hook up for some beers. 403-371-1406



east van may be able to make a journey.  maybe.  we have to work on some details.  i'm in banff headed into cowtown tomorrow, maybe i'll see what i can find out.

anyone in Calgary who wants to play some polo, gimme a shout. justingullickson@hotmail.com  403-371-1406.

I brought my stuff but the night i could played (Thursday) was fuckin
cold...winter like.  so it will need to wait until another
time.  Next time you come to Vancouver you best be playin polo
with us...not just saying hello out of your car

justin, as this isn't a long weekend i was curious as to when the actual tourney games would be played? if the games are only on the saturday and then sunday is for breakfast/down time i think i can get there. let me know the format. by the way, are you coming out for the terrible twos here in vancouver? craig said he thought you were.



Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Ottawa may represent! 


Sadly I'll be in ottawa in early sept, but Jeff and I will spread the word and hopefully we can get a team together.

dont get your heads cut off on the greyhound going home

not funny

Two teams from Golden coming to represent.What time is everyone gettin together on Friday night.

sweet Golden in the house...East Vancouver will represent. How many teams still to be announced.

Great work Justin! We'll be back next year to see you in the ring. Our game together was the best time I've had on bikes in a couple years. Awesome. You put on a great event. Look for a short court event in Golden next year. You guys better show!


calgary rules.