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Thursday, January 1, 2009
Host club: 
Portland Bike Polo
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Do to a large amount of above average snow fall in the PNW we are changing the name of the mud bowl to SNOW BOWL  

I beleive this will be the 6th annual MUD BOWL 09 in portlant or

Meet at high noon at cornel summers park


This will be a friendly tourny with pick up games that are very dificult due to extreme amounts of mud

Nobby tires are recomended but not needed

typical Portland polo rules you all know them but with the addition of our grass foot down rule

come one come all portlands waiting for all of you

and bring a shovel so we can clear off the hard court so i can keep this posted up here


cornel summers
20th and belmont se
portland, OR 97211
United States

Signed up

what is the "grass foot down rule"?

i played kickball in this park once, some chick broke her leg like really fucking bad like bent the wrong way bad and laying there and you walk up to her and it makes you puke in your mouth a bit

no dice nyc...MKE!

er, so if i'm hearing jake correctly I don't think i want to play by this park's foot down rule. ick.

when you dab you get out of the way then all you have to do is a full pedal stroke keeps people closer to the game because its about 4 inches of mud out there

fuck yea, our PDX Pork Barrells will return for this fine event... i think it might be the 7th year even.

bring bloody mary fixins

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Im in rev!

Ill bring up some of my Corvallis buddies, and the huge ass sound system with the 75 lb sub woofer and gell cell battery. Guess i should bring up some sort of tent to put it in too. I also have some usbpa field mallets ill bring. Someone better make sure there are plenty of balls! Last year it got popped and we ended up playing with a wiffle ball that filled up with mud.

Eilif we will have extra balls this year and thank you for the sound system its always a hit here in portland if you have any questions call me drew i will be trying to line up the bike rig to take the bikes to the court 503 laksdjf 816 alksdfjlaksdjf3184 hi noon see you then

Shit! 1 week late. Any polo going on this weekend in portland??

yes there will be polo on wed nights at penisula park at around 730 and sundays we play alberta park at about 130 or you can always stop by the polo haus 14th pl and killingsworth we will all see you there
and eilif give me a call we need to talk about late feb for soem oregon polo playing.

any results or photos from the mud/snow bowl?