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Pittsburgh's 2nd Annual Fourth of July Friendlies

PGH Bike Polo Fourth of July Flyer 2010
Saturday, July 3, 2010 - Sunday, July 4, 2010
Host club: 
Pittsburgh Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
120' x 65'

Pittsburgh once again welcomes you to spend 4th of July weekend with us. There will be tons of polo, grilling out, summer good times, and of course, FIREWORKS!

WHEN: The morning of Saturday July 3rd until after the fireworks on Sunday July 4th. There will be people at the court around 10 AM on Saturday

WHERE: Bloomfield Polo Court, under the Bloomfield Bridge. There is a parking lot under the bridge, also. The entrance is at Liberty Avenue and Ewing Street, behind Paul Lumber.

COST: The weekend will be FREE OF CHARGE. We will be printing event t-shirts to sell for $10, but otherwise, we're a cheap date.

FOOD: We will provide drinking water, napkins/plates/utensils/cups, separate grills for meat and vegetarian food, and enough burgers (meat and veggie) for Saturday and Sunday. You bring whatever other food for the grill or sides that you want. There is a grocery store across the street from the court as well as 3 easily accessible organic markets (Right By Nature, Whole Foods, and Giant Eagle Market District) within 5-10 minutes of the court if you need them. We will also have bagels, muffins, and coffee on Sunday morning at the court.

POLO: Pick-up, pick-up, pick-up. There will also be a throw-in double-elimination tournament, as well as something that we call the Big Stupid Game. Call it whatever you want, but here is how it works. First, you get 2 teams of at least 6 players. Then you play polo as usual, but you substitute players (or sometimes full squads when the teams are big enough) on the fly when someone dabs or when a goal is scored. It is a lot like how hockey works, if that makes any more sense.

HOUSING/RSVP's: Please send an email to pghbikepolo [at] gmail [dot] com if you need housing. Include the number of people and any other important info (like animal allergies, etc.) Also, if you intend to purchase a t-shirt, PLEASE INCLUDE T-SHIRT SIZES in your emails.

FIREWORKS: There will be a group ride heading downtown to watch the fireworks at the river front on Sunday. They start at 9:35 PM and are usually pretty damn awesome if you can stick around. Pittsburgh takes fireworks seriously.

I was a little behind in getting the word out there for this event, so keep an eye out for any small changes/additions in the next couple of weeks, and we'll see you here in July!


Bloomfield Polo Court
Liberty Avenue at Ewing Street, 15224
Pittsburgh, PA
United States

Signed up

It's official.

New job can suck it, I'll be out of town from the 25th to July 5th.

No, Rob. You can suck it. This is mandatory. Looks like you're fired.

I don't need this, better yet I quit! (for that weekend)

gonna try and make this, at least for sunday. Trying to sort out dog issue. .

will be there saturday afternoon. yeah!

Probably coming to this...

there is a slim and I do mean slim chance I can come for saturday only to mix it up with yinz poopsnakes!

I updated the COST and FOOD descriptions. There will still be no entry fee, but I added the price for t-shirts ($10). Also, we are going to have your burger cravings handled. There will be enough meat and vegetarian burgers for both Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast on Sunday lost donuts, but it picked up muffins and coffee. Damn good trade, I reckon.

i think we might be full go, sat + sun

Cool, just let me know for sure if you need housing (what nights, pet preferences, etc) and if you plan to buy t-shirts, what sizes would you want. pghbikepolo [at] gmail.com

or... not

Dontchu play with my emotions. What changed? What could be better than leaving the center of American politics to celebrate Independence Day in a place like Pittsburgh? The answer is NOTHING.

hats back in the ring. . prob sat night

Yeah, Shane emailed me last night. I'll be sure to get a few brutal games in with you guys at ESPI so that you have to come to Pittsburgh to settle the score!

I got "laid off". Be there!

I want a shirt! Typically I wear a ladies medium. If they are male sizes, small. I am gonna miss you guys. I'll be sure to post pix and send stuff. much love.

...those days are over.


Def trying to get to this...

damn man I wish I could squeeze in a trip to your town, its one of the few that I've never been to and I hear good things about Pittsburgh.

Ditto for Richmond. See you at ESPI? Otherwise, keep the first week of August in mind as a good time to stop by. That's the first weekend of Bike Fest up here. The opening party is on Friday Aug. 6th about a mile and a half from our courts and from where a half dozen of us live. It was a damn good party last year, and weather permitting, we'll be playing Saturday and Sunday that weekend.

I'll definitely be there, not sure whether it will be Sunday or late Saturday afternoon. Put me down for a medium tee if you can.

Good to hear. Message me if you need any contact info or directions.

If Grandma gives me a kitchen pass for the weekend is there a no-partying, boring lame-o with a couch
I can crash on?

We can certainly find you crash space in a no-party house.

Email pghbikepolo@gmail.com and we'll get you hooked up after our boys are back from ESPI.

pghbikepolo@gmail goes to me, so you can skip the email. we've got plenty of places to count sheep. if you need a quiet place, that can happen. see you at the court.

I'm in! See you Saturday

back and forth back and forth. . . we will be there mid-day saturday, if it's not too late i would like a large shirt. maybe a small for the lady? if they are normal mens sizes. . i think. . im not good at this game.

Unless you are working something else out with jeff, you should probably head straight to the court. We printed extra shirts, so I'll try to set 2 aside for yinz 2

slayers gettin in fri night watup? where should we head? we will have a large truck that needs a safe parking spot

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Jason, send me an email to pghbikepolo@gmail.com with you phone number and whatnot. We're playing pickup tonight, so I'll get you set up and get the info to you tonight

cant do that on mommies computer
910 606 zero zero zero 4
or slayla @ 773-304-seven five 31
leaving west bygod virginia in the morning, should put us there mid afternoon
thanks brah

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

word. whoever is putting you up will text you their address later tonight

thanks pgh
please come out to cascadia soon...
you are all welcome at the slayers anytime!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

For sure, Jason. Thank you and Kayla for making Pittsburgh a stop in your travels. Cascadia is definitely high on my list of places that I NEED to go, so you'll see me there soon. Sorry Bloomfield was such a hard place to catch a late night bite!

Thanks for a great tourney! All the before & after work doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks to the chefs!!!!!!!!
I left my a$$ hanging on the far goal post. Please retrieve it before it gets kicked again.

Thanks for coming out, Jon! Thanks for all of your help in tear down and set up, too. I'll be seeing you soon if we get our PGH/Ohio rotation going

Here's some photos from this weekend: http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbanjeff/sets/72157624302496515/

Jeff Guerrero
Publisher- Urban Velo

damn a mtn polo horse for such a big 5 hole!!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Well done Pittsburgh, I dig the oval. We'll be back.

You better be back, that polo camp sign might show up somewhere.

Had a blast, Pittsburg. Brad, it was great playing on a team with you.

My first polo tournament was rad amounts of awesome.

I'm a big wad of bloody hot damnation