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Group Description Manager Postssort icon Members Join Link Country

cachirulos y alicates

tonycelaya 39 23 Join Spain
Lisboa Bike Polo

The collective of bike polo players from lisbon

Tomas 39 48 Join Portugal
The Dirty Apple

K-State's original bike polo crew

SeveM 41 15 Request membership United States
GVP (Genève Vélo Polo)

Entrainement les mardis et dimanches à la Praille.

helmet - Quenti... 42 26 Request membership Switzerland

Ya que si hay Bike Polo en Bilbao

Guillaume 44 19 Join Spain

Sunday 2pm at Bedford park Spring Hill (corner of Love and Water St), Monday 6:30pm at Milton state school. Reach us on Facebook

heresollie 46 66 Join Australia

A group of riders from rookie to hardcore.:D

Lord Csipisz 46 11 Join Hungary
Honolulu Bike Polo

A group dedicated to playing hardcourt bike polo in paradise

dinosore 47 26 Join United States
New Orleans Hardcourt Bike Polo

Pick-up games are usually at 5:30pm Sunday at the tennis courts.

will 48 65 Join


Hugo 50 105 Join France
Baton Rouge Bike Polo

hardcourt bike polo in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge Polo 51 26 Request membership United States
Anchorage Hardcourt Bike Polo

Bike Polo in the Last Frontier

BallBusterJosh 51 28 Join United States

We usually play Sunday and one weekday afternoon

jonny 51 106 Join United States
Grand Rapids Bike Polo

Thursdays at 6:30pm & Sundays at 2pm

MattGR 51 19 Request membership United States
Missoula Bike Polo

Going strong Sundays (5pm), Thursdays (7:30pm), and Tuesdays (7:30 League) !!!

pinch flat press. 53 15 Join United States
Bozeman Hardcourt Bicycle Polo

Check Bozeman Bike Polo on Facebook to see if a game is scheduled. Wednesday night, 6:00pm under the pavillion at Bogert Park in Bozeman.

samh 55 20 Join United States

We play Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings, and Sunday afternoons, at Dufferin Grove Park, unless it's hockey season. Rookie nights Wednesday 7-9pm.

LEFTYGLEN 58 67 Request membership Canada
Wellington Bike Polo

Bike Polo in Wellington

Nathanael 60 11 Join New Zealand
Amsterdam Bike Polo

Polo every Tuesday sometimes on Sunday. Check us out on facebook.com/amsterdambikepolo

pierski 63 37 Join Netherlands
Warsaw bike polo

to jest warsaw, ride or śmierć

Janusz 64 31 Join Poland

mantova bike polo team

Ketam 65 11 Request membership Italy
Brussels Bike Polo

Brussels Bike Polo

Mortimix 67 23 Join Belgium


ddub 67 80 Join


Rik 72 77 Join Germany
Bordeaux Bike Polo

Players, Bikes and Fun

Chili 72 17 Join France
Scary Larry Kansas Bike Polo

Lawrence, Kansas Bike Polo

Malakai 77 39 Join United States

Where it all started from. also includes Alaska.

Jeremy 82 148 Join

Caen Bike Polo

XavBike 85 11 Join France
Lexington Bike Polo

The dark and bloody ground - home of Lexington Bike Polo

brokebike 93 84 Join United States

Bike Polo down under - www.bikepolo.com.au

Damon 108 82 Join

where it all started.

Leon 120 216 Join United States
Louisville Hardcourt Bike Polo

Laid back, fun loving, shit talking polo.

flaherty 128 47 Join United States
K-dub Polo Club

Come play polo in Kitchener-Waterloo!! Every sunday and some other times or events.

jtotheon 128 38 Join Canada
Perth Cycle Polo

Play every Sunday at 3pm, bring your bike and some refreshments. Mallets are provided. Everyone is welcome. See website for latest up to date location

prawza 130 21 Join Australia
Minneapolis Hardcourt Bike Polo

People who play hardcourt Bike Polo in Minneapolis

Sveden 134 45 Join United States

We play every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:30pm til whenever in the parking lot of Bluff City Sports.

adamhite 138 22 Join United States

Denver Bike Polo Social Club

Glitterpoop 142 87 Join United States

We have open to the public pick up games Sunday afternoons when weather allows.

capt. jake 144 112 Join United States
san cristobal de las casas

sancris bikepolo, chiapas, mexico

joako 151 9 Join Mexico
Adelaide Bicycle Polo Club

the one and only South Australian hardcore(t) polo club

Neil 151 32 Join Australia
Liga de BikePolo DF (Ciudad de México)

we are the Liga de BikePolo DF and Los Terremoto crew

Liga de BikePolo DF 153 20 Join Mexico
Bici Polo Tapatío

Bici polo en Guadalajara Mexico, dando palos

raul 159 30 Join Mexico
East Asia

Polo in East Asia

Riki 159 19 Join
Akita Hardcourt Bike Polo

秋田でもBIKE POLOを楽しみましょう!!

Taisaku sasaki 171 11 Join Japan
Austin Texas Bike Polo

4 times a week, check our blog at atxbpsc.blogspot.com or on Facebook!

Rob-ATX 175 116 Join United States
St. Louis Bike Polo

Pick up games Sunday afternoons

lucky 183 13 Request membership United States
Great Lakes

formerly known as "Midwest" before the "Heartland" got split off.

ben schicago 184 233 Join
Budapest Bike Polo

Budapest Bike Polo

wackor 199 19 Request membership Hungary
NA Hardcourt

An organizing body for polo in North America

ben schicago 214 3 Closed

From the Virginias, all the way to Maine

Doug D 215 108 Join
velopolo Bielefeld


Daniel Adriaans 225 11 Join Germany
Bikepolo Munich

Bikepolo München

Matthieu 228 62 Join Germany

Wednesday 6 pm-???? ; Sunday 2 pm-?????

Tucker 232 43 Request membership United States
Bloomington Bike Polo

Small town big on bike polo

rinzIN 236 59 Join United States

Bikepolo Cologne. Teams: VPC, Bike Syndikat, DPC Ehrenfeld

Christophe 246 9 Request membership Germany

Tuesdays at 9pm, lane and high st. We play other days as well when people are avail. Contact me for more info.

ohtenlee 257 35 Request membership United States

Somos de Barcelona y nos gusta la paella!

camiloko 269 35 Request membership Spain

Beantown Bike Polo

Javier 370 85 Join United States
São Paulo

A group created with one only goal: Play Polo

Lefty Wag 477 35 Join Brazil
Eliodoro Bike Polo Catania

Catania's Federation of Bike Polo

Scimmia 491 22 Request membership Italy
South Central

Texas, its immediate neighbours, and Colorado

Rob-ATX 540 81 Join
Torino Bike Polo

TBP | Clan

Gio 590 13 Join Italy
Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo

Estblished 2009, Tokyo, Japan. the first hardcourt bike polo club in Japan.

Riki 624 30 Join Japan

people playing polo in Europe

uolmo .Clement. 664 86 Join

TUES 6pm-9pm in BK: N.Oxford and Flushing. Thursdays 5-7 at The Pit, 7-10 in BK. Sundays 2-7 at The Pit.

ken 876 103 Request membership United States
Roma Bike Polo

Roma Bike Polo

valerio188 1,198 34 Join Italy
Lancaster United Bike Polo


Kyle Ciccocioppo 1,476 27 Join United States
London Bike Polo

London Bike Polo

JonoMarshall 1,962 172 Join United Kingdom
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