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NTBP Fundraiser Tournament

NTBP Fundraiser Tournament, North Texas Bike Polo, Denton Bike Polo, QCBS
Sunday, August 15, 2010
Host club: 
North Texas Bike Polo
Contact info: 


Denia Park Denton, TX
United States

Signed up

Pick up games on Saturday for those looking for a team or wanting to try out the court. We've got some crash space available for anyone travelling.


Fuck off

Great time guys! Thanks for putting it together and see you for the next one, mid October for sure!

Sure thing, glad to have everyone come out, now if I can just find an alternative source of finances so I can quit my 2 jobs and play polo more than 3 hours a week I might be able to put up more of a fight next time.

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm