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youre on a boat!!!

Gonna miss you sucka.

I miss u already. more than a week without polo.
Fire that lazr for an old friend, will you?

how's polo in europe? Hope you've been practicing, we're training with the best over here

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

playing with the best people in paris! in europe even! Shits going to be wild when i get back for sure.
But hey
Do u want a double brake lever? there's a shop here u can get em for like 15 bucks. i can pick one up for u if u want. Ask the others too. its just a brake lever that's got two slots for cables and housing, and both have barrel adjusters. shout me again if u want em.
The paris spot just got wrecked though, construction in the middle of the court. polo still lives though... vive le polo!!

Yayuhhhh, glad to hear you're getting your practice in, we've been getting a lot better across the pond here as well. Can't wait til you get back, we're all missing you for sure. And yes, if it's a better quality double lever than the shitty one they're selling for 5 bucks here, I'll take it!

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

i was gonna get a bunch, but they were sold out. so fuck it. tell leash to bring em back or something

When you getting back man?

the 17th. less than a month left.

It's been a while we didn't see U, are you still in Paris ?


I'm down in lyon, but I'll be up in paris sometime next week, ill pop up on pignon again.

Mark probably won't be able to make it to the pdx 2 tournament, and he is on the team with stiven and me.

Can you join our ranks?

yes! I'm in!

stiven, you, me

andrea, ian, muffin

pretty sure that's everyone who has comfirmed interest. also, andrea may have to work.

my man! my man. i get back after you, but i get back. are you in lyon?! i'm headed there around the 15th. shit, son, it'd be great to see you and get in a game or 7. i am scheduled more or less to get a bike in milan on saturdayish.... i have been looking in firenze but they are not so polo savvy. savvy?! i played in dublin all fixed and shit and loved it, damn son i'm tryin to get back on that bike... i got a mallet and TWO balls, shit son i'm almost there....

get back to me: leashalauri@gmail.com

cause i dun givva fuckkkkk

that's my shit

I don't know if you got my response to the ride email? Anyone still need a ride to East Van? It will be ass crack early Thursday.

P/M Hardcourt

Matt, hey !

I'm sorry to write that shit just like that but i don't find anything really for NY and i'm kinda worried. So if you have any friends who have friends in NYC or hear about anything (i should have put this on the Oly topic but i don't dare really...huh)... .
They don't answer my post here on the NYC topic so ... I'M LOST ! AU SECOURS HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! So i don't know, this is kinda useless mais je sais pas quoi faire. I don't wanna bother you though, i know you don't have time really. Not a big deal, i'll book an hostel next week or i may crash in my "internship lady's" house ... !?, so everything's ok, but just in case you hear anything.


ps. Maybe you know that already, but Sparton goes to the Euros in Barcelona cause DTGP goes to the Chicago (i think) Bench Minor and can't go to the Euros. So Sparton take their place cause they were next on the list. Troooooooop chaud pélo ! It's a kinda funny though.
Alvaro asked about Han Polo today, i said you're the shit ! Damn ! They believe in you for the next championshit so you'd better be qualified for the worlds, hah ! :p