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Post the link to the Turducken footage in the Turducken thread!

done and done.

I mean, it was funny, right?

Oh it was. Well played, sir. Come to VA, first beers on me.

Hey man, I couldn't get my bike up here in time to make it to the tourney. I had to go on a week long detail and couldn't really coordinate the packing and shipping while I was gone. I'm super bummed I can't make it. I hope everything goes well.

Glad you could make it out to the tourney. Sorry the loaner wasn't the best bike available. Glad we got it so you could get a few games in on a solid bike though.

Hey man, heard you're in Lex, are you seriously coming up tomorrow for the boondoggle? I'll make sure there's a spot for you if so.

talk shit and burn bridges

Hey thanks! We know how big of a show Ladies Army is and we want to give ourselves as much of a heads up as anyone!

I'm looking forward to my first visit to cascadia and my second Ladies Army experience.