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Hey man, I checked out your head badges. They're pretty sweet. I build custom frames, and I was looking for something just like that. You can check out my site here: www.starcitycycles.com How would you feel about making some head badges for me? few questions...How much if we started out with about 25 or so? and what would you need to get it rolling? What kind of timeframe we looking at?


You've got mail :). Let me know what you think.

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Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

sweet bikes. Do you already have a logo in mind for the headbadges? Timeframe all depends on how complicated and detailed you want them. The actual image detail isn't a big deal but if you want the badges cut out in complicated shapes like cogs or anything with allot of hand sawing and filing thats what takes for ever. If they are just round, square, or crest shaped its not too bad and I can crank those out pretty fast.

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

round. Like this.

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i just noticed this post. ive been making copper headbadges for my frames for the last 5 years. its cool seeing someone else getting into etching copper. can i ask how you about your process? i make my plate resist with PnP paper. recently i have been using a combination of muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide as my etching solution because its cheap and not so harmful.
keep it up.

Sweet yeah same here, started out the cheap way using transparency sheets but it was a big pain to get the transfer down right so invested in some PnP paper. Use the same muriatic hydrogen peroxide mix with a 2-outlet aquarium bubbler to keep it nice and stirred up. made a basket out of plastic mesh that I can drop into my big tupperwear container and etch about 8 badges at a time. been doing some cut-out badges lately locally with a jewlers saw, made a nice board to work on out of a thick $1 store plastic cutting board by drilling a 3/4" hole and cutting a V out from there, just c-clamp it to a table and can get some pretty nice cuts with a little bit of time and finding the right type of blade.

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm