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Grand Rapids, MI

hey. anymore thought on what you are doing for midwests? not sure if bob and whoever wanted to play, but if not colin wanted to get down for sure. the 3 of us could probably do pretty well.

I'm in...only worry is transport...what do you think?

nice product placement

hey matt. I've signed up fo this shiz

And as you can see, it is a good thing.

Are you going to to Louisville!

I think...I'm going to go to Austin...$400 flight though!

hey I saw that you signed up for the correct choice. Does anybody need a team?

Lucy! I'll ask around. I'm trying to get two teams from Grand Rapids to come down.

sadly i won't be able to make it up this weekend :(

miss you guys.

Dude, I've got to go to Minneapolis for Frost Bike, so I'm gone too. Bummin...

Can't wait to see you in April.

Anyone from GR going to the lock in? If so you can crash in Indy friday night.